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SGM9123 Datasheet PDF - Unspecified2

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
SGM9123 Triple, 8MHz, 3rd Order SDTV Video Filter Drivers Unspecified2
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SGM9123 Datasheet PDF : SGM9123 pdf   
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[SG Microelectronics Co., Ltd]

SGM9123 is a video buffer which integrates triple 6dB Gain rail-to-rail output driver and triple 3rd output reconstruction filter, it has 8MHz -3dB bandwidth and 44V/µs slew rate. SGM9123 provides improved image quality compared with passiveLC filters and discrete drivers solution. Operating from single supplies ranging from +2.5V to +5.5V and sinking an ultra-low 7.4mA quiescent current, the SGM9123 is ideally suited for battery powered applications.

•  Triple 3rd order 8MHz (SD) Filters
•  Transparent Input Clamping
•  6dB Output Driver Gain and Drive Dual Video Load
•  Rail-to-Rail Output
•  Input Voltage Range Includes Ground
•  AC or DC Coupled Inputs
•  AC or DC Coupled Outputs
•  Operates from 2.5V to 5.5V Single Power Supply
•  Low Power (2.5mA/channel)
7.4mA Total Supply Current
•  Lead (Pb) Free SO-8 Package

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