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Part Name(s) : SD3301
SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor
SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor
Description : 1W&3W Tact Switch LED Torch/Headlight driver

SD3301 is a high-efficiency LED driver chip, using a very small SOT23-6 package form, only need a peripheral tact switch, it can be realized LED flashlight function, not only saves PCB space, but also saves the cost of the system. single A lithium battery can drive 1W or 3W LED lights.

✦ 3 modes: full brightness, 25% brightness, flash (10Hz)
✦ Built-in SOS mode (long press for 3S)
✦ Working voltage: 2.7V to 4.8V
✦ Efficiency up to 90%
✦ ESD electrostatic protection over 8000V

LED flashlight
LED headlights

Part Name(s) : SD3312A
SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor
SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor
Description : Tact switch 4 mode setting switchable function LED control IC

SD3312A is a tact switch control, which can realize 4 modes Set, press the tact switch to switch the LED control IC of the function in the mode.
The chip integrates a key input signal detection circuit with anti-shake function.
It can realize the detection of the light touch switch, and control the LED through the light touch switch. successful functional changes. Multifunctional LEDs without MCU programming drive the application.

✦ 4 working mode settings, touch switch in the mode to shift
✦ Working voltage: 2.5V~5V
✦ Work efficiency up to 92%
✦ Up to 1.8A current drive capability
✦ 2μA maximum sleep mode current
✦ Built-in NMOS can directly drive 1~5W LED
✦ Anti-battery reverse connection protection function
✦ Anti-load short circuit protection function
✦ SOT23-6 green package

✦ Mobile flashlight
LED headlights
LED driver

Part Name(s) : P2808
Diodes Incorporated.
Diodes Incorporated.
Description : 5W HIGH POWER HBLED driver

The PAM2808 is a 5W high power HBLED driver with 1.5A constant current. It features high efficiency and low quiescent current, making it ideal for battery powered applications.
The PAM2808 features over current protection and over temperature shutdown. The PAM2808 is stable with a ceramic output capacitor of 4.7µF or higher.
PAM2808 is available in SOP-8(EP) package.

• High Output Current Up to 1.5A
• Low Feedback Voltage: 0.1V
• Stable with a Ceramic Output Capacitor
• Low Quiescent Current
• Open Load LED Protection
• Over Temperature Shutdown
• Low Temperature Coefficient
• Standard SOP-8(EP) Packages
• Pb-Free Package

• High Bright LED driver
• White LED Torch (Flashlight)

Part Name(s) : SD3302
SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor
SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor
Description : Light touch three functions + long press SOS function handpiece LED driver IC

SD3302 is a tact switch control, which can achieve: "100% on - 25% on - flash - off"
Four-mode cyclic conversion LED driver chip. The chip is integrated with anti-do. Versatile LED driver applications can be implemented without MCU programming.
The key input signal detection circuit with shaking function can realize the detection of the tact switch. The LED can be fully bright, 25% bright and flashing through the touch switch.
The function changes, and the SOS mode can be realized by long pressing the switch for more than 3s.

✦ 100% on, 25% on, flash, off cycle mode
✦ Long press the switch for 3s to switch to SOS mode
✦ Working voltage: 2.5V~5V
✦ Work efficiency up to 92%
✦ Drive current capability up to 1.4A
✦ 2μA sleep mode current
✦ Built-in NMOS can directly drive 1~5W LED
✦ SOT23-6 green package
✦ Built-in anti-battery reverse connection function

✦ Mobile flashlight
LED headlights
LED driver

Part Name(s) : AMC7124
ADDtek Corp
ADDtek Corp
Description : FLASH LIGHT LED driver

The AMC7123/4 is member of ADDM North Star White/Blue LED driver family. No external
component is required. Especially good for use flashlight LED driver. The special circuit design
provides over 90% efficiency in low noise. The AMC7123/4 is Integrated with 2 control pins for
LEDs driving current control.  

