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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
S6D0110 132 RGB Source & 176 Gate Driver With Internal GRAM FOR 65,536 Colors TFT-LCD Samsung
Samsung Samsung
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S6D0110 Datasheet PDF : S6D0110 pdf   
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The S6D0110 is 1-chip solution for TFT-LCD panel: source driver with built-in memory, gate driver, power IC are integrated on one chip. This IC can display to a maximum of 132-RGB x 176-dot graphics on 65k-color TFT panel.
The S6D0110 also supports bit-operation functions, 8/16-bit high-speed bus interface, and high-speed RAM-write functions enable efficient data transfer and high-speed rewriting of data to the internal GRAM.

• 132-RGB x 176-dot TFT-LCD display controller/driver IC for 65,536 colors (396ch-source driver/176ch-gate driver)
• 16-/8-bit high-speed bus interface and serial peripheral interface (SPI)
• High-speed burst-RAM write function
• Writing to a window-RAM address area by using a window-address function
• Bit-operation functions for graphic processing
    - Write-data mask functions in bit units
    - Logical operation in pixel unit and conditional write function
• Various color-display control functions
    - 65,536 colors can be displayed at the same time (gamma adjust included)
    - Vertical scroll display function in raster-row units
• Internal RAM capacity: 132 x 16 x 176 = 371,712 bits
• Low-power operation supports:
    - Power-save functions such as the standby mode and sleep mode
    - Partial LCD drive of two screens in any position
    - Maximum 12-times step-up circuit for liquid crystal drive voltage
    - Voltage followers to decrease direct current flow in the LCD drive breeder-resistors
    - Equalizing function for the switching performance of step-up circuits and operational amplifiers
• N-raster row inversion drive (Reverse the polarity of driving voltage in every selected raster row is possible)
• Internal oscillation and hardware reset
• Structure for TFT-display retention volume (Cst/Cadd structure)
• Alternating functions for TFT-display counter-electrode power supply
    - N-line alternating drive of Vcom (Vgoff is also available for N-line alternating drive for Cadd)
• Internal power supply circuit
    - Step-up circuit: five to nine times, positive-polarity inversion
    - Adjustment of Vcom(Vgoff) amplitude: internal 22-level digital potentiometer
• Operating voltage
    • Applying voltage
        - VDD to VSS = 1.8 to 2.5 V (non-regulating) (logic voltage range – non-regulated) VDD3 to VSS = 2.3 to 3.3 V (regulating) (logic voltage range – regulated)
        - Vci to VSS = 2.5 to 3.3 V (internal reference power-supply voltage)
        - Vci1 to VSS = 1.7 to 2.75 V (2.5 x 0.68 ~ 2.75) (power supply for step-up circuits)
    • Generating voltage
        - For the source driver: AVDD to VSS = 3.5 to 5.5V (power supply for liquid crystal output circuits) GVDD to VSS = 3.0 to 5.0V (reference power supply for grayscale voltages)
        - For the gate driver: VGH to VGL = 14 to 30 V, VGH to VSS = +7.0 to +20 V, VgoffL = (VGL+0.5) to –7.5V, VgoffH = ~ to -1.5V
        - For the TFT-display counter electrode: Vcom amplitude(max) = 6V, VcomH to VSS(max) = GVDD VcomL to VSS(max) = 1.0 V to -Vci + 0.5 V


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