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S7010-0908 Datasheet PDF - Hamamatsu Photonics

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S7010-0908 CCD area image sensor - Front-illuminated FFT-CCD Hamamatsu
Hamamatsu Photonics Hamamatsu
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S7010-0908 Datasheet PDF : S7010-0908 pdf   
S7010 image

S7010/S7011/S7015 series are families of FFT-CCD image sensors specifically designed for low-light-level detection in scientific applications. By using the binning operation, S7010/S7011/S7015 series can be used as a linear image sensor having a long aperture in the direction of the device length. This makes S7010/S7011/S7015 series ideally suited for use in spectrophotometry. The binning operation offers significant improvement in S/N and signal processing speed compared with conventional methods by which signals are digitally added by an external circuit. S7010/S7011/S7015 series also feature low noise and low dark signal (MPP mode operation). This enables low-light-level detection and long integration time, thus achieving a wide dynamic range.
S7010/S7011/S7015 series have an effective pixel size of 24 × 24 µm and are available in image areas ranging from 12.288 (H) × 1.44 (V) mm2 (512 × 60 pixels) up to a large image area of 24.576 (H) × 6.048 (V) mm2 (1024 × 252 pixels).

● 512 (H) × 60 (V) to 1024 (H) × 252 (V) pixel format
● Pixel size: 24 × 24 µm
● Line/pixel binning
● 100 % fill factor
● Wide dynamic range
● Low dark signal
● Low readout noise
● MPP operation

● Fluorescence spectrometer, ICP
● Raman spectrometer
● Industrial inspection requiring
● Semiconductor inspection
● DNA sequencer
● Low-light-level detection

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