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Description : The EFM8UB2, part of the Universal Bee family of MCUs, is a multi-purpose line of 8-bit microcontrollers with USB feature set.

EFM8 Universal Bee Family
EFM8UB2 Data Sheet

Feature List
The EFM8UB2 highlighted features are listed below.
• Core:
   • Pipelined CIP-51 Core
   • Fully compatible with standard 8051 instruction set
   • 70% of instructions execute in 1-2 clock cycles
   • 48 MHz maximum operating frequency
• Memory:
   • Up to 64 KB flash memory, in-system re-programmable from firmware.
   • Up to 4352 bytes RAM (including 256 bytes standard 8051 RAM and 4096 bytes on-chip XRAM)
• Power:
   • Internal LDO regulator for CPU core voltage
   • Internal 5-to-3.3 V LDO allows direct connection to USB supply net
   • Power-on reset circuit and brownout detectors
• I/O: Up to 40 total multifunction I/O pins:
   • Flexible peripheral crossbar for peripheral routing
   • 10 mA source, 25 mA sink allows direct drive of LEDs
• Clock Sources:
   • Internal 48 MHz precision oscillator ( ±1.5% accuracy without USB clock recovery, ±0.25% accuracy with USB clock recovery)
   • Internal 80 kHz low-frequency oscillator
   • External crystal, RC, C, and CMOS clock options
• Timers/Counters and PWM:
   • 5-channel Programmable Counter Array (PCA) supporting PWM, capture/compare, and frequency output modes with watchdog timer function
   • 6 x 16-bit general-purpose timers
• Communications and Digital Peripherals:
   • Universal Serial Bus (USB) Function Controller with eight flexible endpoint pipes, integrated transceiver, and 1 KB FIFO RAM
   • 2 x UART
   • SPI™ Master / Slave
   • 2 x SMBus™/I2C™ Master / Slave
   • External Memory Interface (EMIF)
• Analog:
   • 10-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC0)
   • 2 x Low-current analog comparators
• On-Chip, Non-Intrusive Debugging
   • Full memory and register inspection
   • Four hardware breakpoints, single-stepping
• Pre-loaded USB bootloader
• Temperature range -40 to 85 ºC
• Single power supply 2.65 to 3.6 V
QFP48, QFP32, and QFN32 packages

Japan Radio Corporation
Japan Radio Corporation


The NJM2700is a SRS WOW audio processor, based on the technology of SRS Labs, Inc. The NJM2700reproduces wide and clear sound. In addition, it provides rich bass sound. The NJM2700 is suitable for speaker system for personal computer, TV, CD radio-cassette, portable audio equipment, and others.


●Operating Voltage   4.7 to 13V

●WOW Function

●Punch Control for TruBass effect

●Width Control for SRS 3D Stereo effect

●Bypass Function (Through)

●Internal Mode Switch

●Bipolar Technology

●Package Outline   SDIP42, SOP40, QFP48

Japan Radio Corporation
Japan Radio Corporation

The NJM2195 is a SRS WOW audio processor, based on the technology of SRS Labs, Inc.
It includes SRS 3D Stereo regenerating 3D surround sound with stereo input, TruBass providing rich bass sound and FOCUS improving sound orientation.
The NJM2195 is suitable for audio application such as TV, CD radio-cassette, Car Audio, speaker system for PC and others.

● Operating Voltage 4.7 to 13V
● WOW Function
● Punch Control for TruBass effect
● LF Elevation Control for FOCUS effect
● Width Control for SRS 3D Stereo effect
● Bypass Function (Through)
● Internal Mode Switch
● Bipolar Technology
● Package Outline SDIP42, SOP40, QFP48

Part Name(s) : NJM2527 NJM2527FR2
Japan Radio Corporation
Japan Radio Corporation

The NJM2527 is a color TFT signal processor.
It contains all function, like as Y/C separator circuit, color signal de-modulator, synchronous separate circuit, RGB interface, and sideblack control circuit, required by color TFT signal processing.
The NJM2527 keeps selecting NTSC/PAL with external VCXO circuit TRAP circuit for each broadcasting.

