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Part Name(s) : 7004-01-BB-A1-R1 7004-01-BB-A2-R1 7004-01-BB-P1-R1 7004-01-BB-P2-R1 7004-01-BB-V1-R1 7004-01-BB-V2-R1 7004-01-BF-A1-R1 7004-01-BF-A2-R1 7004-01-BF-P1-R1 7004-01-BF-P2-R1 7004-01-BF-V1-R1 7004-01-BF-V2-R1 7004-01-BH-A1-R1 7004-01-BH-A2-R1 7004-01-BH-P1-R1 7004-01-BH-P2-R1 7004-01-BH-V1-R1 7004-01-BH-V2-R1 7004-01-BI-A1-R1 7004-01-BI-A2-R1 7004-01-BI-P1-R1 7004-01-BI-P2-R1 7004-01-BI-V1-R1 7004-01-BI-V2-R1 7004-01-BO-A1-R1 Bourns
Bourns, Inc

Bourns® Model 7004 NID provides a secure and weather-resistant enclosure for Telco service for residential or commercial installations. The Model 7004 supplies station protection and test access points and can be configured for a maximum of four POTS lines or three lines with DSL. The Model 7004 features convenient cable knockouts and generous working space for wire management.

Expands to add POTS lines, DSL or both
Manufactured from high-impact resistant, ultraviolet desensitized, flame retardant, UL Recognized plastic
Optional sealed switching jacks with Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs)
Subscriber lockable with Telco override
Convenient ground attachment

Part Name(s) : IDT75K62413 IDT
Integrated Device Technology
Description : 9M NETWORK Search Engine (NSE) with Quad AMCC XSC INTERFACE

DEVICE Description
The NSE Quad XSC INTERFACE is intended to work with any AMCC NPU with an external search co-processor INTERFACE (XSC). It will operate with multiple NPUs such as the nP3400 and nP7250, or can be used to satisfy the four XSC requirements of the nP7510. The 75K62413 is compliant with the XSC specification and the DEVICE may be optionally expanded up to eight DEVICEs deep providing 2 million entries of 32-bit width.

◆ 128K x 72 (9M) Data and Mask cells
◆ Full Ternary Content Addressable Memory
◆ Advanced Database Management
    - Selectable Databases
    - Programmable Width per Database
    - Lookup widths from 32 to 512 bits
    - Only the selected Database is powered
◆ Maintenance Instructions
    - Aging
    - Multi Hit Invalidate
    - Learn per Database
◆ Support for Multiple Contexts
◆ Pool of Global Mask Registers
◆ Control and Management
    - 32-bit Host control port featuring glueless PPC INTERFACE
    - Capable of In-Band Control and Management
◆ Associated Data SRAM is supported through a glueless ZBT® INTERFACE
◆ Lowest Power per Application
◆ Synchronous Pipeline Operation
◆ Boundary Scan JTAG INTERFACE
◆ 1.2V Core Supply
◆ 3.3V I/O Supply for XSC I/O and ZBT® SRAM

Part Name(s) : IDT77914 IDT77915 IDT
Integrated Device Technology
Description : NICStAR™ Reference Design 155Mbps NETWORK INTERFACE Card (NIC)

The IDT77914 and IDT77915 are designed to provide stable reference platforms for evaluation, design, and production of a 155Mbps NIC. The IDT77914 provides a fiber media physical (PHY) INTERFACE; the 77915 supports Unshielded Twisted Pair, Category 5 (UTP-5) cabling. Otherwise identical, they both feature complete PCI-bus ATM NIC functionality, plugging directly into PCI bus expansion slots.

• Complete 155Mbps PCI-bus ATM NETWORK INTERFACE Card
• Supports 33MHz, 32-bit PCI bus
• 155Mbps Multimode fiber optical INTERFACE (77914)
• 155Mbps UTP-5 PHY INTERFACE (77915)
• Complete reference design including schematics, bill of materials, and data bases needed for production.
• Capable of supporting up to 16K receive connections
• Supports tens of thousands of transmit connections
• E2 PROM layout for Sub-vendor ID
• Small Form Factor: 2.5 x 6 inches
• "SARWIN" software evaluation program available for Windows 3.1™
• Third Party Software available:
    - Telogy NETWORKs
        Windows NT™ Drivers and other Windows Drivers
        21 Firstfield Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
        (301) 527-2788 (phone) (301) 417-0324 (FAX)
    - Harris & Jefferies
        Novel Netware™ Drivers
        888 Washington Street, Dedham,
        Massachusetts, 02026
        (617) 329-3200 (phone) (617) 329-4148 (FAX)
    - Advancenet Systems Inc.
        Windows NT™ and Windows 95™ Drivers
        406 Timbermill Rd., Durham, North Carolina 27713
        (919) 544-5601 (phone) (919) 544-4601 (FAX) or

Part Name(s) : YTD418 Yamaha
Yamaha Corporation
Description : IDNPHS User NETWORK INTERFACE for ISDN Basic Access


Part Name(s) : 75N43102 IDT
Integrated Device Technology
Description : NETWORK SEARCH ENGINE 32K x 72 Entries

DEVICE Description
IDT provides proven, industry-leading NETWORK search engines (NSEs) that enable and accelerate the intelligent processing of NETWORK services in communications equipment. As a part of the complete IDT classification subsystem that includes content inspection engines, the IDT family of NSEs delivers high-performance, feature-rich, easy-to-use, integrated search accelerators.

