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Part Name(s) : TPS652510 TPS652510RHA TPS652510RHAR TPS652510RHAT TI
Texas Instruments

TPS652510 is a power management IC with THREE STEP-DOWN buck converters. Both HIGH-side and low-side MOSFETs are integrated TO provide fully SYNCHRONOUS conversion with HIGHer efficiency. The converters are designed TO simplify its application while giving the designer the option TO optimize their usage according TO the target application.

• Wide INPUT Supply Voltage Range: 4.5 V - 16 V
• 0.8-V, 1% Accuracy Reference
• Continuous Loading: 3 A (Buck1), 2 A (Buck2 and 3)
• Maximum CURRENT: 3.5 A (Buck 1), 2.5 A (Buck2 and 3)
SYNCHRONOUS Operation, 300-kHz – 2.2-MHz Switching Frequency Set By External ResisTOr
• External Enable Pins With Built-In CURRENT Source for Easy Sequencing
• External Soft Start Pins
• Adjustable Cycle-by-Cycle CURRENT Limit Set by External ResisTOr
CURRENT-Mode Control With Simple Compensation Circuit
• AuTOmatic Low Pulse Skipping (PSM) Power Mode, Allowing for an Output Ripple Better than 2%
• Support Pre-Biased Outputs
• Power Good Supervisor and Reset GeneraTOr
• Small, Thermally Efficient 40-Pin 6-mm x 6-mm RHA (QFN) package
• -40°C TO 125°C Junction Temperature Range

Part Name(s) : MB3827PFV MB3827 Fujitsu
Description : 6-ch DC/DC Converter IC With SYNCHRONOUS Rectification for voltage STEP-up and STEP-DOWN View

The MB3827 is a pulse width modulation (PWM) type 6-channel DC/DC converter IC with, SYNCHRONOUS rectification for voltage STEP-up and STEP-DOWN. The MB3827 is ideal for low voltage, HIGH efficiency, compact applications and for DOWN conversion and up/DOWN conversion (with two types of voltage STEP-up/STEP-DOWN methods allowing INPUT/output relations TO be set independently).
In addition the MB3827 features a built-in self-supply power channel (channel 7) providing a wide range of supply voltages, and operates from two dry-cell batteries.
This product is ideal for HIGH performance portable devices such as digital still cameras.

• Compatible with STEP-up/STEP-DOWN switching methods (channel 1)
• Compatible with STEP-up/STEP-DOWN Zeta methods (channels 2 TO 6)
SYNCHRONOUS rectification (channels 1 and 2)
• Low start-up voltage : 1.8 V (channel 7 for self-power supply)
• Power supply voltage range : 4 V TO 13 V (channels 1 TO 6)
• Built-in HIGH-precision reference voltage generaTOr : 2.5 V±1%
• OscillaTOr frequency range : 100 kHz TO 800 kHz
• Error amplifier output for soft start (channels 1 TO 6)

Part Name(s) : ACT6308 ACT6308UC-T ACTIVE-SEMI
Active-Semi, Inc
Description : Low INPUT HIGH Efficiency SYNCHRONOUS STEP-Up DC/DC Converter View

The ACT6308 is a HIGH efficiency SYNCHRONOUS STEP-up DC/DC converter that consumes just 17µA of quiescent supply CURRENT using only THREE external components. This device achieves a typical startup voltage of just 1V, making it ideal for applications operating from 1 or 2 alkaline cells.

• 1V Typical Startup Voltage
• Up TO 89% Efficiency
• Fully Integrated Power Stage
• Fixed 3.3V/5V or Adjustable Output Voltage
• NanoStandbyTM ShutDOWN Mode
• Tiny SOT23-5 Package
    − RoHS Compliant Package

• Hand-Held Devices
• One TO THREE Cell Battery Operated Devices
• PDAs
• Cellular Phones
• Digital Cameras

Part Name(s) : SS6612 SS6612COTR SSC
Silicon Standard Corp.
Description : HIGH-Efficiency SYNCHRONOUS STEP-up DC/DC Converter with Selectable CURRENT Limit View

The SS6612 is a HIGH-efficiency STEP-up DC/DC converter, with a start-up voltage as low as 0.8V, and an operating voltage DOWN TO 0.7V. Consuming  only 20µA of quiescent CURRENT, this device includes a built-in SYNCHRONOUS rectifier that reduces size and cost by eliminating the need for an external Schottky diode, and improves  overall efficiency  by  minimizing losses.
The switching frequency  can  range  up  TO 500KHz depending on the load and INPUT volt age. The output voltage can be easily set; by two external resisTOrs for1.8V TO 5.5V; connecting FB TO OUT TO get 3.3V; or connecting TO GND TO get 5.0V. For additional design flexibility, the peak CURRENT of theinternal switch is selectable (0.65A or 1.0A). The SS6612 also features a circuit that eliminates noise caused by inducTOr ringing. 

