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Part Name(s) : LM7007HM LM7007M SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : Dual-PLL Frequency Synthesizers View

Dual-PLL Frequency Synthesizers

Part Name(s) : LM7008HM LM7008M LM7008 SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : Dual-PLL Frequency Synthesizers View

Dual-PLL Frequency Synthesizers

Part Name(s) : LC7153 LC7153M SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : Universal Dual-PLL Frequency Synthesizers View

The LC7153 and LC7153M are universal dual-PLL Frequency Synthesizers for use in cordless telephone applications in the USA, South Korea and Australia, and satellite broadcast tuners in the USA and Europe.
The LC7153 and LC7153M both have two PLLs with a 16-bit programmable divider to generate a 1.5 to 160MHz local-oscillator Frequency, and a phase detector.

• Dual charge pump and fast lock-up circuitry for rapid PLL locking.
PLL unlock indication.
• 16-bit programmable local-oscillator divider.
• 1.5 to 160MHz local-oscillator Frequency (VDD=4.0 to 5.5V).
• 14-bit programmable reference-Frequency divider.
• 320Hz to 640kHz reference Frequency using a 10.24MHz crystal.
• LPF transistor.
• C2B serial inteRFace.
• 4.0 to 5.5V supply.
• 24-pin DIP (LC7153) and 24-pin MFP (LC7153M)

Part Name(s) : LC7152 LC7152KM LC7152M LC7152NM SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : Universal Dual-PLL Frequency Synthesizers View

The LC7152, 7152M, 7152NM, 7152KM are universal dual-PLL Frequency Synthesizers for use in weak signal type cordless telephone applications in the USA, South Korea, and Japan, and broadcast satellite (BS) tuners in the USA and Europe.

. Dual charge pump built in for fast channel switching
. Digital lock detector enables PLL lock status check with crystal oscillator precision
. Programmable reference Frequency divider supports various applications
. The LC7152NM is a built-in power-on reset circuit version of the LC7152M
. The LC7152KM is an enhanced Frequency characteristics version of the LC7152M


Part Name(s) : MC145200DT MC145200F MC145201DT MC145201F MC145201 MC145200 Motorola
Motorola => Freescale
Description : 2.0 GHz PLL Frequency Synthesizers View

2.0 GHz PLL Frequency Synthesizers
Include On–Board 64/65 Prescalers

The MC145200 and MC145201 are single–package Synthesizers with serial inteRFaces capable of direct usage up to 2.0 GHz. A special architecture makes these PLLs very easy to program because a byte–oriented format is utilized. Due to the patented BitGrabber™ registers, no address/steering bits are required for random access of the three registers. Thus, tuning can be accomplished via a 3–byte serial transfer to the 24–bit A register. The inteRFace is both SPI and MICROWIRE™ compatible.

The double–buffered R register allows new divide ratios to be presented to the three counters (R, A, and N) simultaneously.

• Maximum Operating Frequency: 2000 MHz @ Vin = 200 mV p–p
• Operating Supply Current: 12 mA Nominal
• Operating Supply Voltage Range (VDD and VCC Pins): 4.5 to 5.5 V
• Operating Supply Voltage Range of Phase Detectors (VPD Pin) —
    MC145200: 8.0 to 9.5 V
    MC145201: 4.5 to 5.5 V
• Current Source/Sink Phase Detector Output Capability: 2 mA Maximum
• Gain of Current Source/Sink Phase/Frequency Detector Controllable via Serial Port
• Operating Temperature Range: – 40 to +85°C
• R Counter Division Range: (1 and) 5 to 8191
• Dual–Modulus Capability Provides Total Division up to 262,143
• High–Speed Serial InteRFace: 4 Mbps
• OUTPUT A Pin, When Configured as Data Out, Permits Cascading of Devices
• Two General–Purpose Digital Outputs — OUTPUT A: Totem–Pole (Push–Pull) OUTPUT B: Open–Drain
• Power–Saving Standby Feature with Orderly Recovery for Minimizing Lock Times, Standby Current: 30 µA
• Evaluation Kit Available (Part Numbers MC145200EVK and MC145201EVK)
• See Application Note AN1253/D for Low–Pass Filter Design, and AN1277/D for Offset Reference PLLs for Fine Resolution or Fast Hopping

Part Name(s) : MC145151-2 MC145151DW2 MC145151P2 MC145152-2 MC145152DW2 MC145152P2 Freescale
Freescale Semiconductor
Description : PLL Frequency Synthesizers (CMOS) View

The devices described in this document are typically used as low-power, phase-locked loop Frequency Synthesizers. When combined with an external low-pass filter and voltage-controlled oscillator, these devices can provide all the remaining functions for a PLL Frequency synthesizer operating up to the device's Frequency limit. For higher VCO Frequency operation, a down mixer or a prescaler can be used between the VCO and the synthesizer IC.
These Frequency synthesizer chips can be found in the following and other applications:

CATV                    TV Tuning
AM/FM Radios       Scanning Receivers
Two-Way Radios     Amateur Radio

