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TCA3388 Datasheet PDF : TCA3388 pdf   
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Telephone Line Interface

The TCA3388 is a telephone line interface circuit which performs the basic functions of a telephone set in combination with a microcontroller and a ringer. It includes dc and ac line termination, the hybrid function with 2 adjustable sidetone networks, handset connections and an efficient supply point.

Line Driver and Supply
• DC and AC Termination of the Telephone Line
• Selectable DC Mask: France, U.K., Low Voltage
• Current Protection
• Adjustable Set Impedance for Resistive and Complex Termination
• Efficient Supply Point for Peripherals
• Hook Status Detection

Handset Operation
• Transmit and Receive Amplifiers
• Double Anti–Sidetone Network
• Line Length AGC
• Microphone and Earpiece Mute
• Transmit Amplifier Soft Clipping

Dialing and Ringing
• Interrupter Driver for Pulse–Dialing
• Reduced Current Consumption During Pulse–Dialing
• DTMF Interfacing
• Ringing via External Ringer

Application Areas
• Corded Telephony
• Cordless Telephony Base Station
• Answering Machines
• Fax
• Intercom
• Modem

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