HIGH efficiency (93% with VIN=2.4V,VOUT= 3.3V, IOUT=200mA)
Output CURRENT up TO 500mA. (VIN=2.4V, at VOUT=3.3V, CLSEL=OUT)
Quiescent supplycurrenTOf 20mA
Power-saving shutDOWN mode (0.1µA typical).
Internal SYNCHRONOUS rectifier (no externaldiode required).
Selectable CURRENT limit for reduced ripple.
Low-noise, anti-ringing feature.
On-chip low-battery detecTOr.
Low-battery hysteresis.
Space-saving package: MSOP-10

PalmTOp & Notebook Computers.
Wireless Phones
Pocket Organizers.
Digital Cameras.
Hand-Held Devices with 1 TO 3 Cells of NiMH/NiCd Batteries.

Part Name(s) : SC4620 SC4620MLTRT SC4620EVB-MLPQ SC4620 SC4620MLTRT SC4620EVB-MLPQ Semtech
Semtech Corporation
Description : Low INPUT Voltage, HIGH Effciency, 2.5A Integrated FET SYNCHRONOUS STEP DOWN DC/DC RegulaTOr View

The SC4620 is a HIGHly integrated SYNCHRONOUS STEP-DOWN DC/DC regulaTOr designed for low INPUT voltage range of 2.3V TO 5.5 Volts. It can deliver 2.5A continuous output CURRENT with the output voltage as low as 0.5 Volts. The internal low RDS(ON) SYNCHRONOUS power switches eliminate the need for external Schottky diode while delivering overall converter effciency up TO 95%.

◆ VIN Range: 2.3 – 5.5V
◆ 2.5A Continuous Output CURRENT
◆ Adjustable Output Voltage 0.5V TO Vin
◆ Up TO 95% Efficiency
◆ Synchronizable and Programmable Frequency: 200kHz – 2MHz
◆ Power Good MoniTOr
◆ <1µA of ShutDOWN CURRENT
◆ Programmable Soft Start
◆ Programmable CURRENT Limit
◆ Over Temperature protection
◆ -40 TO +85 °C Ambient Temperature Range
◆ 4X4mm MLPQ-20 packages- WEEE and RoHS compliant

◆ Low Voltage Distributed DC-DC Converters
◆ Telecommunication Power Supplies
◆ Portable Equipment
◆ xDSL

Part Name(s) : MB3881PFF MB3881 Fujitsu
Description : 8-ch DC/DC Converter IC with SYNCHRONOUS Rectifier for Voltage STEP-up and STEP-DOWN View

The MB3881 a STEP-up/STEP-DOWN type of 8-channel, DC/DC converter IC. It uses pulse width modulation (PWM) and SYNCHRONOUS rectification, designed for low voltage, HIGH efficiency, and compactness. This IC is ideal for DOWN conversion and up/DOWN conversion (employing a STEP-up/STEP-DOWN Zeta system enabling free I/O setting). The MB3881 can use channel 8 as its own power supply TO provide a wide range of supply voltages, allowing itself TO operate at low voltage.
In addition, the MB3881 contains a triangular wave oscillaTOr which can operate in synchronization with an external device, allowing the switching timing TO be controlled externally. This contributes TO reduction in switching noise, facilitating system configuration.
The MB3881 is designed TO be compact using the LQFP-64P package whose body size is 7 × 7 mm.
The IC is the best for the power supply for advanced portable equipment such as a camera integrated VTR.

• Supporting the STEP-up/STEP-DOWN Zeta methods (CH1 TO CH7)
• Supporting SYNCHRONOUS rectification (CH1, CH2)
• Low start-up voltage : 1.8 V (CH8)
• Power-supply voltage range : 4 V TO 13 V (CH1 TO CH7)
• Built-in HIGH-precision reference voltage generaTOr : 2.5 V ± 1%
• Oscillation frequency range : 100 kHz TO 800 kHz
• Built-in triangular wave oscillaTOr capable of external synchronization
• Error amplifier output for soft start (CH1 TO CH4, CH7)

Part Name(s) : MAX17497A MAX17497B MAX17497AATE MAX17497BATE MaximIC
Maxim Integrated
Description : AC-DC and DC-DC Peak CURRENT-Mode Converters with Integrated STEP-DOWN RegulaTOr View

General Description
The MAX17497A/MAX17497B include both a CURRENT mode fixed-frequency flyback converter and a SYNCHRONOUS STEP-DOWN regulaTOr. They contain all the control circuitry required TO design wide INPUT-voltage nonisolated power supplies TO supply multiple output rails for smart meters, industrial control, and other similar applications. The MAX17497A has its rising/falling undervoltage lockout (UVLO) thresholds optimized for universal offline (85V AC TO 265V AC) applications, while the MAX17497B supports undervoltage lockout (UVLO) thresholds suitable TO low-voltage DC-DC applications. Both devices also include a 3.3V fixed-output SYNCHRONOUS STEP-DOWN regulaTOr that delivers up TO 600mA load CURRENT.