■ No external component required.
■ Programmable output current control by ENL, ENH.
■ 120mA LED driving capability.
■ Output short / open circuit protection.
■ 1 channel, 3 channels available in MSOP-8 package.
■ High efficiency.
■ Thermal Shutdown protection.
■ Supply voltage range 2.7V ~ 6V
■ 0.1uA Shut-Down current
■ Advanced Bi-CMOS process

Part Name(s) : MIC2870
Description : 1.5A Synchronous Boost Flash LED driver with I2C Interface

General Description
The MIC2870 is a high-current, high-efficiency flash LED driver for one or two high-brightness camera flash LEDs.
The LED driver current is generated by an integrated inductive boost converter with 2MHz switching frequency which allows the use of a very-small inductor and output capacitor. These features make the MIC2870 an ideal solution for high-resolution camera phone LED flashlight driver applications.

• Up to 1.5A flash LED driving current
    − 2.7V to 5.0V input voltage range
• High-efficiency 2MHz VF adaptive boost driver
• Configurable 1 or 2 channel(s) WLED driver
LED driving current soft-start
• Control through I2C interface or external pins
• Flash inhibit function for GSM pulse synchronization
• True load disconnect
• Flash time-out protection
• 1µA shutdown current
• Available in 16-pin 2mm × 2mm TQFN package

• Camera phones/mobile handsets
• Cellular phones/smart phones
LED light for image capture/auto focus/white balance
• Handset video light (torch light)
• Digital cameras
• Portable applications

Part Name(s) : SD3314A
SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor
SHOUDING Shouding Semiconductor

input voltage down to lower than LED forward voltage, then SD3314A The SD3314A is a step-down constant current LED driver. When the run into LDO mode.
The SD3314A supports a range of input voltages from 2.5V to 6.0V, allowing the use of a single Li+/Li-polymer cell, 3AA or 4AA cell, USB, and other standard power sources.
The FB voltage is only 0.1V to achieve high efficiency.
SD3314A employ internal power switch and synchronous rectifier to minimize external part count and realize high efficiency.
During shutdown, the input is disconnected from the output and the shutdown current is less than 1µA. Other key features include under-voltage lockout to prevent deep battery discharge of the Li+ battery.

• Efficiency up to 93%
• 180µA(typ) Quiescent Current
• Output Current: Up to 1A
• Internal Synchronous Rectifier
• 1.5MHz Switching Frequency
• Soft-Start
• Under-Voltage Lockout
• Short LED Protection
• Open LED Protection
• Thermal Shutdown
• 5-Pin Small TSOT25 Packages
• Pb-Free Package

• 3AA or 4AA Batteries Powered flashlight
• 1 Cell Li-Ion Battery Powered flashlight

Part Name(s) : SEM4011
Description : 1CH Switching Type (Boost) 16SOP 30V MP

Description :
The LED driver IC is focused on effectively driving and controlling the LED, which is usually used in the backlight unit (LCD TV, Monitor). The SEMCO LED driver IC provides a high contrast ratio through the DC - DC conversion and dimming control.

General features
LED driver IC
• LLC IC (Flyback)

• Monitor
• MFM ( Multi Function Monitor )

Part Name(s) : HL1606
Description : LED driver IC

HL1606 is a LED driver IC with SPI controlled. We can get “complex mode changes” by fewer data.

• NMOS output
• SPI controlled,plus synchronization speed control port: S-I
• PWM output,frequency:500Hz
• With a internal “change model” unit,only data calls, reducing the amount of data.
• Speed control bit,can speed up “changes in a pixel” rate of 2 times.
• Latch enable bit,concatenated string at a point can be read or not read data.
• Built-6 road, drive two pixels(three-output get a pixel)

Part Name(s) : PT6959
Princeton Technology
Princeton Technology
Description : LED driver IC


PT6959 is an LED Controller driven on a 1/4 to 1/7 duty factor. Fourteen to eleven segment output lines, 4 to 7 grid output lines, one display memory, control circuit are all incorporated into a single chip to build a highly reliable peripheral device for a single chip microcomputer. Serial data is fed to PT6959 via a three-line serial interface. Housed in a 28-pin SOP, PT6959’s pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB Layout and cost saving advantages.


• CMOS technology

• Low power consumption

• 8-step dimming circuitry

• Serial interface for clock, data input, strobe pins

• Available in 28-pin, SOP


• Microcomputer peripheral devices


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