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Part Name(s) : HT6571 Holtek
Holtek Semiconductor
Description : MULTIPLE RS-232 DRIVERS and Receivers View

General Description
The HT6571 is a CMOS device containing three RS-232 line DRIVERS, and five RS-232 line receivers that are used to interface data terminal equipment (DTE) with data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE).

• Single-chip with easy interface between UART and serial port connector
• Three DRIVERS and five receivers meet or exceed the requirements of EIA/TIA-232-D
• Designed to support data rates up to 120 Kbit/s
• Driver current-limited output: 25mA typ.
• Flexible supply voltage range
• ESD protection exceeds 5kV
• 20-pin SOP package


Part Name(s) : SP304 SP304CS SP304CT SP304ES SP304ET Sipex
Signal Processing Technologies
Description : RS-232/RS-422 Line DRIVERS/Receivers View

The SP304 is an enhanced-performance version of the Sipex SP302 RS-232 and RS-422 protocol line DRIVERS and receivers. It is pin-for-pin compatible with the SP302, and in any configuration, fully meets the requirements of the EIA RS-232D and RS-422 data communication standards. A loopback test mode is provided.The SP304is available in 24-pin single width plastic DIP, and 28-pin SOIC packages for commercial and industrial temperature range operation.

RS-232 and RS-422 on One Chip
■ Software-selectable Modes
■ Loopback for Self-Testing
■ Short-circuit Protected
■ Single-width 24-pin DIP and 28–pin SOIC Packages

Part Name(s) : SP301 SP301CS SP301CT SP301ES SP301ET SP302 SP302CS SP302CT SP302ES SP302ET Sipex
Signal Processing Technologies
Description : RS-232/RS-422 Line DRIVERS/Receivers View

The SP301and SP302are proprietary single-chip devices that contain both RS-232 and RS-422
protocol line DRIVERS and receivers. Their configuration may be changed at any time by logic levels
on two control lines. In any configuration, both the SP301and SP302fully meet the requirements
of the EIA RS-232D and RS-422 data communication standards. A loopback test mode is
provided.The SP301and SP302are available in 24-pin single width plastic, and 28-pin SOIC
packages for commercial and industrial temperature range operation.

RS-232 and RS-422 on One Chip
■Software-selectable Modes
■Loopback for Self-Testing
■Short-circuit Protected
■24-pin Single-width DIP or SOIC Package

Part Name(s) : GS75232 GS75232S GS75232SS GS75232TS ETC
Description : MULTIPLE RS-232 DRIVERS & Receivers View

Product Description
The GS75232 are monolithic device containing 3 independent drives and 5 receivers. These are designed to interface between date terminal equipment and date communication equipment as designed by EIA-232-D.

Meets standard EIA-232-D (Revision of RS-232-C)
  - Current Limited Output : 10 mA Typical
  - Power-off Output Impedance : 300 W Min
  - Slew Rate Control by Load Capacitor
  - Flexible Supply Voltage Range
  - Input Compatible with Most TTL and DTL Circuits
  - Input Resistance : 3 kW to 7 kW
  - Input Signal Range : ± 30 V
  - Built-in Input Hysteresis (Double Threshold)

Part Name(s) : ADM222AAN ADM222AARN ADM222AARW ADI
Analog Devices
Description : High-Speed, 5 V, 0.1 ?F CMOS RS-232 DRIVERS/Receivers View

The ADM222, ADM232A, ADM242 are a family of high-speed RS-232 line DRIVERS/receivers offering transmission rates up to 200 kB/s. Operating from a single 5 V power supply, a highly efficient on-chip charge pump using small (0.1 µF) external capacitors allows RS-232 bipolar levels to be developed. Two RS-232 DRIVERS and two RS-232 receivers are provided on each device.
    200 kB/s Transmission Rate
    Small (0.1 μF) Charge Pump Capacitors
    Single 5 V Power Supply
    Meets All EIA-232-E and V.28 Specifications
    Two DRIVERS and Two Receivers
    On-Board DC-DC Converters
    ±9 V Output Swing with 5 V Supply
    ±30 V Receiver Input Levels
    Pin Compatible with MAX222/MAX232A/MAX242

