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Part Name(s) : TEA2026 TEA2026C
Micro Electronics
Micro Electronics
Description : TEA2026C / Dip 28 Pin

Description : TaNFilm® High Temperature Dip and SIP Networks

TaNFilm® High Temperature Dip and SIP Networks

The IRC 1900HT and 4700HT Series is the ultimate combination of precision performance, reliability, and long term stability in a low profile, TaNFilm® Dip and SIP Packages. The rugged welded lead construction combined with the inherent passivation characteristics of tantalum nitride film insure superior continuous performance in high temperature applications over the installed life of the part.

1900HT / 4700HT SERIES
• Inherent reliability
• Custom configurations available
• Bonded leads not susceptible to solder reflow problems
• Absolute tolerence to ±0.1% - ratio accuracy to ±0.05%
• Absolute TCR to ±25 ppm/°C - ratio tracking to ±5ppm/°C

Description : CMOS 8- and 16-Channel Anglog Multiplexers

The AD7506 is a monolithic CMOS 16-channel analog multiplexer Packaged in a 28-Pin Dip or a 28-terminal surface mount Package.


The P4C164 is a 65,536-bit ultra high-speed static RAM organized as 8K x 8. The CMOS memory requires no clocks or refreshing and has equal access and cycle times. Inputs are fully TTL-compatible. The RAM operates from a single 5V±10% tolerance power supply. With battery backup, data integrity is maintained with supply voltages down to 2.0V. Current drain is typically 10 µA from a 2.0V supply.
Access times as fast as 8 nanoseconds are available, permitting greatly enhanced system operating speeds. The P4C164 is available in 28-Pin 300 mil Dip and SOJ, 28-Pin 600 mil plastic and ceramic Dip, 28-Pin 350 x 550 mil LCC, 32-Pin 450 x 550 mil LCC, and 28-Pin CERPACK. The 70ns and 100ns P4C164s are available in the 600 mil plastic Dip.

■ Full CMOS, 6T Cell
■ High Speed (Equal Access and Cycle Times)
   – 8/10/12/15/20/25/35/70/100 ns (Commercial)
   – 10/12/15/20/25/35/70/100 ns(Industrial)
   – 12/15/20/25/35/45/70/100 ns (Military)
■ Low Power Operation
■ Output Enable and Dual Chip Enable Control Functions
■ Single 5V±10% Power Supply
■ Data Retention with 2.0V Supply, 10 µA Typical Current (P4C164L Military)
■ Common Data I/O
■ Fully TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs
■ Standard Pinout (JEDEC Approved)
   – 28-Pin 300 mil Plastic Dip, SOJ
   – 28-Pin 600 mil Plastic Dip (70 & 100ns)
   – 28-Pin 300 mil SOP (70 & 100ns)
   – 28-Pin 300 mil Ceramic Dip
   – 28-Pin 600 mil Ceramic Dip
   – 28-Pin 350 x 550 mil LCC
   – 32-Pin 450 x 550 mil LCC
   – 28-Pin CERPACK

Part Name(s) : 8895CSNG7DN5
Description : 8895CSNG7DN5 / Toshiba / 64 Pin Dip Package

Infineon Technologies
Infineon Technologies
Description : Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller

Product Highlight
• Active burst mode for low standby power
• Digital frequency reduction for better overall system efficiency
• Integrated power cell for IC self-power supply

ICE2QS03 is a quasi-resonant PWM controller optimized for off-line switch power supply applications such as LCD TV, CRT TV and notebook adapter. The digital frequency reduction with decreasing load enables a quasi-resonant operation till very low load. As a result, the overall system efficiency is significantly improved compared to other conventional solutions. The active burst mode operation enables an ultra-low power consumption at standby mode with small and controllable output voltage ripple. Based on the BiCMOS technology, the product has a wide operation range (up to 26V) of IC power supply and lower power consumption. The numerous protection functions give a full protection of the power supply system in failure situations. All of these make the ICE2QS03 an outstanding controller for quasi-resonant flyback converter in the market.

