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Part Name(s) : AK2302 AKM
Asahi Kasei Microdevices
Description : Dual PCM codec/Filter COMBO LSI View

Dual PCM codec/Filter COMBO LSI

Part Name(s) : AK2305 AKM
Asahi Kasei Microdevices
Description : Dual PCM codec for ISDN TERMINAL ADAPTER View

AK2305 is a Dual PCM codec-Filter most suitable for ISDN Terminal Adapter. A-law/u-law is selected by the internal register. In addition to codec, this device has Dual DTMF receiver and External Tone Input pin.

- Dual PCM codec and Filtering systems for
   ISDN Terminal Adapter
- Dual DTMF Receiver
- External Tone Input(AUX)
- Independent functions on each channel
   - Frame Sync Signal(8kHz)
   - Power Down Mode(Pin/Register operation)
   - Mute(Pin/Register operation)
   - Gain Adjustment: 0 to -12dB (3dB step)
- Selectable PCM Data Interface Timing:
   Long Frame / Short Frame / GCI / IDL
- Variable PCM Data Rate:
   64k x N [Hz] (64k - 4.096MHz)
- Operational Amplifier for Gain Adjustment
- A-law/u-law Register Selectable
- Serial Interface
- Power on Reset
- Single +5V ± 5% CMOS technology
- Low Power Consumption (85mW typ)

Part Name(s) : 821024 IDT821024 IDT821024JG IDT821024PPG ETC
Description : QUAD NON-PROGRAMMABLE PCM codec View


The IDT821024 is a single-chip, four channel PCM codec with on-chip filters. The device provides analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions and supports both a-law and μ−law companding. The digital IDT821024 provides the necessary transmit and receive filtering for voice telephone circuit to interface with time-division multiplexed systems. All of the digital filters.are performed in digital signal processors operating from an internal clock, which is derived from MCLK. The fixed filters.set the transmit and receive gain and frequency response.
• 4 channel codec with on-chip digital>• Selectable A-law or μ-law companding
• Master clock frequency selection: 2.048 MHz, 4.096 MHz or
    8.192 MHz
    - Internal timing automatically adjusted based on MCLK and frame
        sync signal
• Separate PCM and master clocks
• Single PCM port with up to 8.192 MHz data rate (128 time slots)
• Transhybrid balance impedance hardware adjustable via external
• Transmit gains hardware adjustable via external components
• Low power +5.0 V CMOS technology
• +5.0 V single power supply
• Package available: 32 pin PLCC, 44 pin TQFP

Part Name(s) : MB6021A MB6022A MB6025A MB6026A MB6021A-P MB6021A-PD MB6022A-P MB6022A-PD MB6025A-P MB6025A-PD MB6026A-P MB6026A-PD Fujitsu
Description : SINGLE CHIP codec with FILTERS View

PCM codec

SINGLE CHIP codec with filters./p>

Part Name(s) : TO-252 AME
AME, Inc
Description : Carrier Tape, Number of Components Per reel and reel Size View

Carrier Tape, Number of Components Per reel and reel Size

Part Name(s) : AK2306 AK2306LV AK2306 AK2306LV AKM
Asahi Kasei Microdevices
Description : Dual PCM codec for ISDN/VoIP TERMINAL ADAPTER View

2-channel PCM codec LSI for ISDN / VoIP terminal adapter

AK2306 suitable for ISDN terminal adapter (TA) It is a 2 channel PCM codec. Centered on Europe A-Law companding rule used in the region and used in North America and Japan Can be selected with the register.

■ Built-in 2-channel PCM codec / filter
■ Built-in RINGER TONE generator (16Hz / 20Hz)
■ Functions that can be set for each channel
    ▪ Power down (register setting)
    ▪ Mute (register setting)
    ▪ Gain adjustment + 6 to -18 dB (register setting 1.0 dB step)
PCM data interface Supports LongFrame / ShortFrame / GCI
PCM data transfer rate Configurable at N times frequency of 64 kHz (128 k-4.096 MHz)
■ Built-in operational amplifier for input / output gain adjustment
■ A-law, μ-law companding selection function (register setting)
■ Serial interface
■ Built-in power on reset
■ +5 V ± 5% single power supply (AK2306)
■ +3.3 ± 0.3 V single power supply (AK2306 LV)
■ Low power consumption
■ Small package

Part Name(s) : PC104 PCM-3117-00A1E PCM-3614 PCM-3614-AE PCM-3614I PCM-3614I-AE PCM-3618 PCM-3618-AE PCM-3618I PCM-3618I-AE PCM-3620-00A1E PCM-3620P PCM-3620P-00A1E PCM-3641I PCM-3641I-AE PCM-3642I PCM-3642I-AE PCM-3643 PCM-3643-08A1E PCM-3665 PCM-3665-00A1E PCM-3665-01A1E PCM-3665P-00A1E PCM-3680 PCM-3680-BE ADVANTECH
Advantech Co., Ltd.
Description : PC/104 Datacom Modules View

PC/104 Datacom Modules

PCI to ISA Bridge Module

4/8-Port RS-422/485 High-speed PC/104 Module

4/8-Port RS-232/422/485 PCI-104 Modules

4/8-Port RS-232 PCI-104 Modules

2-Port CAN-bus PC/104 / PCI-104 Module with Isolation Protection

USB 2.0/IEEE 1394a PC/104-Plus Module

4/8 RS-232 COM Port Module

Dual GbE Module

Part Name(s) : ML145506 ML145506P MC145506P ML145506WP LANSDALE
LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc.
Description : PCM codec–Filter Mono–Circuit View

Legacy Device: Motorola MC145506

The ML145506 is a per channel codec–filter PCM mono–circuit. This device performs the voice digitization and reconstruction, as well as the band limiting and smoothing required for PCM systems. This device has HCMOS compatible digital outputs and supplements the Lansdale ML145502 – ML145505 series of PCM codecfilters. The ML145506 is functionally similar to the ML145502. It is designed to operate in both synchronous and asynchronous applications and contain an on–chip precision reference voltage. The ML145506 is offered in a 22–pin package and has the capability of selecting from three peak overload voltages (2.5 V, 3.15 V, and 3.78 V).

ML145506 Features
• 22–Pin Package, HCMOS Output Version of ML145502
• Selectable Peak Overload Voltages (2.5 V, 3.15 V, 3.78 V)
• Push–Pull Analog Output with Gain Adjust
• 64 kHz to 4.1 MHz Transmit and/or Receive Data Clock Rate
• Operating Temperature Range TA = –40° to +85° C

Part Name(s) : EM77565 EMC
ELAN Microelectronics
Description : ADPCM with PCM codec View

ADPCM with PCM codec


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