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Part Name(s) : SPSE13007-2 E13007-2
Description : High Voltage Power Transistor


   High Voltage Capability
   High Speed Switching
   Wide SOA

   Flourscent Lamp
   Electronic Ballast
   Electronic Transformer

Part Name(s) : E13007-2 SPSE13007-2
Description : High Voltage Power Transistor


Fairchild Semiconductor
Fairchild Semiconductor
Description : KSE13007, KSE13006 / High Voltage NPN Transistor

KSE13007, KSE13006, E13007-2 Datasheet Information.

Description : 100mA Low Power LDO

General Description

The HT75XX-2 series is a set of three-terminal low Power High Voltage implemented in CMOS technology. They can deliver 100mA output current and allow an input Voltage as High as 24V. They are available with several fixed output Voltages ranging from 2.1V to 12.0V.  CMOS technology ensures low Voltage drop and low quiescent current.

Although designed primarily as fixed Voltage regulators, these devices can be used with external components to obtain variable Voltages and currents.


• Low Power consumption

• Low Voltage drop

• Low temperature coefficient

High input Voltage (up to 24V)

High output current : 100mA

• Output Voltage accuracy: tolerance ±1%

• TO92, SOT89 and SOT23-5 packages


• Battery-powered equipment

• Communication equipment

• Audio/Video equipment


Description : 10...30 Watt AC-DC Converters

Input Voltage ranges 85...265 V AC 88…168 V DC
1 or 2 outputs up to 48 V DC
4300 V DC I/O electric strength test Voltage

• Class II equipment (double insulation)
• Short circuit protection
• Compact, low cost solution

Description : ICs for Consumer Electronics

General Description

As its predecessors SDA 525x the SDA 525x-2 contains a slicer for VPS and TTX, an accelerating acquisition hardware module, a display generator for “Level 1.5” TTX data, and an 8 bit microcontroller running at 333 ns cycle time. The controller with dedicated hardware guarantees flexibility, does most of the internal processing of TTX acquisition, transfers data to/from the external memory interface and receives/transmits data via I2C user interface. The block diagram shows the internal organization of the SDA 525x-2.

The slicer combined with dedicated hardware stores TTX data in a VBI buffer of 746 Byte. The microcontroller firmware performs all the acquisition tasks (hamming- and parity-checks, page search and evaluation of header control bits) once per field.

Complete Feature List Including New Features

New features compared to SDA 525x-Specification, version 06/96 are printed in italic and bold. As described in the errata sheet 03/97, release 1.0, the newer versions of the SDA 525x and the SDA 525x-2 will not have a serial port (UART) any more.

• Acquisition:

   – Feature selection via special function register

   – Simultaneous reception of TTX, VPS, and WSS

   – Fixed framing code for VPS and TTX

   – Acquisition during VBI

   – Direct access to VBI RAM buffer

   – Acquisition of packets x/26, x/27, 8/30 (firmware)

   – Assistance of all relevant checks (firmware)

   – 1-bit framing code error tolerance (switchable)

• Display:

   – Features selectable via special function register

   – 50/60 Hz display (optional 100 Hz)

   – Level 1.5 serial attribute display pages

   – Blanking and contrast reduction output

   – 8 direct addressable display pages for SDA 5250-2, SDA 5254-2 to SDA 5257-2 (optional 10 pages)

   – 1 direct addressable display page for SDA 5251-2 to SDA 5253-2

   – 12 × 10 character matrix

   – 96 character ROM (standard G0 character set)

   – 156 national option characters for 12 languages (for European version)

   – 288 characters for X/26 display

   – 64 block mosaic graphic characters

   – 32 characters for OSD in expanded character ROM + 32 characters inside OSD box

   – Conceal/reveal

   – Transparent foreground/background - inside/outside of a box

   – Contrast reduction inside/outside of a box

   – Cursor (color changes from foreground to background color)

   – Flash (flash rate 1s, not depending on field rate)

   – Programmable horizontal and vertical sync delay

   – Full screen background color in outer screen

   – Double size/double width/double height characters

• Synchronization:

   – Display synchronization to sandcastle or Horizontal Sync (HS) and Vertical Sync (VS)

