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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
PMM8713PT Universal Controller IC for the 2-Phase Stepping Motor Drive ETC
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PMM8713PT Datasheet PDF : PMM8713PT pdf   
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The universal controller “PMM8713PT” is the gate array IC (HIC) to control the 2-phase stepping motor drive.
This product has been developed for the purpose to further simplify 2-phase stepping motor use, as combined only with switching elements or power hybrid ICs to configure a 2-phase stepping motor driver.

• Universal controller :
   The following 3 types of energization mode can be selected by switching at the energization mode switching terminal
   1EX / 1-2EX / 2EX
• Source voltage : Vcc=4.5~5.5V
• High output current : 24mA min (sink, source)
• High noise margin : Schmitt trigger circuit is incorporated for the all input terminals.
• 2 types of pulse input :
   2 input mode (CW, CCW input mode)
   1 input mode (CK, U/D input mode)
• Excited status verification monitor : Outputs the monitor signal of the controller status.

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