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Part Name(s) : BQ28550 BQ28550DRZR BQ28550DRZR-R1 BQ28550DRZT BQ28550DRZT-R1 TI
Description : Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Gas Gauge and Protection

The Texas Instruments bq28550-R1 battery gas gauge provides current and voltage protection, and secure, SHA-1/HMAC authentication for single-cell Li-Ion battery packs. Designed for battery-pack integration, the bq28550-R1 requires host microcontroller firmware support for implementation. A system processor communicates with the bq28550-R1 using a serial interface to obtain remaining battery capacity, system run-time predictions, and other critical battery information.

Part Name(s) : MAX6439 MAX6439UT MaximIC
Description : Low-Power, Single-/Dual-Level Battery Monitors with Hysteresis and Integrated uP Reset / Low Current (2.5uA typ at 3.6V)

The MAX6439–MAX6442 are a family of ultra-low-power battery monitors with integrated microprocessor (µP) supervisors. The battery monitors are offered with single or dual low-battery output options that can be used to signal when the battery is OK (enabling full system
operation), when the battery is low (for low-power system operation), and when the battery is dead (to disable system operation). These devices also have an independent µP supervisor that monitors VCCand provides an active-low reset output. A manual reset function is available to reset the µP with a push-button. No external components are required.

Part Name(s) : MC33349N MC33349N-3R1 MC33349N-4R1 MC33349N-7R1 ON-Semiconductor
Description : Lithium Battery Protection Circuit for One Cell Battery Packs

The MC33349 is a monolithic lithium battery protection circuit that is designed to enhance the useful operating life of a one cell rechargeable battery pack.

Cell protection features consist of internally trimmed charge and discharge voltage limits, discharge current limit detection, and a low current standby mode when the cell is discharged.

This protection circuit requires a minimum number of external components and is targeted for inclusion within the battery pack.

Part Name(s) : BQ24735 BQ24735RGRR BQ24735RGRT TI
Description : 1-4 Cell Li+ Battery SMBus Charge Controller for Supporting Turbo Boost Mode with N-Channel Power MOSFET Selector

The bq24735 is a high-efficiency, synchronous battery charger, offering low component count for space-constraint, multi-chemistry battery charging applications.


Part Name(s) : DS1336 DS1336N DS1336S DS1336SN Dallas
Description : Afterburner Chip

The DS1336 Afterburner Chip is designed to provide power switching between a primary power supply(VCC) and a backup battery power supply (VBAT). Five VCC and two battery paths are provided which can be used individually or in parallel to supply uninterrupted power in applications such as SRAM networks.

Provides power switching of up to 1.5 amps at voltages between 3.0 and 5.0 volts
Five separate power switches
Selectable battery switches for use with
battery-backed systems
Very low on impedance of 0.7O
Battery backup current of 4 mA
Diode-isolated battery path
Available in 16-pin DIP or 16-pin SOIC surface
mount package
Low voltage drop battery path
Connects directly to a variety of Dallas Semiconductor devices, adding increased switching capability for large battery backup current applications

Part Name(s) : ISL88731A ISL88731AHRZ ISL88731AHRZ-T Intersil
Description : SMBus Level 2 Battery Charger

The ISL88731A is a highly integrated Lithium-ion battery charger controller, programmable over the SMBus system management bus (SMBus). The ISL88731A is intended to be used in a smart battery charger (SBC) within a smart battery system (SBS) that throttles the charge power such that the current from the AC-adapter is automatically limited.

Part Name(s) : AD-155A AD-155B AD-155C ETC
Description : 155W Single Output with Battery Charger(UPS Function)

* Universal AC input / Full range
* Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage
* Battery low and battery polarity protection
* Cooling by free air convection
* 100% full load burn-in test
* Fixed switching frequency at PFC 67KHz, PWM 134KHz
* 2 years warranty

Part Name(s) : BQ27425 BQ27425-G1 BQ27425YZFR BQ27425YZFR-G1 BQ27425YZFT BQ27425YZFT-G1 TI
Description : System-Side Impedance Track Fuel Gauge With Direct Battery Connection | Gas Gauge Battery
The Texas Instruments bq27425 system-side LiCoO2 battery fuel gauge is an easy to configure microcontroller peripheral that provides fuel gauging for single-cell LiCoO2 battery packs.

The device requires minimal user configurations and system microcontroller firmware development for accurate fuel gauging.

Battery Fuel Gauge for 1-Series LiCoO2 battery Applications

• Easy to Configure Battery Fuel Gauging Based on Patented Impedance Track™ Technology
– Models Battery Discharge Curve for Accurate State-of-Charge Report
– Automatically Adjusts for Battery Aging, Battery Self-Discharge, and
Temperature/Rate Inefficiencies
– Low-Value Integrated Sense Resistor(10 mΩ typical)

• Resides on System Main Board
– Works with Embedded or Removable Battery Packs
– Integrated LDO allows devices to be powered directly from battery pack

• Microcontroller Peripheral Provides:
– Accurate Battery Fuel Gauging
– Internal Temperature Sensor for Battery Temperature Reporting
– Configurable Level of State-of-Charge (SOC) Interrupts

• I2C for Connection to System Microcontroller Port

• Small 15-pin 2,69 × 1,75 mm, 0.5 mm pitch CSP package

• • • Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge Products
Part Name(s) : M4T28BR12SH1 M4T28BR12SH6 M4T32-BR12SH1 M4T32-BR12SH6 M4T32BR12SH1 M4T32BR12SH6 ST-Microelectronics
Description : Battery Management Snaphat Batt & Cryst
Provides battery backup power for serial realtime lock, non-volatile TIMEKEEPER and supervisor devices in the 28- or 44-pin SNAPHAT SOIC package
Removable battery avoids heat associated with surface-mount process
Snaps directly onto surface-mounted SNAPHAT SOIC
Choice of battery capacities
– M4T28-BR12SH = 48 mAh
– M4T32-BR12SH = 120 mAh
Keyed insertion to ensure proper assembly
Removable for replacement and proper disposal
Part Name(s) : BQ24702PW BQ24702PWG4 BQ24702PWR BQ24702PWRG4 BQ24703 BQ24703PW BQ24703PWG4 BQ24703PWR BQ24703PWRG4 BQ24703RHDR BQ24703RHDRG4 TI

The bq24702/bq24703 is a highly integrated battery charge controller and selector tailored for notebook and sub-notebook PC applications. The bq24702/bq24703 uses dynamic power management (DPM) to minimize battery charge time by maximizing use of available wall-adapter power. This is achieved by dynamically adjusting the battery charge current based on the total system (adapter) current.

Dynamic Power Management, DPM Minimizes Battery Charge Time
Integrated Selector Supports Battery Conditioning and Smart Battery Learn Cycle
Zero Volt Operation
Selector Feedback Circuit Ensures Break-Before-Make Transition
±0.4% Charge Voltage Accuracy, Suitable for Charging Li-Ion Cells
±4% Charge Current Accuracy
300-kHz Integrated PWM Controller for High-Efficiency Buck Regulation
Depleted Battery Detection and Indication to Protect Battery From Over Discharge
20-µA Sleep Mode Current for Low Battery Drain
24-Pin TSSOP Package and 5 mm ×5 mm QFN package (bq24703 only)


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