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THS7374 Datasheet PDF - Texas Instruments

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
THS7374 4-Channel SDTV Video Amplifier with 6th-Order Filters and 6-dB Gain TI
Texas Instruments TI
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THS7374 Datasheet PDF :   THS7374 pdf   
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Fabricated using the revolutionary complementary Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) BiCom3X process, the THS7374 is a low-power, single-supply 3 V to 5 V four-channel integrated video buffer. It incorporates a sixth-order Butterworth filter (able to be bypassed) which is useful as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) reconstruction filter or an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) anti-aliasing filter. The 9.5-MHz filter is a perfect choice for SDTV video that includes composite (CVBS), s-video, YUV, GBR (RGB), and YPBPR 480i/576i.
As part of the THS7374 flexibility, the input can be configured for either ac or dc-coupled inputs. The 300-mV output level shift allows for a full sync dynamic range at the output with 0-V input. The ac-coupled modes include a transparent sync-tip clamp option for CVBS, Y, and GBR signals with sync. AC-coupled biasing for C/PB/PR channels can easily be achieved by adding an external resistor.
The THS7374 is the perfect choice for all video buffer applications. Its rail-to-rail output stage with 6-dB gain allows for both ac and dc line driving. The ability to drive two lines per channel, or 75-Ω loads, allows for maximum flexibility as a video line driver. The 9.6-mA total quiescent current at 3.3 V and 0.1-mA disabled current makes it an excellent choice for portable or other power-sensitive applications.
The THS7374 is available in a TSSOP-14 package that is lead-free and green (RoHS) compliant.

• 4-SDTV Video Amplifiers for CVBS, S-Video, YPBPR 480i/576i, YUV, or GBR (RGB)
• Integrated Low-Pass Filters:
   – 6th-Order 9.5-MHz (–3 dB) Butterworth
   – –1 dB Passband Bandwidth at 8.2-MHz
   – 54-dB Attenuation at 27-MHz
• 150-MHz (–3 dB) Filter Bypass Mode
• Versatile Input Biasing
   – DC-Coupled with 300-mV Output Shift
   – AC-Coupled with Sync-Tip Clamp
   – AC-Coupled with Biasing Allowed
• Built-in 6-dB Gain (2 V/V)
• +3-V to +5-V Single-Supply Operation
• Rail-to-Rail Output:
   – Output Swings Within 100 mV from the Rails to Allow AC or DC Output Coupling
   – Supports Driving 2 Lines per Channel
• Low 9.6-mA at 3.3-V Total Quiescent Current
• 0.1-mA Disabled Supply Current Function
• Low Differential Gain/Phase of 0.15%/0.3°
• Lead-Free and Green TSSOP-14 Package

• Low-Cost SCART Systems
• Set Top Box Output Video Buffering
• Surveillance Systems

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