Part Name(s) : SP334CT SP334ET Sipex
Signal Processing Technologies
Description : Programmable RS-232/RS-485 Transceiver View

The SP334 is a programmable RS-232 and/or RS-485 transceiver IC. The SP334 contains three DRIVERS and five receivers when selected in RS-232 mode; and two DRIVERS and two receivers when selected in RS-485 mode.
The RS-232 transceivers can typically operate at 230kbps while adhering to the RS-232 specifications. The RS-485 transceivers can operate up to 10Mbps while adhering to the RS-485 specifications. The RS-485 DRIVERS can be disabled (High-Z output) by the TXEN enable pin. The RS-232 and RS-485 receiver outputs can be disabled by the RXEN enable pin.

■ +5V Only Operation
■ Software Programmable RS-232 or RS-485 Selection
■ Three RS-232 DRIVERS and Five Receivers in RS-232 Mode
■ Two RS-485 Full-Duplex Transceivers in RS-485 Mode
■ Full Differential Driver Tri-State (Hi-Z) Control
■ Receiver Output Tri-State Control


Maxim Integrated
Description : 15kV ESD-Protected, +3.0V to +5.5V, 10nA, RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Multiprotocol Transceivers View

General Description
The MAX3160E/MAX3161E/MAX3162E are programmable RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 multiprotocol transceivers. The MAX3160E/MAX3161E are pin programmable as a 2Tx/2Rx RS-232 interface or a single RS-485/RS-422 transceiver. The MAX3162E is configured as a 2Tx/2Rx RS-232 interface, and a single RS-485/RS-422 transceiver simultaneously.

♦ Single Supply Operation from +3V to +5.5V
♦ ESD Protection ±15kV Human Body Model
♦ Pin-Selectable as 2Tx/2Rx RS-232 or Single RS-485/RS-422 (MAX3160E/MAX3161E)
♦ 2Tx/2Rx RS-232 and Single RS-485/RS-422 (MAX3162E)
♦ Pin-Selectable RS-232/RS-485 Transmitter Slew Rates Reduce EMI
♦ 10Mbps RS-485 and 1Mbps RS-232 Data Rates
♦ Pin-Selectable Half-Duplex or Full-Duplex RS-485/RS-422 Operation (MAX3160E/MAX3161E)
♦ RS-485/RS-422 True Fail-Safe Receivers
♦ 10nA Shutdown Supply Current
♦ 1/8-Unit Load Allows up to 256 Transceivers on the Bus

Point-of-Sales Equipment
Industrial Controls
RS-232 to RS-485
Security Systems
Interface Converters

Part Name(s) : SP332 SP332CT SP332ET Sipex
Signal Processing Technologies
Description : RS-232/RS-485 Multi-Mode Serial Transceiver View

The SP332 is a monolithic device that contains both RS-232 and RS-485 line DRIVERS and receivers. The configuration of the SP332 can be changed at any time by changing the logic state of two control input pins. The device also includes a loop back function which internally connects driver outputs to receiver inputs for a chip self test. A Sipex-patented charge pump (5,306,954) allows +5V-only operation.

■ +5V-Only Single Supply Operation
■ 4 DRIVERS, 4 Receivers RS-232
■ 2 DRIVERS, 2 Receivers RS-485
■ Loop Back Function for Self Test
■ 28 Pin SOIC Packaging


Part Name(s) : GD75323 GD75323DW GD75323DWR Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments

The GD75323 combines five DRIVERS and three receivers from the trade-standard SN75188 and SN75189 bipolar quadruple DRIVERS and receivers, respectively. The flow-through design of the GD75323 decreases the part count, reduces the board space required, and allows easy interconnection of the UART and serial-port connector. The all-bipolar circuits and processing of the GD75323 provide a rugged, low-cost solution for this function.

● Single Chip With Easy Interface Between UART and Serial-Port Connector of an External Modem or Other Computer Peripheral
● Five DRIVERS and Three Receivers Meet or Exceed the Requirements of ANSI Standard TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU Recommendation V.28 Standards
● Supports Data Rates up to 120 kbit/s
● Complement to the GD75232
● Provides Pin-to-Pin Replacement for the Goldstar GD75323
● Pin-Out Compatible With SN75196
● Functional Replacement for the MC145405


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