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Part Name(s) : M2012SD3A03 M2012SD3A01 M2012SD3G01 M2012SD3G03 M2012SD3W01-BB M2012SS1W02 M2012SS2W03 M2013B2B1G01/U M2013ES1G03 M2013QS2G03 M2013S2D3W01 M2013S3S1W03 M2013SA2W03 M2013SD3G01 M2013SD3W01-CC M2013SS1G03-BG M2013SS2W03 ETC


Distinctive Characteristics
Antirotation design, standard on noncylindrical levers, mates toggle and bushing; bottom of toggle has two flatted sides which ft into a complementary opening inside bushing.

Antijamming design protects contacts from damage due to excessive downward force on actuator.
High torque bushing construction prevents rotation or separation from frame during installation.
High insulating barriers increase isolation of circuits in multipole devices and provide added protection to contact points.

Molded diallyl phthalate case has a UL flammability rating of 94V-0.
Epoxy sealed terminals prevent entry of solder flux and other contaminants.
Prominent external insulating barriers increase insulation resistance and dielectric strength.

Interlocked actuator block, lever, and interior guide prevent switch failure due to biased lever movement.
Clinching of frame to case well above base and terminals provides 1,500V dielectric strength.

Part Name(s) : 1TL1-1 1TL1-1E 1TL1-2 1TL1-2D 1TL1-21 1TL1-3 1TL1-31 1TL1-4 1TL1-5 1TL1-51 1TL1-6 1TL1-61 1TL1-7 1TL1-8 2TL1-1 2TL1-10 2TL1-2 2TL1-21 2TL1-3 2TL1-31 2TL1-4 2TL1-5 2TL1-50 2TL1-51 2TL1-6 ETC1
Description : Toggle SWITCHES and MINIATURE Prewired Enclosed SWITCHES View

[MICRO SWITCH a Honeywell Division]

Toggle SWITCHES and MINIATURE Prewired Enclosed SWITCHES

Part Name(s) : 31NT91-1 31NT91-2 31NT91-21 31NT91-3 31NT91-31 31NT91-4 31NT91-5 31NT91-51 31NT91-6 31NT91-61 31NT91-7 31NT91-8 32NT91-1 32NT91-10 32NT91-12 32NT91-2 32NT91-21 32NT91-3 32NT91-31 32NT91-4 32NT91-5 32NT91-50 32NT91-51 32NT91-6 32NT91-61 Honeywell
Honeywell International
Description : Manual SWITCHES Flat Base Sealed TOGGLES and Rockers View

MICRO SWITCH NT Series toggle SWITCHES are designed to meet severe environment application needs for rugged, cost-effective manual SWITCHES. These flat base style products are identical to the stepped base style in construction and features.
The flat base allows for PC board or connector use for easy wiring/connection. The flat base NT toggle SWITCHES are provided with quick-connect (spade) termination. Mating connectors are available.

● Spring-loaded actuating mechanism provides tactile feedback
● High impact strength, non-tracking
   case enhances electrical stability
● Temperature range: –40 to 71°C (–40 to 160°F)
● UL Recognized, File E12252, vol. 1, section 44
● CSA Certified, File LR4442
● CE approved
● Sealed switching chamber
● 1 or 2-pole circuitry
● 2 or 3 position maintained and momentary action
● Flat base with quick-connect
   terminals – mating connectors are

Part Name(s) : SLB2381R5 SLB12804 SLB12814 SLB12414.5 SLB1280R5 SLB1281R5 SLB1370 SLB1370R SLB13804 SLB13814 SLB1381R5 SLB1470 SLB1470R SLB1570 SLB1570R SLB22804 SLB2280R5 SLB22814 SLB2281R5 SLB23814 SLB1240R45 SLB124145 SLB1340R45 SLB134145 SLB2240R45 ETC
Description : MINIATURE Slide SWITCHES View


MINIATURE compact size.
● Wash-through open frame construction.
● Positive spring loaded ball detent mechanism.
● Epoxy sealed terminals.

Part Name(s) : CM116 CM136 CM1406 CM1482 CM1483 CM1895 CM1896 CM27 CM293 CM31 CM425 CM427 CM428 CM430 CM431 CM432 CM433 CM456 CM502 CM503 CM55 CM57 CM57X CM604 CM605 CML
CML Microsystems Plc
Description : G-4 1/2 MINIATURE Screw Base View

G-4 1/2 MINIATURE Bayonet Base

G-4 1/2 MINIATURE Screw Base

G-4 1/2 MINIATURE 2 Pin Base

Part Name(s) : CM432 CM430 CM428 CM605 CM31 CM136 CM116 CM27 CM425 CM502 CM1482 CM1483 CM433 CM1895 CM431 CM293 CM57X CM57 CM427 CM503 CM607 CM1406 CM604 CM55 CM1896 VCC
Visual Communications Company
Description : G-4 1/2 MINIATURE Screw Base View

G-4 1/2 MINIATURE Bayonet Base

G-4 1/2 MINIATURE Screw Base

G-4 1/2 MINIATURE 2 Pin Base

Part Name(s) : 184PC05GT 184PC15GT 185PC05DT 185PC15DT 185PC30DT 186PC03DT 186PC05DT 186PC15DT 185PC15AT 185PC30AT Honeywell
Honeywell International
Description : Pressure Sensors MINIATURE Absolute, Differential, Gage/Amplified View

Pressure Sensors MINIATURE Absolute, Differential, Gage/Amplified

MINIATURE plastic package
● Terminal and housing mount styles
● PCB termination
● Fully signal conditioned

Part Name(s) : 5000 5032 5034 5036 5037 5038 5039 5042 5044 5046 5047 5048 5049 5052 5054 5056 5057 5058 5059 5062 5064 5066 5067 5068 5069 ETC
Description : Toggle SWITCHES View



❑ 17 actuators including TOGGLES, paddle levers and locking levers in different lengths.
❑ 5 contact materials from dry circuit to 6A 125VAC and high inrush up to 120A 2 ms.
❑ 8 functions including maintained and momentary versions.
❑ 1 to 4 pole configurations.
❑ 12 terminal types including 9 for PC board mounting. Other types include quick-connect and wire-wrap.
❑ 6 bushing styles from 6 (.236) plain to 11,9 (15/32) threaded.
❑ 3 types of finish including military black.
❑ 4 approvals (UL - CSA - VDE - CECC) and 3 listings.
❑ 4 types of sealing for terminal or front panel requirements.
❑ Numerous accessories available for actuator and bushing options.

Description : JSM Series Sub-MINIATURE Slide SWITCHES View

[C&K Components]

• RoHS compliant and meets all requirements of RoHS directive 2002/95EC, Halogen Free
• Positive detent
• Low profile
• IR reflow to 260º solder profile
• Surface and thru hole mounting
• Maintained and momentary functions
• SPDT, SP3T models

Typical Applications
• Telecommunication products
• Computer peripherals
• Thermostat select switch
• Instrumentations


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