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Part Name(s) : ADC-207 ADC-207LC ADC-207LM ADC-207LM-QL ADC-207MC ADC-207MM ADC-207MM-QL ADC-B207/208 Murata-ps
Murata Power Solutions
Description : 7-BIT, 20MHZ, CMOS FLASH A/D CONVERTERS View

The ADC-207 is the industry’s first 7-BIT FLASH converter using an advanced high-speed VLSI 1.2 micron CMOS process. This process offers some very distinctive advantages over other processes, making the ADC-207 unique. The smaller geo metrics of the process achieve high speed, better linearity and superior temperature performance.

7-BIT fl ash A/D converter
20MHZ sampling rate
■ Low power (250mW)
■ Single +5V supply
■ 1.2 micron CMOS technology
7-BIT latched 3-state output with overfl ow bit
■Surface-mount versions
■High-reliability version
■ No missing codes

Part Name(s) : ADC-304 ADC-304-3 Datel
DATEL Data Acquisition products
Description : 8-Bit, 20MHZ, Low-Power FLASH A/D CONVERTERS View

Datel’s ADC-304 is an 8-bit, 20MHZ analog-to-digital FLASH converter. The ADC-304 offers many performance features not obtainable from other FLASH A/D’s.
Key reatures include a low power dissipation of 375mW and TTL-compatible outputs. A wide analog input bandwidth of 8MHz (–3dB) allows operation without the need of a sample hold. Also, single +5V supply operation is obtainable with an input range of +3 to +5V, eliminating the need for an additional power supply. A 0 to –2V input range is available with ±5V supply operation.

• 8-bit resolution
20MHZ conversion rate
• ±1/2LSB maximum nonlinearity
• 8MHz input bandwidth
• Low power consumption, 375mW
• TTL compatible
• Single or dual supply operation


Part Name(s) : ADC-208A ADC-208AMC ADC-208AMM ADC-208ALC ADC-208ALM Murata-ps
Murata Power Solutions
Description : 8-Bit, 20MSPS CMOS FLASH A/D (ADC-208 Compatible) View

The ADC-208A utilizes an advanced VLSI 1.2 micron CMOS in providing 20MHZ sampling rates at 8-bits. The fl exibility of the design architecture and process delivers latch-up free operation without external components and operation over the full military range.
The ADC-208A is mechanically and electrically equivalent to the ADC-208 Series, with the exception of the OVERFLOW (pin 13) and ENABLE (pins 11 and 12) functions. These functions are not offered on the ADC-208A.

■ 8-bit fl ash A/D converter
20MHZ sampling rate
■ 10MHz full-power bandwidth
■ Sample-hold not required
■ Low power CMOS
■ +5Vdc operation
■ 1.2 Micron CMOS
■ 8-Bit latched outputs
■ Surface-mount version
■ No missing codes

Part Name(s) : M6MGB162S4BVP M6MGB_T162S4BVP M6MGT162S4BVP M6MGB/T162S4BVP Mitsubishi
Description : 16,777,216-BIT (1,048,576 -WORD BY 16-BIT ) CMOS 3.3V-ONLY FLASH MEMORY & 4,194,304-BIT (524,288-WORD BY 8-BIT) CMOS SRAM Stacked-MCP (Multi Chip Package) View

The MITSUBISHI M6MGB/T162S4BVP is a Stacked Multi Chip Package (S-MCP) that contents 16M-bits FLASH memory and 4M-bits Static RAM in a 48-pin TSOP (TYPE-I).
16M-bits FLASH memory is a 1048576 words, 3.3V-only, and high performance non-volatile memory fabricated by CMOS technology for the peripheral circuit and DINOR(DIvided bit-line NOR) architecture for the memory cell.
4M-bits SRAM is a 262144words unsynchronous SRAM fabricated by silicon-gate CMOS technology.
M6MGB/T162S4BVP is suitable for the application of the mobile-communication-system to reduce both the mount space and weight.

• Access time                                        
                         FLASH Memory           90ns (Max.)
                         SRAM                       85ns (Max.)
• Supply voltage                                 Vcc=2.7 ~ 3.6V
• Ambient temperature                     
                         W version                  Ta=-20 ~ 85°C
• Package : 48-pin TSOP (Type-I) , 0.4mm lead pitch

   Mobile communication  products

Part Name(s) : CA3306 CA3306A CA3306C CA3306CD CA3306CE CA3306CM CA3306D CA3306E CA3306J3 CA3306M Intersil
Description : 4-Bit / 25 MSPS / FLASH A/D CONVERTERS View

The CA3306 family are CMOS parallel (FLASH) analog-to-digital CONVERTERS designed for applications demanding both low power consumption and high speed digitization. Digitizing at 15MHz, for example, requires only about 50mW.

