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Part Name(s) : SC1S311
Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Description : SC1S311 SOP8 new LCD power management Chip IC Chip

1. Scope
The present specifications shall apply to a monolithic IC type SC1S311 for Switching regulators.

2. Outline
(1) Type : Monolithic IC
(2) Structure : Plastic mold package (Transfer mold)
(3) Applications : Switching regulators

Part Name(s) : CHIP-1310-P5
Roithner LaserTechnik GmbH
Roithner LaserTechnik GmbH
Description : Laser Diode Bare Chip

■ Specifications
(1) Size :          300*300*100 μm
(2) Device :      Laser diode bare Chip
(3) Structure :   Double channel, single ridge waveguide

Part Name(s) : CHIP-980-P50
Roithner LaserTechnik GmbH
Roithner LaserTechnik GmbH
Description : Laser Diode Bare Chip

■ Specifications
(1) Size :          300*300*100 μm
(2) Device :      Laser diode bare Chip
(3) Structure :   Double channel, single ridge waveguide

Part Name(s) : CHIP-650-P5
Roithner LaserTechnik GmbH
Roithner LaserTechnik GmbH
Description : Laser Diode Bare Chip

■ Specifications
(1) Size :          300*250*100 μm
(2) Device :      Laser diode bare Chip
(3) Structure :  Strained MQW and Multi-step MOCVD growth

Part Name(s) : PM6650
QUALCOMM Incorporated
QUALCOMM Incorporated
Description : Qualcomm PM6650 power management IC Chip

The MSM6150 device also interfaces directly with the first in QCTs powerOne series power management ICs, the PM6650 device. The PM6650 solution provides battery management and charging functions, including a USB charging option, and voltage regulation for the various MSM power regimes, the radioOne Chipset and all other MSM supported peripheral features.

Exceptional power savings are realized through the use of a switch-mode power supply (SMPS) from the PM6650 device to regulate the MSM core voltage. All voltages generated for the MSM and radioOne RF Chips are optimized for handset system control with the MSM6150 system software.

Siemens AG
Siemens AG
Description : First 8051 Microcontroller with On-Chip LCD

First 8051Microcontroller with On-Chip LCD

The C505L enhances the C500 family of 8-bit Microcontrollers  by a new member which provides on-Chip LCD.
The device provides 32 KByte of OTP, 512 Bytes of RAM, LCD,  an asynchronous/synchronous serial interface and a highly accurate 10-bit ADC with a 6 µs conversion time integrated  on-Chip.
Typical applications for the C505L are electricity meters, utility meters, intelligent terminals and controllers. This device has several power saving modes, including one in which the on-Chip RTC is functioning with a typical power consumption of 50 µA at 3 V.

Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
Description : power supply for HP LaserJet 3015 (STR-Z2062)

Original disassemble str-z2062 strz2062 printer power management ic Chip


The CMOS device iC-MA consists of a quadruple Hall sensor array which has been optimized for the magnetic measurement of angles of rotation. This array permits error-tolerant adjustment of the magnet, reducing assembly efforts. The integrated signal conditioning unit provides a differential sine/cosine signal at the output. The sensor generates one sine cycle per each full rotation of the magnet, enabling the angle to be clearly determined. At the same time the internal amplitude control unit produces an regulated output amplitude of 2 Vpp regardless of variations in the magnetic field strength, supply voltage and temperature. Furthermore, signals are provided which enable the sensor amplitude to be assessed and also report any magnet loss.

♦ Quadruple Hall sensor array for error-tolerant adjustment
♦ Non-sensitive to magnetic stray fields due to differential
   measurement technique
♦ Interpolator with a resolution of up to 256 angle steps per cycle
♦ Rotational speeds up to 60 000 rpm
♦ 4 buffered I/O stages for signal outputs
♦ Three configuration inputs for operating mode selection
♦ Analog operation modes:
   - sine/cosine signals controlled to 2 Vpp
   - triangle or sawtooth signal with selectable amplitude
♦ Digital operation modes:
   - A/B quadrature signals with Z index pulse
   - Counter pulses for external binary counters
♦ Cascading of multiple iC-MA possible for chain operation
♦ Error signal output for detection of low magnetic field strength
♦ Additional operating modes with reduced power consumption
♦ Standby mode when not enabled
♦ Extended temperature range of -40...+125 °C

♦ Analog and digital angle sensors
♦ Incremental angular encoders
♦ Magnetic multiturn encoders
♦ Potentiometer replacement
♦ Contactless rotary switch
♦ Commutation of brushless DC motors
♦ Flow meter


✦ Peak value controlled laser driver for operation from CW up to
   155 MHz
✦ Spike-free switching of laser currents of up to 300 mA
✦ Setting of laser power (APC) via external resistor
✦ Optional current control (ACC)
✦ Laser current limitation
✦ LVDS/TTL switching input with TTL monitor output
✦ Low current consumption sleep-mode < 50 µA
✦ Safety shutdown with overtemperature
✦ Error signal output with overtemperature, undervoltage and
✦ All current LD types can be used (P/M/N configurations)
✦ Fast soft-start
✦ Strong suppression of transients with small external capacitors

✦ Pulsed and CW laser diode
✦ Laser diode pointers
✦ Laser levels
✦ Bar-code readers
✦ Distance measurement


✦ Dual channel CW operation with up to 750 mA per channel
✦ Up to 1500 mA with both channels combined
✦ 2.8 V to 11 V power supply
✦ Operation with or without µController
✦ Individual enable input per channel
✦ Individual laser power supply per channel
✦ Control loop accuracy better than 1%
✦ Internal programmable logarithmic monitor resistor
✦ Operating point setup with 10 bit logarithmic resolution
✦ ACC or APC mode individually configurable for each channel
✦ A/D converters for analog monitoring
✦ Serial programming interface (SPI or I2C compliant)
✦ Configuration content verification and validation
✦ Programmable laser overcurrent protection
✦ Optimized for P-type laser diodes
✦ Low drop linear regulator for 3.3 V
✦ Low current standby mode
✦ Temperature monitor
✦ Temperature range -40 . . . 85 °C

✦ Laser diode and LED modules
✦ CW P-type laser diode drivers
✦ Embedded laser diode controllers
✦ Structured-light 3D illuminations
✦ Multiple laser diode control
✦ Optical amplification/pumping
✦ Safety related laser controllers

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