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Part Name(s) : 274005 Littelfuse
Littelfuse, Inc
Description : 272/273/274/278/279 Series, MICRO? VERY FAST-ACTING FUSE View

Developed originally for the U.S. Space Program, MICROFUSE provides reliability in a compact design. The MICROFUSE is available in plug–in or radial lead styles and a complete range of ampere ratings from 1/500 to 5A to suit a wide variety of design needs.

Military grade available
High breaking capacity
Clear cover option to view FUSE element status
Available from VERY low ampere of 2mA to 5A
Plug-in with short or long leads option

Printed circuit boards and similar equipment
Electronic components

Part Name(s) : 04851DR 04851.5DR 04852DR 04852.5DR 0485.500DR 0485001.DR 048501.5DR 0485002.DR 048502.5DR 04853.15DR 0485001.DR 048501.5DR 0485002.DR 048502.5DR 04853.15DR Littelfuse
Littelfuse, Inc
Description : Surface Mount FUSEs Nano2 > 600VDC > FAST-ACTING FUSE > 485 Series View

The 485 Nano2® FUSE Series is a small, FAST-ACTING, surface mount ceramic FUSE rated at a remarkable 600VDC at its small size and with 100A breaking capacity. It is primarily designed for circuit protection in high energy applications. This product is fully compatible with lead-free solder alloys and higher temperature profles associated with lead-free assembly.

• Fast Acting / Surface mount high FUSE for high voltage (up to 600VDC) applications.
• Fully compatible with lead-free solder alloys and higher temperature profles associated with lead-free assembly.
• Relatively high breaking capacity at 100A.
• RoHS compliant / Halogen Free
• Rating - 0.5 - 3.15 Amperes.

• PC server and Telecom systems
• LCD TV inverter boards DC input protection
• Uniterruptible Power Supply (UPS) / 3-Phase Power Supplies
• 380VDC server/lighting in data center

Part Name(s) : MQ1 MQ1.5 MQ10 MQ100 MQ12 MQ125 MQ15 MQ150 MQ2 MQ2.5 MQ200 MQ250 MQ3 MQ3.5 MQ300 MQ375 MQ4 MQ5 MQ500 MQ7 MQ750 BEL
Bel Fuse Inc.
Description : Quick Acting MICRO FUSE View

- Quick Acting
- Small size
- Wide range of current rating from 100mA to 15A
- Wide operating temperature range
- RoHS compliant
- Halogen Free

Part Name(s) : KTK-R KTK-R-1 KTK-R-1-1 KTK-R-1-1/2 KTK-R-1/10 KTK-R-1/2 KTK-R-1/4 KTK-R-1/8 KTK-R-10 KTK-R-12 KTK-R-15 KTK-R-2 KTK-R-2-1 KTK-R-2-1/2 KTK-R-2/10 KTK-R-20 KTK-R-25 KTK-R-3 KTK-R-3-1/2 KTK-R-3/10 KTK-R-3/4 KTK-R-30 KTK-R-4/10 KTK-R-6/10 KTK-R-3-1 ETC
Description : FAST-ACTING FUSEs 13/32? x 1-1/2?, Class CC - 600 Volt, 1/10 - 30 Amps View

[COOPER Bussmann]

FAST-ACTING FUSEs 13/32” x 1-1/2”, Class CC - 600 Volt, 1/10 - 30 Amps

• Melamine tube. Nickel-plated brass endcaps.
• U.L. Listed for branch circuit protection.
• Rejection type; for both standard holders or those which reject other type FUSEs.

Part Name(s) : MRF1 MRF1.25 MRF1.6 MRF100 MRF125 MRF160 MRF2 MRF2.5 MRF200 MRF250 MRF3.15 MRF315 MRF4 MRF400 MRF5 MRF50 MRF500 MRF6.3 MRF63 MRF630 MRF80 MRF800 BEL
Bel Fuse Inc.
Description : Type MRF Fast Acting Radial Lead MICRO FUSE Series View
Part Name(s) : MS1 MS1.25 MS1.5 MS2 MS2.5 MS250 MS3 MS300 MS375 MS4 MS5 MS500 MS7 MS750 ETC
Description : Slow Blow MICRO FUSE View


Type MS

Part Name(s) : 0JLS050.T 0JLS250.X 0JLS060.T 0JLS300.X 0JLS600.X 0JLS010.T 0JLS400.X 0JLS500.X 0JLS150.X 0JLS125.X 0JLS350.X 0JLS001.T 0JLS015.T 0JLS450.X 0JLS175.X 0JLS090.V JLS040 0JLS030.T 0JLS200.X 0JLS045.T 0JLS080.V 0JLS025.T 0JLS020.T 0JLS070.V 0JLS100.V Littelfuse
Littelfuse, Inc
Description : General Purpose FUSEs JLS Class J FUSEs 600 VAC ? Fast Acting ? 1 ? 600 Amperes View

JLS series FUSEs provide space saving, fast acting overload and short circuit protection for non-inductive loads. When used for motors or other inductive loads, the ampere rating of JLS series FUSEs must be increased to prevent nuisance opening on in-rush currents. In such applications, JLS FUSEs may provide only short-circuit protection. Consider using LittelFUSE POWR-PRO® JTD or JTD_ID series time-delay FUSEs in such circuits.
    General purpose circuits with little or no motor load.
    Resistive loads, such as resistance electric heat.
    Loads requiring fast acting overload protection, such as equipment
        containing solid-state devices.

Part Name(s) : CB61F CB61F10A CB61F10A-TR1 CB61F10A-TR2 CB61F12A CB61F12A-TR1 CB61F12A-TR2 CB61F15A CB61F15A-TR1 CB61F15A-TR2 CB61F2A CB61F2A-TR1 CB61F2A-TR2 CB61F3A CB61F3A-TR1 CB61F3A-TR2 CB61F4A CB61F4A-TR1 CB61F4A-TR2 CB61F5A CB61F5A-TR1 CB61F5A-TR2 CB61F6.3A CB61F6.3A-TR1 CB61F6.3A-TR2 COOPER
Cooper Bussmann, Inc.
Description : FAST-ACTING SMD Brick? FUSEs View

Description The FAST-ACTING CB61F Series of SMD Brick™ FUSE provides high breaking capacity performance in a CQC Approved SMD package. The CB61F Series offers 125Vac/50A and 125Vdc/300A protection up to 15 amps, which is among the highest in its class.

• High Interrupting Ratings: 50A @ 125Vac / 300A @ 125Vdc
• Wide Selection: The CB61F Series is available in ratings from 2 to 15
   amps providing a range of solutions for applications requiring
   FAST-ACTING performance
• CQC Approved: Meets the growing market demand.
• cULus Certified and PSE Level 1 Certified
• Excellent Environmental Integrity: lead-free, halogen free and RoHS
   compliant, and present no disposal issues at end of life.
• Solder immersion compatible
• Wire-in-Air design

• LCD Monitors
• LCD backlight inverters
• Notebooks
• Servers
• Power supplies
• Telecom/PoE
• Medical equipment
• White goods
• Industrial applications

Part Name(s) : F6267 Littelfuse
Littelfuse, Inc
Description : Cartridge FUSEs 6x25mm > 70VDC High Current FUSE > 688 Series View

0688030.MXP : FUSE 70VDC 6X25 30A

Digi-Key Part Number : F6267-ND


A 70Vdc rated ceramic FUSE with remarkable interrupting and surge withstanding rating in a compact 6x25mm package, which is well suited for circuit protection in 48Vdc telecom applications.


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