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Part Name(s) : ML7000-01 ML7000-01MA ML7000-01MB ML7000-02 ML7000-02MA ML7000-02MB ML7000-03 ML7000-03MA ML7000-03MB ML7001-01 ML7001-01MA ML7001-01MB ML7001-02 ML7001-02MA ML7001-02MB ML7001-03 ML7001-03MA ML7001-03MB OKI
Oki Electric Industry
Description : Single Rail CODEC View

The ML7000/ML7001 are single-channel CMOS CODEC LSI devices for voice signals ranging from 300 to 3400 Hz with filters for A/D and D/A conversion. Designed especially for a single-power supply and LOW-power applications, the devices are optimized for ISDN terminals, digital wireless systems, and digital PBXs. The devices use the same transmission clocks as those used in the MSM7507. With the differential analog signal outputs which can drive 60 W load, the devices can directly drive a handset receiver.

• Single power supply: +5 V (ML7000-xx)
                              +3 V (ML7001-xx)
LOW power consumption
Operating mode: 25 mW Typ. VDD = 5.0 V (ML7000-xx)
                       20 mW Typ. VDD = 3.0 V (ML7001-xx)
Power-down mode: 0.05 mW Typ. VDD = 5.0 V (ML7000-xx)
                          0.03 mW Typ. VDD = 3.0 V (ML7001-xx)
• Conforms to ITU-T Companding law
      ML7000-01/ML7001-01: m/A-law pin selectable
      ML7000-02/ML7001-02: m-law
     ML7000-03/ML7001-03: A-law
• Transmission characteristics conform to ITU-T G.714
• Short frame sync timing operation
• Built-in PLL eliminates a master clock
• Serial data rate: 64/96/128/192/200/256/384/512/768/1024/1536/1544/2048 kHz
• Adjustable transmit gain
• Adjustable receive gain
• Built-in reference voltage supply
• Package options:
24-pin plastic SOP (SOP24-P-430-1.27-K) (Product name: ML7000-01MA/ML7001-01MA)
                                                   (Product name: ML7000-02MA/ML7001-02MA)
                                                (Product name: ML7000-03MA/ML7001-03MA)
20-pin plastic SSOP (SSOP20-P-250-0.95-K) (Product name: ML7000-01MB/ML7001-01MB)
                                                (Product name: ML7000-02MB/ML7001-02MB)
                                                  (Product name: ML7000-03MB/ML7001-03MB)

Part Name(s) : MP2363 MP2363DN MPS
Monolithic Power Systems
Description : 3A, 27V, 365KHz Step-Down Converter View

The MP2363 is a non-synchronous step-down regulator with an integrated Power MOSFET. It achieves 3A continuous output current over a wide input supply range with excellent load and
line regulation.

• 3A Continuous Output Current, 4A Peak Output Current
•Programmable Soft-Start
•100mΩInternal Power MOSFET Switch
• Stable with LOW ESR Output Ceramic Capacitors
• Up to 95% Efficiency
• 20µA Shutdown Mode
• Fixed 365KHz frequency
•Thermal Shutdown
• Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
• Wide 4.75V to 27V Operating Input Range
• Output is Adjustable From 0.92V to 21V
• Under Voltage Lockout

•Distributed Power Systems
•Battery Chargers
• Pre-Regulator for Linear Regulators

Part Name(s) : KM4111IT5 KM4111 KM4111IT5TR3 KM4121IT6 KM4121 KM4121IT6TR3 Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor
Description : 0.2mA, LOW COST, +2.7V & +5V, 35MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers View

General Description
The KM4111 (single) and KM4121 (single with disable) are ultra-LOW power, LOW COST, voltage feedback amplifiers. These amplifiers use only 208µA of supply current and are designed to operate on +2.7V, +5V, or ±2.5V supplies. The input voltage range extends 300mV beLOW the negative rail and 1.2V beLOW the positive rail.
The KM4111 offers high bipolar performance at a LOW CMOS price. The KM4111 offers superior dynamic performance with a 35MHz small signal bandwidth and 27V/µs slew rate. The combination of LOWpower, high bandwidth, and rail-to-rail performance make the KM4111 well suited for battery-powered communication/computing systems.

■ 208µA supply current
■ 35MHz bandwidth
■ Power down to Is = 35µA (KM4121)
■ Fully specified at +2.7V and +5V supplies
■ Output voltage range: 0.08V to 4.88V; Vs = +5
■ Input voltage range: -0.3V to +3.8V; Vs = +5
27V/µs slew rate
■ ±8.5mA linear output current
■ ±13mA short circuit output current
■ 21nV/√Hz input voltage noise
■ Directly replaces MAX4281
■ Small package options (SOT23-5 and SOT23-6)

■ Portable/battery-powered applications
■ A/D buffer
■ Active filters
■ Signal conditioning
■ Portable test instruments

Part Name(s) : KM4211IC8 KM4211IC8TR3 KM4211IM8 KM4211 KM4211IM8TR3 Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor
Description : Dual, 0.2mA, LOW COST, +2.7V & +5V, 35MHz Rail-to-Rail Amp View

General Description
The KM4211 is a dual ultra-LOW power, LOW COST, voltage feedback amplifier. The KM4211 uses only 208µA of supply current per amplifier and is designed to operate from 2.5V to 5.5V or ±1.25V to ±2.75V supplies. The input voltage range extends 300mV beLOW the negative rail and 1.2V beLOW the positive rail.

