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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
SAA8116ET Digital PC-camera signal processor including microcontroller and USB interface Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
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SAA8116ET Datasheet PDF : SAA8116ET pdf   
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The SAA8116 is a highly integrated third generation USB PC-camera ICs. It is the successor to the SAA8112HL and SAA8115HL. It processes the digitized sensor data and converts it to a high quality, compressed YUV signal. Together with the audio signal, this video signal is then properly formatted in USB packets.

• Embedded microcontroller (80C51 core based) for control loops Auto Optical Black (AOB), Auto White Balance (AWB), Auto Exposure (AE) and USB interface control
• Compliant for VGA CCD and VGA CMOS sensors (RGB Bayer)
• USB 1.1 compliant bus-powered USB device with integrated power management and POR circuit
• RGB processing
• Optical black processing
• Defect pixel concealment
• Programmable colour matrix
• RGB to YUV transform
• Programmable gamma correction (including knee)
• Programmable edge enhancement
• Video formatter with SIF/QSIF downscaler
• Compression engine
• Flexible Measurement Engine (ME) with up to eight measurements per frame
• Internal Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) for wide range of VGA CCDs (Sony, Sharp and Panasonic) and frame rate selection
• Programmable H and V timing for the support of CMOS sensors
• Programmable output pulse for switched mode power supply of the sensor
• 3-wire interface to control an external pre-processor IC, such as the TDA8787A: Correlated Double Sampling (CDS), Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and 10-bit ADC
• Analog microphone/audio input to USB: Low DropOut (LDO) supply filter, microphone supply, low noise amplifier, programmable amplifier, PLL and ADC
• Integrated analog USB driver (ATX)
• Integrated main oscillator, including a clock PLL, which derives 48 MHz main system clock from a 12 or 48 MHz fundamental crystal.

• USB PC-camera (video and audio).

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