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Exar Corporation
Description : CMOS 750 KSPS, 12-Bit ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL Converter with SERIAL Logic Interface Port

The XRD66092 is a 12-bit 750 kHz subranging ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL Converter with an internal track and hold.
The XRD66092 operates with a single supply ranging from +3 V to +5 V while consuming less than 175 mW of power (typical).

• 12-Bit Monotonic ADC with DNL = +1 LSB, INL = +2.5 LSB
• SNR > 66 dB
• Sampling Frequency < 750 kHz
• Internal Track and Hold
• Single 5 V Supply
• Rail-to-Rail Input Range
• VREF Range: 1.5 V to VDD
• CMOS Low Power: 175 mW (typ)
• Binary and Two’s Complement Digital Output Mode
• ESD: 2000 V Minimum
• Underflow and Overflow Outputs
• Precision Aperture Output
• 6 Reference Resistor Taps
• Latch-Up Free

• Control Systems
• Instrumentation
• Sonar
• Digital Radio

Description : Dual 12-/10-Bit 500 MSPS Digital-to-Analog CONVERTERS

The DAC3154/DAC3164 are dual channel 10-/12-bit, pin-compatible family of 500 MSPS digital-to-analog CONVERTERS (DAC). The DAC3154/DAC3164 use a 10- /12-bit wide LVDS digital bus with an input FIFO. FIFO input and output pointers can be synchronized across multiple devices for precise signal synchronization. The DAC outputs are current sourcing and terminate to GND with a compliance range of –0.5 to 1V. DAC3154/ DAC3164 are pin compatible with the dual-channel, 14-bit, 500 MSPS digital-to-analog CONVERTERS DAC3174, and the single channel, 14-/12-10-bit, digital-to-analog CONVERTERS DAC3171/DAC3161/DAC3151.

• Dual Channel
• Resolution
    – DAC3154: 10-Bit
    – DAC3164: 12-Bit
• Maximum Sample Rate: 500 MSPS
• Pin Compatible Family with DAC3174 and DAC3151/DAC3161/DAC3171
• Input Interface:
    – 12-/10-Bit Wide LVDS Inputs
    – Internal FIFO
• Chip to Chip Synchronization
• Power Dissipation: 460mW
• Spectral Performance at 20 MHz IF
    – SNR: 62 dBFS for DAC3154, 72 dBFS for DAC3164
    – SFDR: 76 dBc for DAC3154, 77 dBc for DAC3164
• Current Sourcing DACs
• Compliance Range: –0.5V to 1V
• Package: 64 Pin QFN (9x9mm)

• Multi-Carrier, Multi-Mode Cellular Infrastructure Base Stations
• Radar
• Signal Intelligence
• Software-Defined Radio
• Test and Measurement Instrumentation

Description : SERIAL Input, Voltage Output 12-/14-Bit Digital-to-Analog CONVERTERS

The AD5530/AD5531 are single 12- and 14-bit (respectively) SERIAL input, voltage output digital-to-analog CONVERTERS (DAC).
They utilize a versatile 3-wire interface that is compatible with SPI®, QSPI™, MICROWIRE™, and DSP interface standards. Data is presented to the part in a 16-bit SERIAL word format. SERIAL data is available on the SDO pin for daisy-chaining purposes. Data readback allows the user to read the contents of the DAC register via the SDO pin.
The DAC output is buffered by a gain of two amplifier and referenced to the potential at DUTGND. LDAC can be used to update the output of the DAC asynchronously. A power-down pin (PD) allows the DAC to be put into a low power state, and a CLR pin allows the output to be cleared to a user-defined voltage, the potential at DUTGND.
The AD5530/AD5531 are available in 16-lead TSSOP.

  Pin-compatible 12-, 14-bit digital-to-analog CONVERTERS
  SERIAL input, voltage output
  Maximum output voltage range of ±10 V
  Data readback
  3-wire SERIAL interface
  Clear function to a user-defined voltage
  Power-down function
  SERIAL data output for daisy-chaining
  16-lead TSSOP

  Industrial automation
  Automatic test equipment
  Process control
  General-purpose instrumentation


Description : 10-/12-/14-Bit, 125 MSPS Dual TxDAC+ Digital-to-Analog CONVERTERS

The AD9763/AD9765/AD9767 are dual-port, high speed, 2-channel, 10-/12-/14-bit CMOS DACs. Each part integrates two high quality TxDAC+® cores, a voltage reference, and digital interface circuitry into a small 48-lead LQFP. The AD9763/AD9765/AD9767 offer exceptional ac and dc performance while supporting update rates of up to 125 MSPS.