● NTSC/PAL matching (Resemblance PAL de-modulation system)
● Internal Y/C separate circuit
● Input mode: Composite video signal, Y/C separate signal, External RGB signal
● Internal synchronous separate circuit (Liquid crystal panel PLL use)
● Internal black level insertion circuit (Use for aspect ratio change)
● Internal Gamma 2-point correction circuit
● Bipolar technology
● Package Outline QFP48-R2

Part Name(s) : HA13557AFH
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics
Description : Combo (Spindle & VCM) Driver


This COMBO Driver for HDD application consists of Sensorless Spindle Driver and BTL type VCM Driver.

Bipolar Process is applied and a “Soft Switching Circuit” for less commutation noise and a “Booster Circuit” for smaller Saturation Voltage of Output Transistor are also implemented.


• Soft Switching Driver

• Small Surface Mount Package: FP-48T (QFP48 Pin)

• Low thermal resistance: 30°C/W with 4 layer multi glass-epoxy board

• Low output saturation voltage

   - Spindle 1.44 V Typ (@1.8 A)

   - VCM 1.0 V Typ (@1.0 A)


• 2.2 A Max/3-phase motor driver

• 1.5 A Max BTL VCM Driver

• Auto retract

• Soft Switching Matrix

• Start up circuit

• Booster

• Speed Discriminator

• Internal Protector (OTSD, LVI)


• Power monitor

Part Name(s) : NJW1180 NJW1180FP1
Japan Radio Corporation
Japan Radio Corporation
Description : Audio Processor with SRS WOW

The NJW1180 is an audio processor with SRS WOW. It includes all of functions processing audio signal for TV, such as volume, balance, tone control and 4ch input selector. All of internal status and variables are controlled by I2C BUS.

● Operating Voltage               8 to 13 V
● SRS WOW (including SRS 3D, FOCUS and TruBass function)
● Simulated Stereo
● 4ch Input Selector
● Volume                                0 to -80dB (0.5dB/step), MUTE
● Balance                               0 to -30dB (1dB/step), MUTE
● Tone Control                       -15dB to +15dB(1dB/step)
● I2C BUS Interface
● Bi-CMOS Technology
● Package Outline                 QFP48-P1

Part Name(s) : NJW1148 NJW1148FP1
Japan Radio Corporation
Japan Radio Corporation
Description : Dolby Pro Logic Surround Decoder with Discrete 5.1ch Input

The NJW1148 is an audio processor with BBE sound enhancement and SRS Labs TruSurround virtualizer. It includes all of functions processing audio signal for TV, such as volume, balance, mute, line out, tone control, eala NJRC surround and simulated stereo functions. All of internal status and variables are controlled by I2C BUS.

● Operating Voltage         8 to 10 V
● I2C BUS Interface         (Fast-Mode)
● Passive TruSurround
● BBE                               0dB to +15dB(0.5dB/step)
● eala (surround effect ; 2 steps) and Simulated Stereo
● Volume                          0 to -80dB, MUTE(0.33dB/step)
● Balance                         0 to -30dB, MUTE(1dB/step)
● Tone Control                -15dB to +15dB(0.5dB/step)
● Bi-CMOS Technology
● Package Outline            QFP48-P1

Part Name(s) : NJU3426 NJU3426FP1
Japan Radio Corporation
Japan Radio Corporation

The NJU3426 is a VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) controller/driver to dynamically drive up to 16 segments x 15 digits. It consists of display data RAM, an address counter, command registers, a serial interface and high voltage drivers. The direct control from the MPU and high voltage drivers of 45V make the NJU3426 well suited for various VFD displays.

● Directly Drives 16-segment x 15-digit
● High VFD Driving Voltage        : |VDD-VFDP|=45V
● Display Shift Function
● Programmable Duty Ratio for Timing Signal :2/16, 4/16, 6/16, 8/16, 10/16, 12/16, 14/16, 15/16 duty
● Display ON/OFF Control Function
● Display Data RAM                    : 30 x 8-bit
● Built-in Oscillator (Formed by Connecting an External Ceramic Resonator)
● 8-bit Serial Interface
● Power-ON Reset Function
● Operating Voltage                      :3.0 to 5.5V
● C-MOS Technology
● Package Outline                         :QFP48-P1


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