■ Full Ternary 32K x 72 bit content addressable memory
■ Global Mask Registers
■ 72/144/288 multiple width lookups
■ 62.5M sustained lookups per second at 72 and 144 width lookups
■ Dual bus INTERFACE
■ Cascadable to 2 DEVICEs with no glue logic or latency penalty
■ Boundary Scan JTAG INTERFACE (IEEE 1149.1compliant)
■ 1.5V match power supply
■ 2.5V core and I/O power supply

Part Name(s) : PEB20320 Infineon
Infineon Technologies
Description : Multichannel NETWORK INTERFACE Controller for HDLC

The Multichannel NETWORK INTERFACE Controller for HDLC (MUNICH32) is a Multichannel Protocol Controller, which handles up to 32 data channels of a full duplex PCM highway. It performs layer 2 HDLC formatting/deformatting or V.110 and X.30 protocols up to a NETWORK data rate of 38.4 Kbit/s as well as transparent transmission for the DMI mode 0, 1 and 2. The processed data is passed on to an external memory shared with one or more host processors.

MUNICH32 is compatible with the LAPD ISDN (Integrated Services Digital NETWORK) protocol specified by CCITT as well as with HDLC, SDLC, LAPB DMI protocols. It provides any rate adaption for time slot transmission data rate from 64 Kbit/s down to 8 Kbit/s and the concatenation of any time slots to data channels, supporting the ISDN H0, H11, H12 superchannels.

Part Name(s) : YTD418 ETC
Description : IDNPHS User NETWORK INTERFACE for ISDN Basic Access



Part Name(s) : DP83901 DP83901A DP83901AV DP83901V National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments
Description : Serial NETWORK INTERFACE Controller

General Description
The DP83901A Serial NETWORK INTERFACE Controller (SNIC) is a microCMOS VLSI DEVICE designed for easy implementation of CSMA/CD local area NETWORKs. These include Ether net (10BASE5), Thin Ethernet (10BASE2) and Twisted-pair Ethernet (10BASE-T). The overall SNIC solution provides the Media Access Control (MAC) and Encode-Decode (ENDEC) functions in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 standard.

Compatible with IEEE 802.3, 10BASE5, 10BASE2, 10BASE-T
Dual 16-byte DMA channels
16-byte internal FIFO
NETWORK statistics storage
Supports physical, multicast and broadcast address filtering
10 Mbit/sec Manchester encoding and decoding plus clock recovery
No external precision components required
Efficient buffer management implementation
Transmitter can be selected for half or full step mode
Integrated squelch on receive and collision pairs
3 levels of loopback supported
Utilizes independent system and NETWORK clocks
Lock Time 5 bits typical
Decodes Manchester data with up tog18 ns jitter

Part Name(s) : PM5350 PM5350-RC PMC-Sierra
Description : SATURN USER NETWORK INTERFACE 155.52 & 51.84 MBIT/S

• Single chip ATM User-NETWORK INTERFACE operating at 155.52 and 51.84 Mbit/s.
• Provides an Analog Edge INTERFACE that can be selected to INTERFACE directly with Category-5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP-5) or Shielded Twisted Pair cables, or to INTERFACE with Pseudo-ECL (PECL) optical data links (ODLs), using a minimum of passive components.
• Implements the ATM Forum User NETWORK INTERFACE Specification and the ATM physical layer for Broadband ISDN according to CCITT Recommendation I.432.
• Processes duplex 155.52 Mbit/s STS-3c/STM-1 (direct INTERFACE to a twisted pair cable or PECL INTERFACE to a PMD DEVICE) or 51.84 Mbit/s STS-1 (PECL INTERFACE to a PMD DEVICE only) data streams with on-chip clock and data recovery and clock synthesis.
• Performs clock recovery and clock synthesis using on-chip loop filters.
• Provides Saturn Compliant INTERFACE - PHYsical layer (SCI-PHY™) FIFO buffers in both transmit and receive paths with parity support. Compatible with ATM Forum Utopia Level 1 specification.
• Inserts and extracts the generic flow control (GFC) bits via a simple serial INTERFACE and provides a transmit XOFF function to allow for local flow control.
• Provides a generic 8-bit microprocessor bus INTERFACE for configuration, control, and status monitoring.
• Low power, +5 Volt, CMOS technology.
• 128 pin high performance plastic quad flat pack (PQFP) 14 mm x 20 mm package.

Part Name(s) : MB86960 MB86960APF-G Fujitsu

The MB86960 NETWORK INTERFACE Controller with Encoder/Decoder (NICE) is a high-performance, highly integrated monolithic DEVICE which incorporates both NETWORK controller, complete with buffer management, and Manchester encoder/decoder. It allows implementation of a 7-chip solution for an Ethernet INTERFACE when used with either of Fujitsu’s bus INTERFACE chips, the MB86953 for PC/XT/AT or the MB86954 for Micro Channel, and either of Fujitsu’s transceiver chips, the MBL8392A coaxial transceiver or MB86962 10BASE-T twisted-pair transceiver.

• High-performance packet buffer architecture pipe
   lines data for highest throughput
• 20 Mbyte/second data transfer rate to/from the system bus
• on-chip buffer controller manages pointers, reduces
   software overhead
• Efficient, configurable two bank transmit buffer and
   ring receive buffer
• Bus-compatible with most popular microprocessors,
   including RISC
• Complies with international standards for Ethernet,
   ISO/ANSI/IEEE 8802-3
• High-speed burst and single transfer DMA
• 64-element hash table for multicast address filtering
• High-speed, low-power CMOS technology
• Power down mode reduces power dissipation for
   battery-powered equipment
• Available in 100-pin plastic quad flat package



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