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Part Name(s) : C2741-03 Hamamatsu

The C2741-03 is a high-performance video camera with various functions that have been developed for image processing and measurement purposes. The camera has sensitivity to 1800 nm from a visible wavelength region. Compared with conventional surveillance cameras, this camera excels in resolution, image distortion, stability, etc.

● Sensitivity to 1800 nm from visible wavelength region
● Image processing and measurement
● Contrast enhancement function

Part Name(s) : HI3516 ETC1
Description : Hi3516 IPC Solution with Dual Sensors

Hi3516 Full-HD IP Camera SoC

As the surveillance mode switched from the analog CCTV to DVR, networking, high definition, and intelligence gradually became essential features required in the development trend. The requirements on the high-performance (HP) IP camera are also defined. The Hi3516 is a professional high-end SoC based on the HP IP camera application. ( )

Part Name(s) : C4880-80 C4880-80-12A C4880-80-14A C4880-80-22A C4880-80-24A Hamamatsu
Description : Fast Scan Multi Format Cooled CCD Camera

Fast Scan Multi Format Cooled CCD  Camera

These low noise/high frame rate camera systems maintain the superb noise characteristic of the conventional cooled CCD camera, while at the same time adding high speed.

● Progressive scan interline CCD used with no mechanical shutter
● Two scan modes as well as sub-array and binning functions available
● Maximum frame rate of up to approximately 500 frames/sec
● Fast scan readout with low noise
● Full computer control

● Faint light observation under a microscope
● Continuous imaging of high-speed moving objects
● Kinetic changes in light intensity

Part Name(s) : C4880-91 C4880-92 Hamamatsu
Description : Digital CCD Camera(Manufactured to order)

Digital CCD Camera

This camera system has an image intensifier ( 18 mm dia.) coupled through a fiber optics to Hamamatsu’s CCD S5466. This provides ultra-high sensitivity.
Under a low light level region that requires a long time exposure time, this camera can acquire equivalent S/N images within a shorter period of time. Furthermore, the ultra high speed gating function (shortest gate time: 5 ns) and gate repetition function (maximum rate: 10 kHz) have been implemented. Acquisition of images in synchronization with repetitive phenomenon enables image accumulation by the CCD. This provides images with a
higher S/N ratio compared to accumulation using memory.

•Ultra fast gate time 5 ns
•Ultra high sensitivity
•Wide dynamic range
•On-chip integration

•Analysis of engine combustion
•Analysis of flames
•Ozone layer measurements
•All-sky camera
•Repetitive phenomenon in extremely faint light regions

Part Name(s) : AD5801 ADI
Description : Piezo-Electric Actuator Controller

The AD5801 is a high efficiency ultrasonic motor controller with two Class D-type output drivers. These Class D-type drivers can be used independently or configured as an H-bridge driver, and have full pattern programmability. There are also six integrated drivers which can be operated independently and have programmable output patterns. The AD5801 also has integrated drivers which are programmable from 130mA to 200mA, and may be used for a combination of Shutter and NDF/IRIS control.
The operation modes of the drivers are invoked by the AD5801 using an I2C compatible interface.

Two Efficient Class D-type Amplifiers
Six Integrated Pattern Drivers
Programmable Output Drive Patterns
12-bit ADC Voltage or Current Sensing for Position Feedback
Programmable Shutter Control
On board temperature sensing
Optional Off-board Temperature Sensing
32-lead 5mm X 5mm LFCSP Package

Camera Phones
Piezoelectric Positioning
Piezo Actuators
Lens Auto focus
Lens Zoom
NDF Neutral density Filter
Camera Phone
Camera Enabled PDA
Camera/Image Modules
Digital Still Camera DSC
Web Cameras
Security Cameras
Digital Camcorders

Part Name(s) : MM5321 National-Semiconductor
Description : MM5321 TV Camera Sync Generator

The MM5321 TV camera sync generator is a MOS, P-channel enhancement mode.

Acquired by Texas Instruments on September 23rd, 2011.

Part Name(s) : ZC0302 ETC
Description : VGA USB PC Camera Processor
Part Name(s) : HI3516D ETC
Description : Professional HD IP Camera SoC
Part Name(s) : VC0342 VC0342PLNB VC0342PLVCE VC0342TLNB Unspecified
Description : USB 2.0 Camera Processor

VC0342 is Vimicro’s new low cost PC Camera Processor with small footprint design, targeted for attachable PC camera and notebook embedded camera markets for high-end system configuration. With a programmable sensor master clock output, VC0342 can support any common CMOS image sensors, ranging from VGA to 2.0 Mega pixel resolutions.

Being fully compliant with the increased bandwidth of USB 2.0 High-Speed (HS) protocol, VC0342 can produce uncompressed high quality video stream at 30fps for VGA and is capable of capture still images at up to 2.0 Mega pixels resolution. By integrating a 1 channel audio ADC, VC0342 can provide users with high quality audio sampling functions. VC0342 is also fully compliant with the USB Video Class (UVC) 1.0 standard, the USB Audio Class 1.0 standard, and the Microsoft UAA standard.


Part Name(s) : C6086 C6086-03 C6086-04 C6086-13 C6086-14 C6086-23 C6086-24 C6086-53 C6086-54 Hamamatsu
Description : X-Ray CCD Camera

The C6086 series is a compact, lightweight, high resolution X-ray CCD camera. It consists of an X-ray sensitive scintillator (P43) coated on a tapered fiberoptic bundle direct coupled to a CCD camera. The C6086-90 camera controller incorporates a 10-bit A/D converter for precise image acquisition and is also capable of a number of realtime image processing functions such as averaging, background subtraction and edge enhancement.

• High Spatial Resolution
25 µm (C6086-03, 04)
43 µm (C6086-13, 14)
62 µm (C6086-23, 24)
30 µm (C6086-53, 54)
•Effective X-ray tube voltage range 10 to 100 kVp
•Contrast Enhancement
•10-bit A/D converter
•Real Time Image Processing


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