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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
SAF7118 Multistandard video decoder with adaptive comb filter and component video input Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
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SAF7118 Datasheet PDF : SAF7118 pdf   
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The SAF7118 is a video capture device for applications at the image port of VGA controllers. Philips X-VIP is a new multistandard comb filter video decoder chip with additional component processing, providing high quality, optionally scaled, video.
The SAF7118 is a combination of a four-channel analog preprocessing circuit including source selection, anti-aliasing filter and ADC with succeeding decimation filters from 27 to 13.5 MHz data rate. Each preprocessing channel comes with an automatic clamp and gain control.
The SAF7118 combines a Clock Generation Circuit (CGC), a digital multistandard decoder containing two-dimensional chrominance/luminance separation by an adaptive comb filter and a high performance scaler, including variable horizontal and vertical up and downscaling and a brightness, contrast and saturation control circuit.

Video acquisition/clock
• Up to sixteen analog CVBS, split as desired (all of the CVBS inputs optionally can be used to convert e.g. Vestigial Side Band (VSB) signals)
• Up to eight analog Y + C inputs, split as desired
• Up to four analog component inputs, with embedded or separate sync, split as desired
• Four on-chip anti-aliasing filters in front of the Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)
• Automatic Clamp Control (ACC) for CVBS, Y and C (or VSB) and component signals
• Switchable white peak control
• Four 9-bit low noise CMOS ADCs running at twice the oversampling rate (27 MHz)
• Fully programmable static gain or Automatic Gain Control (AGC), matching to the particular signal properties
• On-chip line-locked clock generation in accordance with “ITU 601”
• Requires only one crystal (32.11 or 24.576 MHz) for all standards
• Horizontal and vertical sync detection.

Video decoder
• Digital PLL for synchronization and clock generation from all standards and non-standard video sources e.g. consumer grade VTR
• Automatic detection of any supported colour standard
• Luminance and chrominance signal processing for PAL B, G, D, H, I and N, combination PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M, NTSC-Japan, NTSC 4.43 and SECAM
• Adaptive 2/4-line comb filter for two dimensional chrominance/luminance separation, also with VTR signals
   – Increased luminance and chrominance bandwidth for all PAL and NTSC standards
   – Reduced cross colour and cross luminance artefacts
• PAL delay line for correcting PAL phase errors
• Brightness Contrast Saturation (BCS) adjustment, separately for composite and baseband signals
• User programmable sharpness control
• Detection of copy-protected signals according to the Macrovision(1) standard, indicating level of protection
• Independent gain and offset adjustment for raw data path.

Component video processing
• RGB component inputs
• Y-PB-PR component inputs
• Fast blanking between CVBS and synchronous component inputs
• Digital RGB to Y-CB-CR matrix.

Video scaler
• Horizontal and vertical downscaling and upscaling to randomly sized windows
• Horizontal and vertical scaling range: variable zoom to 1⁄64 (icon) (it should be noted that the H and V zoom are restricted by the transfer data rates)
• Anti-alias and accumulating filter for horizontal scaling
• Vertical scaling with linear phase interpolation and accumulating filter for anti-aliasing (6-bit phase accuracy)
• Horizontal phase correct up and downscaling for improved signal quality of scaled data, especially for compression and video phone applications, with 6-bit phase accuracy (1.2 ns step width)
• Two independent programming sets for scaler part, to define two ‘ranges’ per field or sequences over frames
• Fieldwise switching between decoder part and expansion port (X port) input
• Brightness, contrast and saturation controls for scaled outputs.

Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) data decoder and slicer
• Versatile VBI data decoder, slicer, clock regeneration and byte synchronization e.g. for World Standard Teletext (WST), North American Broadcast Text System (NABTS), closed caption, Wide Screen Signalling (WSS), etc.

Audio clock generation
• Generation of a field-locked audio master clock to support a constant number of audio clocks per video field
• Generation of an audio serial and left/right (channel) clock signal.

Digital I/O interfaces
• Real-time signal port (R port), inclusive continuous line-locked reference clock and real-time status information supporting RTC level 3.1 (refer to document “RTC Functional Specification” for details)
• Bidirectional expansion port (X port) with half duplex functionality (D1), 8-bit Y-CB-CR:
   – Output from decoder part, real-time and unscaled
   – Input to scaler part, e.g. video from MPEG decoder (extension to 16-bit possible)
• Video image port (I port) configurable for 8-bit data (extension to 16-bit possible) in master mode (own clock), or slave mode (external clock), with auxiliary timing and handshake signals
• Discontinuous data streams supported
• 32-word × 4-byte FIFO register for video output data
• 28-word × 4-byte FIFO register for decoded VBI data output
• Scaled 4 : 2 : 2, 4 : 1 : 1, 4 : 2 : 0, 4 : 1 : 0 Y-CB-CR output
• Scaled 8-bit luminance only and raw CVBS data output
• Sliced, decoded VBI data output.

• Power-on control
• 5 V tolerant digital inputs and I/O ports
• Software controlled power saving standby modes supported
• Programming via serial I2C-bus, full read back ability by an external controller, bit rate up to 400 kbit/s
• Boundary scan test circuit complies with the “IEEE Std. 1149.b1 - 1994”.

• PC-video capture and editing
• Personal video recorders (time shifting)
• Cable, terrestrial, and satellite set-top boxes
• Internet terminals
• Flat-panel monitors
• DVD recordable players
• AV-ready hard-disk drivers
• Digital televisions/scan conversion
• Video surveillance/security
• Video editing/post production
• Video phones
• Video projectors
• Digital VCRs.


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