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Description : 1.5A CMOS LDO

The UTC L11815A is a COMS linear regulator. One of it’s feature is very low quiescent current typical as low as 45μA and its dropout voltage is extremely low with 1.5A output current.
The internal circuit includes thermal shutdown and current fold-back mechanism to prevent device failure when the circuit is operated in the bad conditions.
In application, the UTC L11815A needs a low noise, regulated supply. For stable operation, the output capacitance value should be 4.7μF or more.
The UTC L11815A is an ideal for battery applications, such as instrumentations, portable electronics, wireless devices, PC peripherals, and battery powered widgets. The output voltage values are set during manufacturing and the accuracy is tighten 1.5%.

* Quiescent Current (45μA typ.)
* Very Low Dropout Voltage
* Guaranteed 1.5A output
* Accuracy : ±1.5%
* Over-Temperature ShutDown
* With Current Limiting
* Short Circuit Current Fold-Back
* Low Temperature Coefficient
* Halogen-free

Description : Tri-Start™ TV-CTV

MIL-DTL-38999 III subminiature cylindrical connectors

The TV-CTV connectors are in accordance with MIL-DTL-38999 series III standard. These connectors offer the highest performance capabilities for both general duty and severe environment applications.

Main features
• Shell material
    - Composite
    - Aluminium
    - Marine bronze
    - Stainless steel
• Finish
    - Olive drab cadmium plating
    - Nickel plating
    - Passivation (for steel versions)
• 9 shell sizes from 09 to 25
• Contacts
    - More than 60 arrangements of contacts, including high density versions
    - Size 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22 D contacts
    - Signal, power, twinax, coaxial contacts, MOV, optical termini
• Contact protection
    - 100% scoop-proof shell
    - Interfacial seal ensures sealing around each contact and prevents electrolytic erosion
• EMI/RFI protection
    - Shell to shell bottoming
    - Grounding fingers on the plug shell
• Quick coupling completely mates and self locks in a 360° turn of the coupling nut
• Performs sine and random vibration tests by an anti-decoupling device
• Receptacles are intermountable with MIL-DTL-38999 series I standard (same panel drilling)

Description : 32.768kHz to 8.192MHz Precision µPower Oscillators

The LTC®6930 series is a family of very low power precision silicon oscillators with a frequency error less than 0.09%. For each oscillator, the user can select one of 8 frequencies between 32.768kHz and 8.192MHz. Based on a fixed master oscillator frequency, internal frequency dividers between 1 and 128 provide the 8 different frequencies. The LTC6930 requires no external components other than power supply bypass capacitors. Requiring only a single 1.7V to 5.5V supply enables operation from a single Li-Ion cell or 2 AA alkaline cells.

■ Frequency Error <0.09% Max at 25°C
■ Startup Time <110μs at All Frequencies
■ 1.7V to 5.5V Single Supply Operation
■ 105μA Typical Supply Current at 32kHz, V+ = 3V
■ 490μA Typical Supply Current at 8MHz, V+ = 3V
■ Typical RMS Period Jitter <0.15% at V+ = 3V
■ No External Components to Set Frequency
■ 5 Options Cover 32.768kHz to 8.192MHz:
   LTC6930-4.19: 4.194304MHz ÷ N
   LTC6930-5.00: 5.000000MHz ÷ N
   LTC6930-7.37: 7.373800MHz ÷ N
   LTC6930-8.00: 8.000000MHz ÷ N
   LTC6930-8.19: 8.192000MHz ÷ N
   Where N = 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128
   (N Determined by State of DIVA, DIVB, DIVC Pins)
■ –40°C to 125°C Operating Temperature Range
■ Tiny 2mm × 3mm DFN or MS8 Package

■ Digitally Controlled Oscillator
■ Microprocessor Clock
■ Power Supply Clock
■ Portable and Battery Operated Devices

Description : PCB connectors 2.54 mm Single row / double row Solder tail

Series 890 / 892 square pin headers are cost efficient thanks to selective gold plating on pins made of copper alloy They come with various pin lengths to suit many different applications.
When used with series 999 female jumpers, these connectors may serve as a practical, simple means for coding purposes
For corresponding recept acles see pages 22 to 29


Description : 3M™ Textool™ Receptacles for DIP Sockets

3M™ Textool™ Receptacles for DIP Sockets

• Matching receptacle for every ZIP DIP Socket, including “Universal DIP” and “Shrink DIP”
• Mounting flanges hold receptacle to board
• Pre-tapped holes in receptacle body mate with screw-hole in socket to hold socket frmly to receptacle (2 screws provided with each receptacle)
• Available in wire-wrap and solder-tail options, with and without mounting flanges

Description : SMD Quartz Crystal

4 Pad Version · 12.9 x 4.73 mm

■ reflow soldering temperature: 260 °C max.
■ package height 5.0 mm



[Amphenol Connex]


Description : E cores and accessories

E cores and accessories

Description : C-Band DWDM DFB Laser Component

C-Band DWDM DFB Laser Component

The 1754C laser component is a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) laser for analog CATV applications. It features a distributed-feedback (DFB) device that has been designed specifically for radio frequency (RF) and CATV applications. The 1754C laser component has a wide temperature range for reliable performance in harsh node environments and narrow transmitter designs. It also features low adiabatic chirp to maximize signal quality in short and long lengths of fiber. The laser’s excellent inherent linearity minimizes degradation of the broadcast signals caused by quadrature amplitude modulated (QAM) channels.
The 1754C is available in all C-band ITU grid wavelengths.

■ Standard ITU Grid Wavelengths
■ Advanced Analog Chip Design
■ Reduced Equipment Requirements in the Hub
■ OC-48 Pin Out
■ Telcordia Technologies™ 468 Compliant
■ Wide Temperature Range – Stable Even in Harsh Environments
■ RoHS Compliant

■ CATV Broadcast Networks
■ Networks with Limited Fiber
■ Archtectures Using Separate Optical Wavelengths to Carry Targeted Services

Description : 0.5mm and 1mm Pitch Connectors For FPC/FFC

1. Ease of Use and Space Savings
Only one finger or 6.9N (Newtons) of force is required to lock Hirose’s rotational actuator (flip-lock) as compared to using 2 fingers and 39.2N to close a FFC/FPC connector from our competition. The Flip-Lock design also allows customers to place 2 or more connectors side by side as there is no need to waste additional board space for a side latch.
2. Strengthened Flip-lock Actuator
The standard Flip-Lock requires only 2.0mm height above the board. A strengthened lock lever is available which only requires an additional 0.4mm.
3. Supports Thin FPC (0.18mm)
Hirose does not require double-sided FPC to have any additional strengthening plate or stiffener and can
therefore support a thickness of as little as 0.18mm +/- 0.05.
4. Hirose Ensures Reliability
Hirose’s patented half tuning fork contacts maintain the required normal force without relying on the connector housing. With our competitor’s conventional products the housing walls support the contact force,
which does not provide for long-term reliability.
5. Prevention of Solder Bridge
Excess solder cavity absorbs excessive solder and avoids solder bridging.
6. Three different assembly types
FH12 is offered in Top & Bottom Contact and Vertical Mount and offered in both a 0.5mm contact pitch as well as a 1.0mm contact pitch (bottom contact only).

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