CMOS Low Power with Video Speed (Typ) . . . . .70mW
• Parallel Conversion Technique
• Signal Power Supply Voltage  . . . . . . . . . . .  3V to 7.5V
• 15MHz Sampling Rate with Single 5V Supply
• 6-Bit Latched Three-State Output with Overflow Bit
• Pin-for-Pin Retrofit for the CA3300

• TV Video Digitizing
• Ultrasound Signature Analysis
• Transient Signal Analysis
• High Energy Physics Research
• High Speed Oscilloscope Storage/Display
• General Purpose Hybrid ADCs
• Optical Character Recognition
• Radar Pulse Analysis
• Motion Signature Analysis
• Robot Vision

Part Name(s) : M5M29GB/T161BWG M5M29GB161BWG M5M29GT161BWG Mitsubishi
Description : 16,777,216-BIT (1048,576-WORD BY16-BIT) CMOS 3.3V-ONLY, BLOCK ERASE FLASH MEMORY View

The MITSUBISHI Mobile FLASH M5M29GB/T161BWG are 3.3V-only high speed 16,777,216-bit CMOS boot block FLASH Memories with alternating BGO (Back Ground Operation) feature. The BGO feature of the device allows Program or Erase operations to be performed in one bank while the device simultaneously allows Read operations to be performed on the other bank. This BGO feature is suitable for mobile and personal computing, and communication products. The M5M29GB/T161BWG are fabricated by CMOS technology for the peripheral circuits and DINOR(Divided bit line NOR) architecture for the memory cells, and are available in 6x8-balls CSP (0.75mm ball  pitch).

• Digital Cellular Phone
• Telecommunication
• Mobile Computing Machine
• PDA (Personal Digital Assistance)
• Car Navigation System
• Video Game Machine


Part Name(s) : HI5701 HI9P5701K-5 Renesas
Renesas Electronics
Description : 6-Bit, 30MSPS, FLASH A/D Converter View

The HI-5701 is a monolithic, 6-bit, CMOS FLASH Analog-to-Digital Converter. It is designed for high speed applications where wide bandwidth and low power consumption are essential. Its 30MSPS speed is made possible by a parallel architecture which also eliminates the need for an external sample and hold circuit. The HI-5701 delivers 0.7 LSB differential nonlinearity while consuming only 250mW (Typ) at 30MSPS. Microprocessor compatible data output latches are provided which present valid data to the output bus 1.5 clock cycles after the convert command is received. An overflow bit is provided to allow the series connection of two CONVERTERS to achieve 7-BIT resolution.

• 30MSPS with No Missing Codes
• Full Power Input Bandwidth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20MHZ
• No Missing Codes Over Temperature
• Sample and Hold Not Required
• Single Supply Voltage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .+5V
• Power Dissipation (Max) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .300mW
CMOS/TTL Compatible
• Overflow Bit

• Video Digitizing
• Radar Systems
• Communication Systems
• High Speed Data Acquisition Systems

Part Name(s) : 25L1605D 25L3205D 25L6405D Macronix
Macronix International
Description : MX25L1605D, 25L1605D / CMOS SERIAL FLASH View

MX25L1605D : 16M-BIT [x 1 / x 2] CMOS SERIAL FLASH

MX25L3205D : 32M-BIT [x 1 / x 2] CMOS SERIAL FLASH

MX25L6405D : 64M-BIT [x 1 / x 2] CMOS SERIAL FLASH

The MX25L1605D are 16,777,216 bit serial FLASH memory, which is configured as 2,097,152 x 8 internally. When it is in two I/O read mode, the structure becomes 8,388,608 bits x 2. The MX25L3205D are 33,554,432 bit serial FLASH memory, which is configured as 4,194,304 x 8 internally. When it is in two I/O read mode, the structure be comes 16,772,216 bits x 2. The MX25L6405D are 67,108,864 bit serial FLASH memory, which is configured as 8,388,608 x 8 internally. When it is in two I/O read mode, the structure becomes 33,554,432 bits x 2. (please refer to the "Two I/O Read mode" section). The MX25L1605D/3205D/6405D feature a serial peripheral interface and software protocol allowing operation on a simple 3-wire bus.

Part Name(s) : M6MFT16S2TP M6MFB16S2TP Mitsubishi
Description : 16777216-BIT(2M x 8-BIT/1Mx 16-BIT) CMOS 3.3V-ONLY FLASH MEMORY View

The MITSUBISHI M6MFB/T16S2TP is a Multi Chip Package (MCP) that contents 16-Mbit FLASH memory and 2M-bit Staic RAM in a 82-pin TSOP(TYPE-II).


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