• Quasiresonant operation till very low load
• Active burst mode operation at light/no load for low standby input power (< 100mW)
• Digital frequency reduction with decreasing load
• Power cell for VCC pre-charging with constant current
• Built-in digital soft-start
• Foldback correction and cycle-by-cycle peak current limitation
• Auto restart mode for VCC Overvoltage protection
• Auto restart mode for VCC Undervoltage protection
• Auto restart mode for openloop/overload protection
• Latch-off mode for adjustable output overvoltage protection
• Latch-off mode for Short-winding protection

Description : CMOS STATIC RAM 256K (32K x 8-BIT)

The IDT71256SA is a 262,144-bit medium-speed Static RAM organized as 32K x 8. It is fabricated using IDT’s highperfomance, high-reliability CMOS technology. This state-ofthe-art technology, combined with innovative circuit design techniques, provides a cost-effective solution for your memory needs.

• 32K x 8 CMOS static RAM
• Equal access and cycle times
    -- Commercial: 70ns
• One Chip Select plus one Output Enable Pin
• Bidirectional data inputs and outputs directly TTL-compatible
• Low power consumption via chip deselect
• Available in 28-Pin 30 mil Plastic SOJ, 28-Pin 300 mil Plastic Dip, 28-Pin 300 mil TSOP Type I, and 28-Pin 600 mil Plastic Dip.

Part Name(s) : AT-273-PIN AT-273-PIN
M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.
M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.
Description : Digital Attenuator 32.0 dB, 2-Bit, TTL Driver, DC-2.0 GHz

M/A-COMs AT-273-Pin is a GaAs FET digital attenuator with a 16.0 dB minimum step size and a 32 dB total attenuation range. This attenuator and integral TTL driver is in a hermetically sealed ceramic 16-lead surface mount Package. The AT-273-Pin is ideally suited for use where accuracy, fast switching, very low power consumption and low intermodulation products are required. Typical applications include dynamic range setting in precision receiver circuits and other gain/leveling control circuits. Environmental screening is available. Contact the factory for information.

• Attenuation: 16.0 dB Steps to 32 dB
• Low DC Power Consumption
• Hermetic Surface Mount Package
• Integral TTL Driver
• 50 ohm Impedance
• Temperature Stability: ±0.18 dB from -55°C to +85°C Typ.
• Tape and Reel Packaging Available
• Lead-Free CR-11 Package
• 260°C Reflow Compatible
• RoHS* Compliant

M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.
M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.
Description : GaAs SPDT Switch DC - 4 GHz

M/A-COM’s SW-226/227/228-Pin are GaAs MMIC SPDT switches Packaged in lead-free, surface mount CR-2 ceramic style Packages. The SW-226- Pin is a terminated SPDT. The SW-227-Pin offers high isolation. The SW-228-Pin offers low insertion loss. This ceramic switch platform has a common footprint for all three designs. The CR-2 Package is hermetically sealed, making these switches ideal for space, military radios, and other environmentally harsh applications.

• Terminated (SW-226-Pin), High Isolation (SW-227-Pin), Low Loss (SW-228-Pin)
• Fast Switching Speed: 6 nS Typical
• Ultra Low DC Power Consumption
• Lead-Free 7-Lead Ceramic Package
• RoHS* Compliant and 260°C Reflow Compatible

Description : HIGH SPEED 32K x 8 STATIC CMOS RAM


The P4C1256 is a 262,144-bit high-speed CMOS static RAM organized as 32Kx8. The CMOS memory requires no clocks or refreshing, and has equal access and cycle times. Inputs are fully TTL-compatible. The RAM operates from a single 5V±10% tolerance power supply.

■ High Speed (Equal Access and Cycle Times)
    — 12/15/20/25/35 ns (Commercial)
    — 15/20/25/35/45 ns (Industrial)
    — 20/25/35/45/55/70 ns (Military)
■ Low Power
■ Single 5V±10% Power Supply
■ Easy Memory Expansion Using CE and OE Inputs
■ Common Data I/O
■ Three-State Outputs
■ Fully TTL Compatible Inputs and Outputs
■ Advanced CMOS Technology
■ Fast tOE
■ Automatic Power Down
    —28-Pin 300 mil Dip, SOJ, TSOP
    —28-Pin 300 mil Ceramic Dip
    —28-Pin 600 mil Ceramic Dip
    —28-Pin CERPACK
    —28-Pin SOP
    —28-Pin LCC (350 mil x 550 mil)
    —32-Pin LCC (450 mil x 550 mil)

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