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Part Name(s) : DV41464 DV41464P-10 ETC
Description : DV41464P-10 / DV41464 / DIP 18PIN View
Part Name(s) : PS21661-FR PS21661-RZ PS21562-P PS21563-P PS21564-P PS21864-P PS21865-P PS21867-P PS21869-P PS21562-SP PS21563-SP PS21564-SP PS21065 PS21067 PS21069 PS21661-RZ/-FR Mitsumi
Description : Generation DIP and Mini-DIP-IPM View

• Employing 5th generation planar IGBT chips with 0.6µm design rule
    or CSTBT™ technology with superior loss performance
• Ultra compact dual or single-in-line transfer mold package
    (compatible with 2nd generation)
• Including driver and protection circuitry (UV, SC)
DIP-IPM with reduction of thermal resistance by 20%
• 2500Vrms isolation voltage
• High-active interface logic for direct connection to a 3V or 5V MCU
• Highest reliability and optimised EMI performance
• Available from 3A to 50A / 600V for motor ratings from 0.1kW to 3.7kW
• Optional with open emitter topology for vector control
• All Mitsubishi DIP and Mini-DIP-IPMs have lead-free terminals
• From January 2006 onwards, all DIP and Mini-DIP-IPMs will
    be supplied with completely lead-free technology

Part Name(s) : PS21244-EP P21244-EP PS21245-EP PS21246-EP PS21254-EP PS21255-EP PS20341-GP PS20341-NP PS20351-GP PS20351-NP PS21342-GP PS21342-NP PS21343-GP PS21343-NP PS21351-NP PS21352-GP PS21352-NP PS21353-GP PS21353-NP Mitsubishi
Description : 2nd Generation DIP and Mini-DIP-IPM View

• Ultra Compact Transfer Mold Package
• Including Drive and Protection ICs (low and high voltage drive ICs)
• Low and High Speed Types
• All Mitsubishi DIP and Mini-DIP-IPMs have lead-free terminals
• From January 2006 onwards, all DIP and Mini-DIP-IPMs will be supplied with completely lead-free technology

Part Name(s) : ST62E0X-DIP ST62E0X-GP ST62E0X-GP/DIP ST62E0X-GP/SO ST62E0X-SO ST62E10-DIP ST62E10-GP ST62E10-GP/DIP ST62E10-GP/SO ST62E10-SO ST62E15-DIP ST62E15-GP ST62E15-GP/DIP ST62E15-GP/SO ST62E15-SO ST62E40-GP ST62E40-GP/QFP ST62E40-QFP ST62E40C ST62E42-GP ST62E42-GP/QFP ST62E42-QFP ST62E60-DIP ST62E60-GP ST62E60-GP/DIP ST-Microelectronics

The ST62 gang programmers are designed for programming up to 10 EPROM or OTP devices. It can run either in standalone or remote mode under control of a Windows compatible PC.
In standalone mode, the target ST62 MCUs are programmed with a simple key operation directly from a master EPROM memory or from a master EPROM MCU. Two color LEDs indicate for each target device the operational pass or fail. Both VERIFY and BLANK CHECK functions are pro vided.
In Remote mode, the gang programmer is connected to a PC through an RS232 serial channel. Object code in either S19 or INTEL HEX format is read from disk files to program the target devices.
The Windows software also offers VERIFY, BLANK CHECK, READ master and other utility functions. The software allows various user friend ly facilities, such as re-instating the same pro gramming session, user selectable programming steps.
The gang programmer is made up of a two parts, a base unit common to all ST62XX devices and a dedicated package adaptator.

■ Programs simultaneously up to 10 ST62Exx EPROM and OTP MCUs
■ Standalone and PC driven modes
DIP and SO packages supported

■ Windows based software
■ S19 or INTEL hex file format

Part Name(s) : 1900HT 4700HT DIP-1987HT-01-1001BA DIP-1987HT-01-1001BB DIP-1987HT-01-1001BC DIP-1987HT-01-1001BD DIP-1987HT-01-1001BF DIP-1987HT-01-1001CA DIP-1987HT-01-1001CB DIP-1987HT-01-1001CC DIP-1987HT-01-1001CD DIP-1987HT-01-1001CF DIP-1987HT-01-1001DA DIP-1987HT-01-1001DB DIP-1987HT-01-1001DC DIP-1987HT-01-1001DD DIP-1987HT-01-1001DF DIP-1987HT-01-1001FA DIP-1987HT-01-1001FB DIP-1987HT-01-1001FC DIP-1987HT-01-1001FD DIP-1987HT-01-1001FF DIP-1987HT-01-1001GA DIP-1987HT-01-1001GB DIP-1987HT-01-1001GC IRCTT
IRC - a TT electronics Company.
Description : TaNFilm High Temperature DIP and SIP Networks View

The IRC 1900HT and 4700HT Series is the ultimate combination of precision performance, reliability, and long term stability in a low profile, TaNFilm® DIP and SIP packages. The rugged welded lead construction combined with the inherent passivation characteristics of tantalum nitride film insure superior continuous performance in high temperature applications over the installed life of the part.

· Inherent reliability
· Custom configurations available
· Bonded leads not susceptible to solder reflow problems
· Absolute tolerence to ±0.1% - ratio accuracy to ±0.05%
· Absolute TCR to ±25 ppm/°C - ratio tracking to ±5ppm/°C

Part Name(s) : KSD05H OTAX
OTAX Corporation
Description : DIP Switch View

DIP Switch

Part Name(s) : BSI-10 DBLECTRO
DB Lectro Inc
Description : DIP SWITCH View


Part Name(s) : BSI-10H DBLECTRO
DB Lectro Inc
Description : DIP SWITCH View


Part Name(s) : DIP12-1A72-12D MEDER
Meder Electronic
Description : DIP Reed Relay View

DIP Reed Relay


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