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Part Name(s) : NMC6551 NMC6551-2 NMC6551-5 NMC6551-9 NMC6551B-2 NMC6551B-9 NMC6551J NMC6551J-2 NMC6551J-5 NMC6551J-9 NMC6551N NMC6551N-5 National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments
Description : 1024-BIT (256 x 4) STATIC RAM View

1024-BIT (256 x 4) STATIC RAM

Part Name(s) : NMC6518 NMC6518J NMC6518J-2 NMC6518J-9 NMC6518J-5 NMC6518N NMC6518N-5 National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments
Description : 1024-BIT (1024 x 1) STATIC RAM View

General Description
The NMC6518 is a STATIC CMOS random access read/write memory organized as 1024 words of 1 bit each.

Part Name(s) : MWS5114 MWS5114D1 MWS5114D2 MWS5114D3 MWS5114D3X MWS5114E1 MWS5114E2 MWS5114E2X MWS5114E3 Intersil
Description : 1024-Word x 4-Bit LSI STATIC RAM View

The MWS5114 is a 1024 word by 4-bit STATIC random access memory that uses the ion-implanted silicon gate complementary MOS (CMOS) technology. It is designed for use in memory systems where low power and simplicity in use are desirable. This type has common data input and data output and utilizes a single power supply of 4.5V to 6.5V.
The MWS5114 is supplied in 18 lead, hermetic, dual-in-line sidebrazed ceRAMic packages (D suffix) and in 18 lead dual in-line plastic packages (E suffix).

• Fully STATIC Operation
• Industry Standard 1024 x 4 Pinout (Same as Pinouts for 6514, 2114, 9114, and 4045 Types)
• Common Data Input and Output
• Memory Retention for Standby Battery Voltage as Low as 2V Min
• All Inputs and Outputs Directly TTL Compatible
• Three-State Outputs
• Low Standby and Operating Power


Part Name(s) : X24C44 X24C44D X24C44DI X24C44DM X24C44P X24C44PI X24C44PM X24C44S X24C44SI X24C44SM Xicor
Xicor -> Intersil
Description : 256 Bit Serial Nonvolatile STATIC RAM View

The Xicor X24C44 is a serial 256 bit NOVRAM featuring a STATIC RAM configured 16 x 16, overlaid bit-by-bit with a nonvolatile E2PROM array. The X24C44 is fabricated with Xicor’s Advanced CMOS Floating Gate technology. The Xicor NOVRAM design allows data to be transferred between the two memory arrays by means of software commands or external hardware inputs. A store opera
tion (RAM data to E2PROM) is completed in 5ms or less and a recall operation (E2PROM data to RAM) is completed in 2µs or less.

• Advanced CMOS Version of Xicor’s X2444
• 16 x 16 Organization
• Single 5 Volt Supply
• Ideal for use with Single Chip Microcomputers
—Minimum I/O Interface
—Serial Port Compatible (COPS™, 8051)
—Easily Interfaced to Microcontroller Ports
• Software and Hardware Control of Nonvolatile
• Auto Recall on Power-Up
• TTL and CMOS Compatible
• Low Power Dissipation
—Active Current: 10mA Maximum
—Standby Current: 50µA Maximum
• 8-Lead PDIP, Cerdip, and 8-Lead SOIC Packages
• High Reliability
—Store Cycles: 1,000,000
—Data Retention: 100 Years

Part Name(s) : NTE65101 NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics
Description : Integrated Circuit 256 x 4?Bit STATIC Random Access Memory (SRAM) View

The NTE65101 is a CMOS 1024–bit device organized in 256 words by 4 bits in a 22–Lead DIP type package. This device offers ultra low power and fully STATIC operation with a single 5V supply. Separate data inputs and data outputs permit maximum flexibility in bus–oriented systems. Data retention at a power supply as low as 2V over temperature readily allows design into applications using battery backup for nonvolatility. The NTE65101 is fully STATIC and does not require clocking in standby mode.

● Organized as 256 Bytes of 4–Bits
STATIC Operation
● Low Standby Power
● Three–State Output
● Single 5V Power Supply
● Data Retention to 2V
● TTL Compatible
● Maximum Access Time: 450ns

Part Name(s) : PCF8570P PCF8570T PCF8570T/F5 PCF8570 Philips
Philips Electronics
Description : 256 8-bit STATIC low-voltage RAM with I2C-bus interface View

The PCF8570 is a low power STATIC CMOS RAM, organized as 256 words by 8-bits.
Addresses and data are transferred serially via a two-line bidirectional bus (I2C-bus). The built-in word address register is incremented automatically after each written or read data byte. Three address pins, A0, A1 and A2 are used to define the hardware address, allowing the use of up to 8 devices connected to the bus without additional hardware.

