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The US3004/5 series of controller ICs are specifically designed to meet Intel specification for Pentium IIIä microprocessor applications as well as the next generation P6 family processors. The IC provides a single chip controller IC for the Vcore , GTL+ and clock supplies required for the Pentium III applications.

■ Meets Latest VRM 8.4 Specification for PIII
■ Provides Single Chip Solution for Vcore, GTL+ and Clock Supply
■ On board DAC programs the output voltage from 1.3V to 3.5V. The US3004/5 remains on for VID code of (11111).
■ Dual linear regulator controller on board for 1.5V GTL+ and 2.5V clock supplies
■ Loss less Short Circuit Protection
■ Synchronous operation allows maximum efficiency
■ Patented architecture allows fixed frequency operation as well as 100% duty cycle during dynamic load
■ Min part count, No external Compensation
■ Soft Start
■ High current totem pole driver for direct driving of the external Power MOSFET
■ Power Good function

■ Pentium III & next generation processor DC to DC converter application
■ Low cost Pentium with AGP


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