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Part Name(s) : MPD-425V BOSER
BOSER Technology Co., Ltd
Description : 250w DC-DC Power Supply Input Range: 40~57VDC View

250w DC-DC Power Supply Input Range: 40~57VDC

Part Name(s) : MPD-425V ETC
Description : 250w DC-DC Power Supply Input Range: 40~57VDC View


250w DC-DC Power Supply Input Range: 40~57VDC

Part Name(s) : HFE/C15U HFE1600 HFE1600-32 HFE1600-32/S HFE1600-D1U HFE1600-D1U-TB HFE1600/BP HFE1600-S1U HFE1600-S1U-TB HFE1600-12 HFE1600-12/S HFE1600-24 HFE1600-24/S HFE1600-48/S HFE1600-48 TDK
TDK Corporation
Description : 1600W 1u Front End Power Supplies View

1u rackmount containing up to 5 units
◆ Internal ORing MOSFET & Current Share
◆ High Efficiency
◆ Up to 7600W in 1u rack
◆ Full array of signals available

Part Name(s) : TDA7570 ST-Microelectronics
Description : 250w PWM high efficiency Power audio amplifier View

The TDA7570 is a switchmode Power audio amplifier with differential inputs and PWM output.
The maximum output current and voltage swing are depending by the output circuitry (Power Supply, external Power transistors and sensing resistors). The device can work as a stereo single-ended channels or a mono bridge Power amplifier.

■ Output Power 2 x 70W / 1 x 250w @ THD<1%
■ PWM output
■ ±30V Supply voltage (Max)
■ Stand-by
■ Mute
■ Protections against short circuit across the load
■ Chip thermal protection
■ External temperature sensor possibility
■ Thermal warning pins
■ Adjustable clip detector pin

Part Name(s) : MJ15004 MJ15003 NELLSEMI
Nell Semiconductor Co., Ltd
Description : Complementary Silicon Power transistors (20A / 140V / 250w) View

The MJ15003 is a silicon epitaxial-base planar NPN transistor mounted in JEDEC TO-3 metal case.
lt is designed for high Power audio, disk head positioners and Other linear applications. The complementary PNP type is MJ15004.

● Designed for general-purpose switching and amplifier applications.
● DC current gain-hFE = 25 (Min) @ lC = 5 Adc
● High safe operation area (100% tested) 250w @ 50V
● For low distortion complementary designs

Part Name(s) : TA0103A Unspecified2
Description : Stereo 250w (4Ω) Class-T Digital Audio Amplifier Driver using Digital Power Processing (DPP™) Technology View


The TA0103A is a 250w continuous average (4Ω), two channel Amplifier Driver Module which uses Tripath’s proprietary Digital Power Processing (DPP™) technology. Class-T amplifiers offer both the audio fidelity of Class-AB and the Power efficiency of Class-D amplifiers.


Part Name(s) : ML2002-1U ML2002-2U ML2002 ML2002 ML2002-1U ML2002-2U ML2002 ML2002-1U ML2002-2U ML2002-3U ML2002-4U MINILOGIC
Minilogic Device Corporation Limited
Description : Static/Half Duty LCD COG Driver with Real Time Clock View

General Description
ML2002 (COG) LCD driver can be cascaded to increase the number of segments drive, with Static driving it can form a single piece of 48 (1 ICs) or 96 (2 ICs cascaded) segments driver. With 1/2 Duty, the number of segment drive would be doubled. It targets at custom TN LCD COG Module product which requires the best quality of TN LCD technology and small to medium number of segment display. ML2002 series driver offers the best contrast, the widest viewing angle, the widest range of operating voltage and temperature when compared to the high duty cycle driver. EMI and Noise protection circuit has been added which tailor made for COG application.

● A Gold Bump Chip which can reduce pin count and area.
● Simplest design with no chargepump to Supply high voltage to LCD
● Only 5 pin is needed which can reduce space.
● Low operating current
● Can disable internal clock to reduce current.
● Wide Logic & LCD Power Supply: 2.5V to 6.0V
● No need to add external voltage regulator
● Static or 1/2 Duty driving with 1/2 Bias
● Number of segments: (Static) 48, (1/2 Duty) 96
● Cascading structure to increase the number of driving segments, it’s more flexible for different application.
● Build-in LCD voltage driver, crystal oscillator, internal RC oscillator and display control circuit.
● Offer best contrast and widest viewing angle of TN LCD technology especially in static mode.
● No temperature compensationis needed for Topr = -40°C to 80°C.

◆ General Purpose Clock
◆ High quality instrument
◆ Telephone, mobile phone
◆ Automotive
◆ Handheld Device like PDA, MP3, or PMP

Part Name(s) : XFA-0401-1U PDI

The XFA-0401-1u transformer is designed for applications that require small, low cost, and highly reliable surface mount components. Applications may be found in broadband, wireless and Other communications systems. S-Parameters are available on request.

• Frequency Range: 1.0 – 400 MHz
• Impedance Ratio: 1:1, Unbalanced to Unbalanced
• Industry Standard SMT package
• Available in Tape-and -Reel
• Low Cost

Part Name(s) : AN826 ST-Microelectronics
Description : 250w HIGH Power FACTOR Supply FOR TV View


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