• Operating supply voltage 2.5 to 6.0 V
• Low data retention voltage; minimum 1.0 V
• Low standby current; maximum 15 µA
• Power-saving mode; typical 50 nA
• Serial input/output bus (I2C-bus)
• Address by 3 hardware address pins
• Automatic word address incrementing
• Available in DIP8 and SO8 packages.

• Telephony:
    – RAM expansion for stored numbers in repertory dialling (e.g. PCD33xxA applications)
• General purpose RAM for applications requiring extremely low current and low-voltage RAM retention, such as battery or capacitor-backed.
• Radio, television and video cassette recorder:
    – channel presets
• General purpose:
    – RAM expansion for the microcontroller families PCD33xxA, PCF84CxxxA, P80CLxxx and most other microcontrollers.

Part Name(s) : MCM14552 MCM14552AL MCM14552AP MCM14552CL MCM14552CP Motorola
Motorola => Freescale


Part Name(s) : CAT22C10 CAT22C10LE-20T1 CAT22C10LE-30T1 CAT22C10LE20 CAT22C10LE30 CAT22C10LI-20T1 CAT22C10LI-30T1 CAT22C10LI20 CAT22C10LI30 CAT22C10WE-20T1 CAT22C10WE-30T1 CAT22C10WI-20T1 CAT22C10WI-30T1 ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Description : 256-Bit Nonvolatile CMOS STATIC RAM View

The CAT22C10 NVRAM is a 256-bit nonvolatile memory organized as 64 words x 4 bits. The high speed STATIC RAM array is bit for bit backed up by a nonvolatile E2PROM array which allows for easy transfer of data from RAM array to E2PROM (STORE) and from E2PROM to RAM (RECALL). STORE operations are completed in 10ms max. and RECALL operations typically within 1.5µs.

■ Single 5V Supply
■ Fast RAM Access Times:
■ Infinite E2PROM to RAM Recall
■ CMOS and TTL Compatible I/O
■ Power Up/Down Protection
■ 100,000 ProgRAM/Erase Cycles (E2PROM)
■ Low CMOS Power Consumption:
  –Active: 40mA Max.
  –Standby: 30 µA Max.
■ JEDEC Standard Pinouts:
  –18-pin DIP
  –16-pin SOIC
■ 10 Year Data Retention
■ Commercial, Industrial and Automotive Temperature Ranges

Part Name(s) : CAT24C44 CAT24C44GL-TE13 CAT24C44GLA-TE13 CAT24C44GLE-TE13 CAT24C44GLI-TE13 CAT24C44GV-TE13 CAT24C44GVA-TE13 CAT24C44GVE-TE13 CAT24C44GVI-TE13 CAT24C44L-TE13 CAT24C44LA-TE13 CAT24C44LE-TE13 CAT24C44LI-TE13 CAT24C44P-TE13 CAT24C44PA-TE13 CAT24C44PE-TE13 CAT24C44PI-TE13 CAT24C44S-TE13 CAT24C44SA-TE13 CAT24C44SE-TE13 CAT24C44SI-TE13 CAT24C44V-TE13 CAT24C44VA-TE13 CAT24C44VE-TE13 CAT24C44VI-TE13 Catalyst
Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi
Description : 256-Bit Serial Nonvolatile CMOS STATIC RAM View

The CAT24C44 Serial NVRAM is a 256-bit nonvolatile memory organized as 16 words x 16 bits. The high speed STATIC RAM array is bit for bit backed up by a nonvolatile EEPROM array which allows for easy transfer of data from RAM array to EEPROM (STORE) and from EEPROM to RAM (RECALL). STORE operations are completed in 10ms max. and RECALL operations typically within 1.5µs. The CAT24C44 features unlimited RAM write operations either through external RAM writes or internal recalls from EEPROM. Internal falsestore protection circuitry prohibits STORE operations
when VCC is less than 3.5V (typical) ensuring EEPROM data integrity.

■Single 5V Supply
■Infinite EEPROM to RAM Recall
■CMOS and TTL Compatible I/O
■Low CMOS Power Consumption:
–Active: 3 mA Max.
–Standby: 30 µA Max.
■Power Up/Down Protection
■10 Year Data Retention
■JEDEC Standard Pinouts:
–8-pin DIP
–8-pin SOIC
■100,000 ProgRAM/Erase Cycles (EEPROM)
■Auto Recall on Power-up
■Commercial, Industrial and Automotive Temperature Ranges
■"Green" Package Options Available


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