Benefits and Features
♦ Reduced Component Count and Board Space
   ◇ Flyback/Boost with Integrated Internally
      Compensated STEP-DOWN RegulaTOr
   ◇ No CURRENT-Sense ResisTOr
   ◇ Space-Saving 16-Pin (3mm x 3mm) TQFN
♦ Minimal Radio Interference
   ◇ 250kHz Switching in Offline Version
      Minimizes Interference with Radio Receivers
      in Smart Meter Applications
♦ Reduced Inrush CURRENT
   ◇ Programmable Flyback/Boost Soft-Start
   ◇ Internal Digital Soft-Start for STEP-DOWN
♦ Reduced Power Dissipation Under Fault
   ◇ Hiccup Mode OverCURRENT Protection
   ◇ Thermal ShutDOWN with Hysteresis
♦ Robust Protection Features
   ◇ Flyback/Boost Programmable CURRENT Limit
   ◇ INPUT Overvoltage Protection
♦ Optimized Loop Performance
   ◇ Programmable Slope Compensation for
      Flyback/Boost Maximizes Obtainable Phase
HIGH Efficiency
   ◇ Low RDSON, 150mI, 65V-Rated Internal
   ◇ 3.3V STEP-DOWN RegulaTOr Efficiency Greater
      Than 90%
♦ Optional Spread Spectrum

   AC-DC Power Supplies for Smart Meter Applications
   Universal-INPUT Offline AC-DC Power Supplies
   Wide-Range DC INPUT Flyback/Boost Industrial Power Supplies

Part Name(s) : LM3501 LM3501-16 LM3501-21 LM3501TL-16 LM3501TL-21 LM3501TLX-16 LM3501TLX-21 National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments
Description : SYNCHRONOUS STEP-up DC/DC Converter for White LED Applications View

General Description
The LM3501 is a fixed-frequency STEP-up DC/DC converter that is ideal for driving white LEDs for display backlighting and other lighting functions. With fully intergrated SYNCHRONOUS switching (no external schottky diode required) and a low feedback voltage (515 mV), power efficiency of the LM3501 circuit has been optimized for lighting applications in wireless phones and other portable products (single cell Li-Ion or 3-cell NiMH battery supplies). The LM3501 operates with a fixed 1 MHz switching frequency. When used with ceramic INPUT and output capaciTOrs, the LM3501 provides a small, low-noise, low-cost solution.

SYNCHRONOUS rectification, HIGH efficiency and no external schottky diode required
Uses small surface mount components
Can drive 2-5 white LEDs in series (may function with more low VF LEDs)
2.7V TO 7V INPUT range
True shutDOWN isolation, no LED leakage CURRENT
DC voltage LED CURRENT control
INPUT undervoltage lockout
Internal output over-voltage protection (OVP) circuitry, with no external zener diode required LM3501-16: 15.5V OVP; LM3501-21: 20.5V OVP.
Requires only a small 16V (LM3501-16) or 25V (LM3501-21) ceramic capaciTOr at the INPUT and output
Thermal ShutDOWN
Small 8-bump thin micro SMD package

Part Name(s) : AIC1620 AIC1620CO AIC1620COTR AIC1621 AIC1621CO AIC1621COTR AIC1622 AIC1622CO AIC1622COTR AIC
Analog Intergrations
Description : HIGH Efficiency SYNCHRONOUS STEP-Up DC/DC Converter View

The AIC1620/AIC1621/AIC1622 are HIGH efficiency STEP up DC-DC converter. The start-up voltage is as low as 0.8V and operate with an INPUT voltage DOWN TO 0.7V. Consuming only 20mA of quiescent CURRENT. These devices offer a built-in SYNCHRONOUS rectifier that reduces size and cost by eliminating the need for an external Schottky diode and improves overall efficiency by minimizing losses.

HIGH Efficiency 93% (VIN=2.4V, VOUT=3.3V, IOUT=200mA).
• 20mA Quiescent Supply CURRENT.
• Power-Saving ShutDOWN Mode (0.1mA typical).
• Internal SYNCHRONOUS Rectifier ( no external diode )
• Selectable CURRENT Limit for Reduced Ripple ( AIC1622 ).
• Low Noise , Anti-Ringing Feature ( AIC1622 )
• On-Chip Low Battery DetecTOr.
• Low Battery Hysteresis

• PalmTOp & Notebook Computers.
• PDAs
• Wireless Phones
• Pocket Organizers.
• Cameras.
• 1 TO 2-Cell Hand-Held Devices


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