    10-/12-/14-bit dual transmit digital-to-analog CONVERTERS (DACs)
    125 MSPS update rate
    Excellent SFDR to Nyquist @ 5 MHz output: 75 dBc
    Excellent gain and offset matching: 0.1%
    Fully independent or single-resistor gain control
    Dual-port or interleaved data
    On-chip 1.2 V reference
    5 V or 3.3 V operation
    Power dissipation: 380 mW @ 5 V
    Power-down mode: 50 mW @ 5 V
    48-lead LQFP

    Base stations
    Digital synthesis
    Quadrature modulation
    3D ultrasound

Description : 12-Bit Sampling SERIAL Out Analog to Digital Converter

TheSP8531is a sampling 12-Bit SERIAL out analog to digital converter. The device contains a high speed 12-Bit analog to digital converter, internal reference, and sample/hold circuitry. The SP8531 is available in 16-pin PDIP and SOIC packages, specified over Commercial and Industrial temperature ranges.

■ 12 Bit Resolution
■ Single +5Volt Supply
■ Internal Reference, 1.25V
■ Unipolar 0 to +2.5 Volt Input Range
■ Fast, 3.75 µs Conversion Time
■ Fast Power Shutdown/Turn-On Mode
■ 3-Wire Synchronous SERIAL High Speed Interface
■ 2µA Shutdown Mode (10µW)
■ Low Power CMOS 60mW typical

Exar Corporation
Description : Low Voltage CMOS 12-Bit High-Speed ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL Converter with SERIAL Logic Interface Port

Low Voltage CMOS 12-Bit High-Speed ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL Converter with SERIAL Logic Interface Port

Description : 5 V CMOS SERIAL Input 12-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter

The MP7543 is a precision, 12-bit CMOS 4-quadrant multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter designed for SERIAL interface applications.

• 12-Bit DAC with SERIAL Digital Input Interface
• Nonlinearity +1/2 LSB from Tmin to Tmax
• Lowest Sensitivity to Amplifier VOS
• Low Output Capacitance
• Full 4-Quadrant Multiplication
• Latch-Up Free
• Asynchronous CLEAR Input
SERIAL Load On Positive or Negative Strobes
• +5 V Supply Operation
• 3 V Version: MP75L43
• 4-Bit Parallel Version: MP7542

• Compatible with SERIAL Addressing Systems

Description : Dual 12-/14-/16-Bit, 1 GSPS, Digital-to-Analog CONVERTERS

The AD9776/AD9778/AD9779 are dual, 12-/14-/16-bit, high dynamic range, digital-to-analog CONVERTERS (DACs) that provide a sample rate of 1 GSPS, permitting multicarrier generation up to the Nyquist frequency. They include features optimized for direct conversion transmit applications, including complex digital modulation, and gain and offset compensation. The DAC outputs are optimized to interface seamlessly with analog quadrature modulators such as the AD8349. A SERIAL peripheral interface (SPI®) provides for programming/readback of many internal parameters. Full-scale output current can be programmed over a range of 10 mA to 30 mA. The devices are manufactured on an advanced 0.18 μm CMOS process and operate on 1.8 V and 3.3 V supplies for a total power consumption of 1.0 W. They are enclosed in 100-lead TQFP packages.

   Low power: 1.0 W @ 1 GSPS, 600 mW @ 500 MSPS,
      full operating conditions
   SFDR = 78 dBc to fOUT = 100 MHz
   Single carrier WCDMA ACLR = 79 dBc @ 80 MHz IF
   Analog output: adjustable 8.7 mA to 31.7 mA,
      RL = 25 Ω to 50 Ω
   Novel 2×, 4×, and 8× interpolator/coarse complex modulator
      allows carrier placement anywhere in DAC bandwidth
   Auxiliary DACs allow control of external VGA and offset control
   Multiple chip synchronization interface
   High performance, low noise PLL clock multiplier
   Digital inverse sinc filter
   100-lead, exposed paddle TQFP package

   Wireless infrastructure
      WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, WiMax, GSM
   Digital high or low IF synthesis
   Internal digital upconversion capability
   Transmit diversity
   Wideband communications: LMDS/MMDS, point-to-point

Exar Corporation
Description : Low Voltage CMOS 12-Bit High Speed ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL Converter with SERIAL Logic Interface Port

The XRD66L92 is a 12-bit 2-step high speed ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL Converter with DNL = +1 LSB and INL = +2.5 LSB. The XRD66L92 contains an internal track and hold which allows for analog input signals as fast as 5 MHz and can convert signals at a 1 MSPS rate.

• 3.3 V Operation
• 12-Bit ADC with DNL = +1 LSB, INL = +2.5 LSB
• Sampling Frequency 1 MHz (typ)
• Rail-to-Rail Input Range
• VREF Range: 1.5 V to VDD
• CMOS Low Power: 25 mW (typ)
• Spaced Ladder Taps for Non-Linear Transfer Function Creation
• Binary and Two’s Complement Digital Output Mode
• Underflow and Overflow Flags
• Precision Aperture Output
• Latch-Up Proof
• ESD: 2000 V Minimum

• Battery Operated Instrumentation
• Digital Camera
• Digital Oscilloscopes
• Spectrum Analysis
• Digital Radio

Part Name(s) : ADC-HX12BGC
DATEL Data Acquisition products


12 Bit, 20µSec Analog to Digital (A/D) Converter with Programable Input. ±2.5V, ±5V, 0 to +5V, 0 to +10V Input ranges, 0°C to +70°C temperature range.

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