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Part Name(s) : C11165 S11155-2048 S11156-2048 S11155-2048 S11156-2048 Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics
Description : Driver circuit for CCD image sensor View

Driver circuit for CCD image sensor (S11155/S11156-2048)

The C11165 is a driver circuit designed for HAMAMATSU CCD image sensor S11155/S11156-2048. The C11165 can be used in spectrometers when combined with the S11155/S11156-2048.
The C11165 holds a CCD driver circuit, analog video signal processing circuit (16-bit A/D converter), timing generator, control circuit and power supply. The C11165 converts analog video signals from a CCD into digital signals and outputs them. The USB connector (USB 2.0) provided as a standard feature easily connects to a PC for the C11165 control and data acquisition. The C11165 also has a BNC connector for external trigger input and pulse output. The C11165 is compact, lightweight and very easy to handle.
Application software (DCam-USB) that comes with the C11165 allows easy operation from a PC running on Windows 2000/XP. A function library (DCamUSB.DDL) included with the application software helps you to develop your own software. This software is available with DLL to help you develop your own software programs under various developmental environments.

➤ Built-in 16-bit A/D converter
➤ Adjustable offset
➤ Adjustable gain
➤ Interface of computer: USB 2.0
➤ Power supply: DC+5 V

➤ Spectrometer
➤ Control of CCD image sensor (S11155/S11156-2048) and data aquisition

Part Name(s) : 87PH46 TMP87PH46 TMP87PH46N Toshiba
Description : CMOS 8 Bit Microcontroller / MCU and PROM View

The 87PH46 is a One-Time PROM microcontroller with low-power 128K bits (16 Kbytes) electrically programmable read only memory for the 87C446 / 846 / H46 system evalution.

OTP : 16 X 8-bit, RAM : 512 X 8-bit, Adaptor Socket : BM1193.

Part Name(s) : 74S472 DM74S472 DM74S472AJ DM74S472AN DM74S472AV DM74S472BJ DM74S472BN DM74S472BV DM74S472J DM74S472N DM74S472V ETC
Description : (512 x 8) 4096-Bit TTL PROM View


Part Name(s) : LC866032 LC866028 LC866024 LC866020 LC866016 LC866012 LC866008 SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : 8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller with One-Time PROM View

The LC86P6032 microcontroller, a new addition to the LC866000 series, is a 8-bit single chip CMOS microcontroller with one-time PROM. This microcontroller has the same function and pin assignment as for the LC866000 series mask ROM version, and a 32K-byte PROM.

(1) Option switching using PROM data
    The optional functions of the LC866000 series can be specified using PROM data.
    The functions of the trial products can be evaluated using a mass production board.
(2) Internal one-time PROM capacity : 32768 bytes
(3) Internal RAM capacity : 512 bytes
(4) Operating supply voltage : 4.5V to 6.0V
(5) Instruction cycle time : 0.98µs to 400µs
(6) Operating temperature range : -30°C to +70°C
(7) Pin and package compatible with the mask ROM version
(8) Applicable mask ROM version : LC866032/LC866028/LC866024/LC866020/LC866016/LC866012/LC866008
(9) Factory shipment : DIP64S
                                  : QFP64E

Part Name(s) : LC866524 LC866528 LC866532 LC866540 LC866548 LC86P6548 SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : 8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller with One-Time Programmable PROM View

The LC86P6548 is a CMOS 8-bit single chip microcontroller with one-time PROM for the LC866500 series. This microcontroller has the function and the pin description of the LC866500 series mask ROM version, and 48K-byte PROM.

(1) Option switching by PROM data
    The option function of the LC866500 series can be specified by the PROM data.
    LC86P6548 can be checked the function of the trial pieces using the mass production board.
(2) Internal one-time PROM capacity : 49408 bytes
(3) Internal RAM capacity : 1152 bytes
    Used PROM or RAM capacity are equal ROM or RAM capacity of mask ROM version which applies LC86P6548


Part Name(s) : NTE2716 NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics
Description : Integrated Circuit NMOS, 16K UV Erasable PROM View

The NTE2716 is a 16,384–bit (2048 x 8–bit) Erasable and Electrically Reprogrammable PROM in a 24–Lead DIP type package designed for system debug usage and similar applications requiring nonvolatile memory that could be reprogrammed periodically. The transparent lid on the package allows the memory content to be erased with ultraviolet light.
The NTE2716 operates from a single power supply and has a static power down mode.

• Single 5V Power Supply
• Automatic Power–Down Mode (Standby)
• Organized as 2048 Bytes of 8Bits
TTL Compatible During Read and Program
• Access Time: 350ns
• Output Enable Active Level is User Selectable


Part Name(s) : LC66354V SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : 4-bit Microcontroller with Built-in PROM View

4-bit Microcontroller with Built-in PROM

Part Name(s) : AT24C01A-10TSI-2.7 AT24C01A-W1.8-1 AT24C01ASC-10WU Atmel
Atmel Corporation
Description : 2-Wire Serial EEPROM 1K (128 x 8),2K (256 x 8),4K (512 x 8),8K (1024 x 8),16K (2048 x 8) View

The AT24C01A/02/04/08/16 provides 1024/2048/4096/8192/16384 bits of serial electrically erasable and programmable read only memory (EEPROM) organized as 128/256/512/1024/2048 words of 8 bits each. The device is optimized for use in many industrial and commercial applications where low power and low voltage operation are essential. The AT24C01A/02/04/08/16 is available in space saving 8-pin PDIP,(AT24C01A/02/04/08/16), 8-Pin MSOP (AT24001A/02), 8-Pin TSSOP (AT24C01A/02/04/08/16), and 8-Pin and 14-Pin JEDEC SOIC (AT24C01A/02/04/08/16) packages and is accessed via a 2-wire serial interface. In addition, the entire family is available in 5.0V (4.5V to 5.5V), 2.7V (2.7V to 5.5V), 2.5V (2.5V to 5.5V) and 1.8V (1.8V to 5.5V) versions.

• Low-Voltage and Standard-Voltage Operation
– 5.0 (VCC = 4.5V to 5.5V)
– 2.7 (VCC = 2.7V to 5.5V)
– 2.5 (VCC = 2.5V to 5.5V)
– 1.8 (VCC = 1.8V to 5.5V)
• Internally Organized 128 x 8 (1K), 256 x 8 (2K), 512 x 8 (4K),
1024 x 8 (8K) or 2048 x 8 (16K)
• 2-Wire Serial Interface
• Schmitt Trigger, Filtered Inputs for Noise Suppression
• Bidirectional Data Transfer Protocol
• 100 kHz (1.8V, 2.5V, 2.7V) and 400 kHz (5V) Compatibility
• Write Protect Pin for Hardware Data Protection
• 8-Byte Page (1K, 2K), 16-Byte Page (4K, 8K, 16K) Write Modes
• Partial Page Writes Are Allowed
• Self-Timed Write Cycle (10 ms max)
• High Reliability
– Endurance: 1 Million Write Cycles
– Data Retention: 100 Years
– ESD Protection: >3000V
• Automotive Grade and Extended Temperature Devices Available
• 8-Pin and 14-Pin JEDEC SOIC, 8-Pin PDIP, 8-Pin MSOP, and 8-Pin TSSOP Packages

Part Name(s) : LC66356V LC66P308 LC66P516 LC66358V SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic
Description : 4-bit Microcontroller with Built-in PROM View

4-bit Microcontroller with Built-in PROM


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