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Part Name(s) : CS-5156H CS-5156HD16 CS-5156HDR16 Cherry-Semiconductor
Cherry semiconductor
Description : CPU 5-Bit Nonsynchronous Buck Controller View

The CS-5156H is a 5-bit nonsynchronous N-Channel buck controller. It is designed to provide unprecedented transient response for today’s demanding high-density, high-speed logic. The regulator operates using a proprietary control method, which allows a 100ns response time to load transients. The CS-5156H is designed to operate over a 4.25-20V range (VCC) using 12V to power the IC and 5V or 12V as the main supply for conversion.

■ N-Channel Design
■ Excess of 1MHz Operation
■ 100ns Transient Response
■ 5-Bit DAC
■ Backward Compatible with 4-Bit CS-5150H/5151H and Adjustable CS-5120/5121
■ 30ns Gate Rise/Fall Times
■ 1% DAC Accuracy
■ 5V & 12V Operation
■ Remote Sense
■ Programmable Soft Start
■ Lossless Short Circuit Protection
■ VCC Monitor
■ Adaptive Voltage Positioning
■ V2™ Control Topology
■ Overvoltage Protection

Part Name(s) : CS-52845 CS-52845D14 CS-52845D8 CS52845 CS52845D8 CS52845D14 CS52845 CS52845ED8 CS52845EDR8 CS52845ED14 CS52845EDR14 Cherry-Semiconductor
Cherry semiconductor
Description : CURRENT Mode PWM Control Circuit with 50% Max Duty Cycle View

The CS-52845 provides all the necessary features to implement off-line fixed frequency CURRENT-mode control with a minimum number of external components.

■ Optimized for Off-line Control
■ Temperature Compensated Oscillator
■ 50% Maximum Duty-cycle Clamp
■ VREF Stabilized before Output Stage is Enabled
■ Low Start-up CURRENT
■ Pulse-by-pulse CURRENT Limiting
■ Improved Undervoltage Lockout
■ Double Pulse Suppression
■ 1% Trimmed Bandgap Reference
■ High CURRENT Totem Pole Output

Part Name(s) : CS-322 CS-322E CS-322G CS-322H CS-322Y CS-323 CS-323E CS-323G CS-323H CS-323Y CS322 CS322E CS322G CS322H CS322Y CS323 CS323E CS323G CS323H CS323Y ETC1
Description : (CS323) 3" Dual Digit Display View
Part Name(s) : CS-050 CS-100 CS-200 PREMO
Description : SMD CURRENT Transformer Up to 15A View

Part Name(s) : CS-18C-03 CS-13C-01 CS-16C CS-16D-01 Citizen-Electronics
Description : Dynamic speakers CS Series View

1. Suitable for reproduction of electronic sound
2. Thin and compact construction
3. A wide reproduction frequency range
4. High quality sound and high sound pressure level are obtainable.
5. A special coil wire is used whereby there is least chance of wire breakage due to fatigue.

    Mobile telephones, cordless telephones, electronic music boxes, clocks, computer peripherals etc.

Part Name(s) : LA5606N SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : BS/CS Tuner Regulator with On/Off Function View

The LA5606N is a low saturation regulator IC for BS/CS tuner applications, equipped with four regulators capable of ON/OFF control.

• BS/CS tuner power supply system.
• Audio Video (AV) equipment with BS/CS receivers.
• Compact electronic equipment.

• Four low saturation regulators (15.7 V/300 mA, 12 V/150 mA, 9 V/100 mA and 5 V/500 mA).
• Output on/off control (“L” active).
• On-CHIP protective circuitry (CURRENT limiter, thermal shutdown).

• Supports compact set design while incorporating four regulators needed by BS/CS tuners.
• Flexible system design by independent on/off control of VO1, VO4, as well as VO2 and VO3 pair.
• Reduces internal loss by employment of low saturation regulators.
• Adapting three input pins contributes power dissipation reduction and heat sink design.

Part Name(s) : RG1608P-1403-B-T5 ETC
Description : Thin Film CHIP RESISTORS View



Part Name(s) : MWS11-PHXX-CS MWS11-PH41-CS MWS11-PH43-CS Microsemi
Microsemi Corporation
Description : W-CMDA Power Amplifier View

The MWS W-CDMA is a highefficiency linear amplifier targeting 3V mobile handheld systems. The device is manufactured in an advanced InGaP/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) RF IC fab process. It is designed for use as a final RF amplifier in 3V W-CDMA and CDMA2000, spread spectrum systems, and other linear applications in the 1800MHz to 2000MHz band.
There are two 16-pin package versions for this Power Amplifier. One is a 3mm x 3mm CHIP scale package (CSP) with external input/output match and the other is an internally I/O matched module.

■ Single 3V Supply
■ 27dBm Linear Output Power
■ 28dB Linear Gain
■ 40% Linear Efficiency
■ 70mA Idle CURRENT

■ 3V 1920-1980 W-CDMA Handsets
■ 3V 1850-1910 CMDA2000 Handsets
■ Spread Spectrum Systems
■ Other Linear Wireless Applications

Part Name(s) : BP2857D ETC
Description : Non-isolated step-down LED constant CURRENT driver CHIP View

BP2857D is a high-precision step-down LED constant CURRENT driver CHIP.
The CHIP operates in the inductor CURRENT critical continuous mode, suitable for use 85Vac ~ 265Vac full range of input voltage non-isolated step-down type LED constant CURRENT power supply.
BP2857D CHIP integrated 500V power switch, the use of patents The floats are driven by the architecture and the CURRENT sensing mode, the CHIP is working on electricity Very low flow, no auxiliary winding detection and power supply, only need very little Of the external components, you can achieve excellent constant CURRENT characteristiCS, great Saving system cost and volume.
BP2857D CHIP with a high precision CURRENT sampling circuit, at the same time Using a patented constant CURRENT control technology to achieve high-precision LED Constant CURRENT output and excellent line voltage regulation. The CHIP is working on electricity Sense CURRENT critical mode, the output CURRENT does not follow the inductance and LED work Change the voltage changes, to achieve excellent load regulation.
The BP2857D has multiple protection features, including LED open / short circuit Protection, CS resistance short circuit protection, undervoltage protection, CHIP temperature too Heat regulation and so on.
The BP2857D is available in DIP-7 packages.

■ Inductance CURRENT critical continuous mode
■ Internal integrated 500V power tube
■ No auxiliary winding detection and power supply required
CHIP ultra low operating CURRENT
■ Wide input voltage
■ ± 5% LED output CURRENT accuracy
■ LED open circuit protection
■ LED short circuit protection
CS resistance short circuit protection
CHIP power supply undervoltage protection
■ Overheat adjustment function
■ In DIP-7 package

■ LED fluorescent lamp
■ LED ceiling light
■ LED bulb light
■ other LED lighting


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