• Operating Temperature Range: - 40 to 85°C
• Low Power Consumption Through Use of CMOS Technology
• 3.0 to 9.0 V Supply Range
• On- or Off-Chip Reference Oscillator Operation
• Lock Detect Signal
• ÷ N Counter Output Available
• Single Modulus/Parallel Programming
• 8 User-Selectable ÷ R Values: 8, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 2410, 8192
• ÷ N Range = 3 to 16383
• “Linearized” Digital Phase Detector Enhances Transfer Function Linearity
• Two Error Signal Options: Single-Ended (Three-State) or Double-Ended
• Chip Complexity: 8000 FETs or 2000 Equivalent Gates

Part Name(s) : LC72121MA SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : CMOS IC PLL Frequency Synthesizers for Electronic Tuning View

The LC72121MA are high input sensitivity (20mVrms at 130MHz) PLL Frequency Synthesizers for 3V systems.
These ICs are serial data (CCB) compatible with the LC72131K/KMA, and feature the improved input sensitivity and lower spurious radiation (provided by a redesigned ground system) required in high-peRFormance AM/FM tuners.

• High-speed programmable divider
    • FMIN: 10 to 160MHz ·················· Pulse swallower technique (With built-in divide-by-2 prescaler)
    • AMIN: 2 to 40MHz ····················· Pulse swallower technique 0.5 to 10MHz ·················· Direct division technique
• IF counter
    • IFIN: 0.4 to 15MHz ····················· For AM and FM IF counting
• Reference Frequency
    • One of 12 reference frequencies can be selected (using a 4.5 or 7.2MHz crystal element) 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 3.125, 6.25, 12.5, 15, 25, 50, and 100kHz
• Phase comparator
    • Supports dead zone control.
    • Built-in unlocked state detection circuit
    • Built-in deadlock clear circuit
    • An MOS transistor for an active low-pass filter is built in.
• I/O ports
    • Output-only ports: 4 pins
    • I/O ports: 2 pins
    • Supports the output of a clock time base signal.
• Serial data I/O
    • Support CCB format communication with the system controller.
• Operating ranges
    • Supply voltage: 2.7 to 3.6V
    • Operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
• Package
    • MFP24SJ

Part Name(s) : MC145162 MC145162-1 MC145162D MC145162D1 MC145162P MC145162P1 Motorola
Motorola => Freescale
Description : 60 MHz and 85 MHz Universal Programmable Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizers View

60 MHz and 85 MHz Universal Programmable Dual PLL Frequency Synthesizers

The MC145162 is a dual phase–locked loop (PLL) Frequency synthesizer especially designed for CT–1 cordless phone applications worldwide. This Frequency synthesizer is also for any product with a Frequency operation at
60 MHz or below.
The MC145162–1 is a high Frequency derivative of the MC145162, for products with operating frequencies of 85 MHz or below.

• Operating Voltage Range: 2.5 to 5.5 V
• Operating Temperature Range: – 40 to + 75°C
• Operating Power Consumption: 3.0 mA @ 2.5 V
• Maximum Operating Frequency:
   MC145162 — 60 MHz @ 200 mV p–p, VDD = 2.5 V
   MC145162–1 — 85 MHz @ 250 mV p–p, VDD = 2.5 V
• Three or Four Pins Used for Serial MCU InteRFace
• Built–In MCU Clock Output with Frequency of Reference Oscillator ÷3/÷4
• Power Saving Mode Controlled by MCU
• Lock Detect Signal
• On–Chip Reference Oscillator Supports External Crystals to 16.0 MHz
• Reference Frequency Counter Division Range: 16 to 4095
• Auxiliary Reference Frequency Counter Division Range: 16 to 16,383
• Transmit Counter Division Range: 16 to 65,535
• Receive Counter Division Range: 16 to 65,535


Part Name(s) : UPB1005GS UPB1005GS-E1 NEC
NEC => Renesas Technology
Description : REFERENCE Frequency 16.368 MHz, 2ND IF Frequency 4.092 MHz RF/IF Frequency DOWN-CONVERTER + PLL Frequency SYNTHESIZER IC FOR GPS RECEIVER View

The µPB1005GS is a silicon monolithic integrated circuit for GPS receiver. This IC is designed as double
conversion RF block integrated RF/IF down-converter + PLL Frequency synthesizer on 1 chip.
The µPB1005GS features shrink package, fixed prescaler and supply voltage. The 30-pin plastic SSOP package is suitable for high density suRFace mounting. The fixed division internal prescaler is needless to input serial counter data. Supply voltage is 3 V. Thus, the µPB1005GS can make RF block fewer components and lower power consumption.

• Double conversion : fREFin= 16.368 MHz, f2ndIFout= 4.092 MHz
• Integrated RF block : RF/IF Frequency down-converter + PLL Frequency synthesizer
• High-density suRFace mountable : 30-pin plastic SSOP (9.85 ×6.1 ×2.0 mm)
• Needless to input counter data : fixed division internal prescaler
  • VCO side division : ÷200 (÷25, ÷8 serial prescaler)
  • Reference division : ÷2
• Supply voltage : VCC= 2.7 to 3.3 V
• Low current consumption : ICC= 45.0 mA TYP.@VCC= 3.0 V
• Gain adjustable externally : Gain control voltage pin (control voltage up vs. gain down)

• Consumer use GPS receiver of reference Frequency 16.368 MHz, 2nd IF Frequency 4.092 MHz


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