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OPB690 Datasheet PDF - Optek Technology

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
OPB690 Slotted Optical Flag Switch Optek
Optek Technology Optek
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OPB690 Datasheet PDF : OPB690 pdf   
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The OPB690 consists of an NPN phototransistor and an infrared emitting diode in a molded plastic housing. The phototransistor has an enhanced low current roll-off which improves contrast ratio and immunity to background irradiance. A lever arm actuated flag interrupts the light beam, switching the transistor output between states that can readily drive logic gates.
This switch is designed to easily snap mount into a 0.037" ± 0.001" (0.94 mm) thick material with a rectangular opening of 0.320" ± 0.003" x 0.472" (8.13 mm x 11.99 mm) minimum. Insertion into the punched side of metal is recommended.
Customized lever arms and spring torques can be designed for specific applications.

• Phototransistor output
• Mechanical switch replacement
• 3-pin connector (Ho Tien L2561-03), Molex compatible connector 5102 series housing and 5103 series terminal
• Enhanced signal to noise ratio

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