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The V53C16258H is a high speed 262,144 x 16 bit high performance CMOS dynamic random access memory. The V53C16258H offers a combination of unique features including: EDO Page Mode operation for higher sustained bandwidth with Page Mode cycle times as short as 10ns. All inputs are TTL compatible. Input and output capicatance is significantly lowered to increase performance and minimize loading. These features make the V53C16258H ideally suited for a wide variety of high performance computer systems and peripheral applications.

■ 256K x 16-bit organization
■ EDO Page Mode for a sustained data rate of 100 MHz
■ RAS access time: 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 ns
■ Dual CAS Inputs
■ Low power dissipation
■ Read-Modify-Write, RAS-Only Refresh, CAS-Before-RAS Refresh
■ Optional Self Refresh (V53C16258SH)
■ Refresh Interval: 512 cycles/8 ms
■ Available in 40-pin 400 mil SOJ and 40/44L-pin 400 mil TSOP-II packages
■ Single +5V ±10% Power Supply
■ TTL Interface


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