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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
SMB136 Programmable Switching Li+ Battery Charger with USB/AC Input, CurrentPath™ Manager, TurboChargeTM Mode*, Low Battery Recovery*, AICL* and USB On-The-Go Support Summit-Microelectronics
Summit Microelectronics Summit-Microelectronics
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SMB136 Datasheet PDF : SMB136 pdf   
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The SMB136 is a programmable single-cell lithium-ion/lithium-polymer battery charger designed for a variety of portable applications. The device provides a simple and efficient way to charge high-capacity LiIon batteries via a USB or AC power source. Unlike conventional charging devices, the SMB136’s high-efficiency switch-mode operation eliminates the low charge current and thermal problems of conventional linear solutions. Also the switching architecture in conjunction with programmability enables dramatically faster charging – TurboCharge™ mode - from current limited in puts such as USB.

• Automatic Input Current Limit for universal USB/AC/DC adapter compatibility*
• Optional automatic power source detection per latest USB charging specification 1.0
• USB input with programmable input current limiting (USB2.0 compliant)
• Up to 750mA charging output from 500mA USB port or 1500mA from AC adapter using proprietary “TurboChargeTM Mode”
• Input/output CurrentPath™ control allows system operation with deeply discharged/missing battery – no start-up delay
• “Low Battery Recovery” mode for >500mA startup from 100mA USB port with deeply discharged cells – no start-up delay
• USB On-the-Go (OTG) power support (up to 500mA @ +5V)
• Reverse current blocking prevents battery discharge
• High-efficiency step-down regulator with 3MHz switching
• +4.35 to +6.2V input voltage range
• +18V input tolerance (non-operating)
• High-accuracy float voltage regulation: 1.0%
• Digital programming of all major parameters via I2C interface
o Pre-charge voltage, float voltage
o Input/pre-charge/fast charge/term. current
o Battery temperature limits, safety timers
• Comprehensive protection features
o Status/fault indicator
o Battery/IC thermal protection
o Short circuit/UV/OV protection
o Charge termination safety timers
o Software watchdog timers
• Tiny CSP-30 package

• Portable Media Players
• Smartphones/PDA’s
• Digital camcorders/still cameras
• Handheld GPS

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