■ 208µA supply current
■ 35MHz bandwidth
■ Fully specified at +2.7V and +5V supplies
■ Output voltage range: 0.08V to 4.88V; Vs = +5
■ Input voltage range: -0.3V to +3.8V; Vs = +5
27V/µs slew rate
■ ±8.5mA linear output current
■ ±13mA short circuit output current
■ 21nV/√Hz input voltage noise
■ Directly replaces OPA2350, MAX4132, MAX4281
■ Small package options (SOIC-8 and MSOP-8)

■ A/D buffer
■ Smart card readers
■ Active filters
■ Keyless entry
■ Signal conditioning
■ ASCI input devices
■ Portable test instruments
■ PCMUA cards
■ Portable communications
■ Bar-code readers
■ Portable/battery-powered applications

Part Name(s) : ADA4051-2_VB ADI
Analog Devices
Description : LOW COST, Level Shifted LOW Side Current Monitor for Negative High Voltage Rails View

LOW COST, Level Shifted LOW Side Current Monitor for Negative High Voltage Rails

The measurement result from the AD7171 is provided as a digital code utilizing a simple 2-wire, SPI-compatible serial interface. The entire circuit operates on a single +3.3 V supply. Optional galvanic isolation is provided by the ADuM5402 quad channel isolator. In addition to isolating the output data, the ADuM5402 digital isolator can also supply isolated +3.3 V for the circuit. The ADuM5402 is not required for normal circuit operation unless galvanic isolation is needed.

This combination of parts provides a accurate high voltage negative rail current sense solution with a small component count, LOW COST, and LOW power. The accuracy of the measurement is primarily determined by resistor tolerances and the accuracy of the band gap reference, and is typically better than 1%.

Part Name(s) : SX1243 SX1243IULTRT Semtech
Semtech Corporation
Description : LOW COST LOW Current Integrated Transmitter 310 to 928MHz Frequency Agile View

The SX1243 is an ultra-LOW-COST, fully integrated FSK or OOK transmitter suitable for operation between 310 and 450 MHz, 860 and 870 MHz, as well as 902 and 928 MHz.
For applications where economy is paramount, the SX1243 may be used without the requirement for configuration via an MCU. However, in conjunction with a microcontroller the communication link parameters may be re-configured. Including, output power, modulation format and operating channel.

♦ +10 dBm or 0 dBm Configurable output power
♦ Bit rates up to 100 kbps
♦ OOK and FSK modulation.
♦ 1.8 to 3.7 V supply range.
LOW BOM Fully Integrated Tx
♦ Fractional-N PLL with 1.5 kHz typical step
♦ Frequency agility for FHSS modulation
♦ FCC CFR Part 15.247 Digital Modulation Techniques

♦ Garage Door Openers
LOW-COST Consumer Electronic Applications
♦ Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
♦ Remote Control / Security Systems


Part Name(s) : TSH691 TSH691ID ST-Microelectronics
Description : LOW COST 40MHz - 1GHz AMPLIFIER View

TSH691 is a LOW COST RF amplifier consisted of 2 stages,designed in advancedbipolar process, featuring high performances. An external bias current adjust alLOWs to tune the output power and also to set theamplifier in power-down mode.The TSH691 is intended to RF consumer equipments in ISM band (remote controls, ASK transmitters) where COST is sensitive

■ 28dB GAIN @ 3V @ 450MHz
■ +13.5dBm OUTPUT POWER (P1dB)

Part Name(s) : XE2400 Xecom
Description : LOW-COST, Embeddable, Serial 2400bps Modem View

Xecoms XE2400 provides the LOWest COST alternative for embedding a complete modem. Its compact size, TTL level, serial interface and LOW COST alLOWs for quick integration into virtually any new or existing equipment.

• Small Size 1.08” x 2.28” x 0.42”,
• User Transferable FCC Part 68 Registration
• Data Transfer at 2400, 1200 and 300 bps
LOW Power operation: On Line: 40 milliamps at 5 Volts Sleep: <10 milliamps at 5 Volts
• TTL level serial interface
• Modem control with Industry standard “AT” command set
• Pin compatible with a family of fax and higher speed modems for an easy upgrade path

Part Name(s) : XE014J XE014JLHGU Xecom
Description : LOW COST Slim-Link PLCC DAA for Voice, Data Fax View

The XE014J supplies a complete DAA in a modified 68-pin PLCC package. It is a LOW COST alternative to discrete DAA’s for voice, fax, and data communications. The XE014J replaces 25 to 30 discrete components with a single, LOW COST unit. The XE014J leads to savings in purchasing and assembly while insuring quality.

* LOW Total COST Solution for Adding Voice, fax, or data Communications
* PLCC package for high-volume assembly
* FCC Part 68 Compliant
* Meets requirements for Canada and Japan
* Integrated Telephone Line Transformer
* Embedded Ring Detect Circuit
* Solid-State Hookswitch included
* Internal Metallic surge protection
* Operates on +5 Volt or +3 Volt Power
* Standard Operating Temperature Range 0 to 70 C
* Extended Temperature Ranges available


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