• Microcontroller:

   – 8 bit C500-CPU (8051 compatible)

   – CPU-clock 18 MHz, external 6-MHz-crystal

   – 333 ns instruction cycle

   – Parallel 8-bit data and 16 … 19-bit address bus (ROMless-Version)

   – Eight 16-bit data pointer registers (DPTR)

   – Two 16-bit timers

   – Watchdog timer

   – Capture compare timer for infrared remote control decoding

   – 256 bytes on-chip RAM

   – 8 KByte on-chip display-RAM (access via MOVX) SDA 5250-2, SDA 5254-2 to

SDA 5257-2 (optional 10 Kbyte)

   – 1 Kbyte on-chip display-RAM (access via MOVX) for SDA 5251-2 to SDA 5253-2

   – 1 Kbyte on-chip ACQ-buffer-RAM (access via MOVX)

   - 1 Kbyte on-chip extended-RAM (access via MOVX) for SDA 5250-2 and

SDA 5254-2 to SDA 5257-2

   – 6 channel 8-bit pulse width modulation unit

   – 2 channel 14-bit pulse width modulation unit

   – 4 multiplexed ADC inputs with 8-bit resolution

   – One 8-bit I/O port with open drain output and optional I2C-Bus emulation

   – Two 8-bit multifunctional I/O ports

   – One 4-bit port working as digital or analog inputs

   – One 3-bit I/O port with optional RAM/ROM address expansion up to 512 Kbyte (ROMless-Version)

• P-SDIP-52-1/P-MQFP-64-1 package for ROM-Versions (SDA 5251-2 to SDA 5253-2, SDA 5254-2 to SDA 5257-2)

• P-MQFP-80-1 package for ROMless-Version (SDA 5250M-2)

• P-LCC-84-2 package for Emulator-Version (SDA 5250-2)

• 5 V supply Voltage

Description : 40V, 2A Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter


The LTC®3115-2 is a High Voltage monolithic synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter optimized for applications subject to fast (<1ms) input Voltage transients. For all other applications,theLTC3115-1 is recommended.With its wide 2.7Vto40Vinput and output Voltage ranges,theLTC3115-2 is well suited for use in a wide variety of automotive and industrial Power supplies. A proprietary low noise switch ing algorithm optimizes efficiency with input Voltages that are above, below or even equal to the output Voltage and ensures seamless transitions between operational modes.


● Wide VIN Range: 2.7V to 40V

● Wide VOUT Range: 2.7V to 40V

● 0.8A Output Current for VIN ≥ 3.6V, VOUT = 5V

● 2A Output Current in Step-Down Operation for VIN ≥ 6V

● Programmable Frequency: 100kHz to 2MHz

● Synchronizable Up to 2MHz with an External Clock

● Up to 95% Efficiency

● 30µA No-Load Quiescent Current in Burst Mode® Operation

● Ultralow Noise Buck-Boost PWM

● Internal Soft-Start

● 3µA Supply Current in Shutdown

● Programmable Input UnderVoltage Lockout

● Small 4mm × 5mm × 0.75mm DFN Package

● Thermally Enhanced 20-Lead TSSOP Package


● 24V/28V Industrial Applications

● Automotive Power Systems

● Telecom, Servers and Networking Equipment

● FireWire Regulator

● Multiple Power Source Supplies




Description : 30mA Low Power LDO

General Description

The HT71xx-2 series is a set of three-terminal low Power high voltage regulators implemented in CMOS

technology. They allow input voltages as high as 30V. They are available with several fixed output voltages

ranging from 2.1V to 5.0V. CMOS technology ensures low voltage drop and low quiescent current.


• Low power consumption

• Low voltage drop

• Low temperature coefficient

• High input voltage (up to 30V)

• Output voltage accuracy: tolerance ±1%

• TO92, SOT89 and SOT23-5 package


• Battery-powered equipment

• Communication equipment

• Audio/Video equipment

Description : 25...40 Watt DC-DC Converters

Input Voltage range up to 72 V DC
1, 2 or 3 outputs up to 30 V DC
1500 V DC I/O electric strength test Voltage

• Low cost
• Short circuit protection
• Efficiency up to 82%

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