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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
NTE7129 Integrated Circuit IF Signal Processing (Super PLL−II VIF + SIF) Circuit for TVs & VCRs NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics NTE-Electronic
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NTE7129 Datasheet PDF : NTE7129 pdf   
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The NTE7129 is an intercarrier−type VIF + SIF integrated circuit in a 24−Lead DIP type package that supports excellent sound and image quality. The pin assignment of the NTE7129 is identical to that of the NTE7130, allowing the NTE7130 to be used for split systems while the NTE7129 is used for intercarrier systems. In addition, the NTE7129 suppresses Nyaquist buzz interference by using a PLL (Phase−Lock Loop) detection system with a buzz canceller in order to provide the best sound quality possible.

● Excellent Buzz and Buzz−Beat Characteristics due to PLL
● Built−In APC Time Constant Switch
● Duplicate Time Constant System Suited for High−Speed AGC
● Excellent DG and DP Characteristics
● RF AGC Adjustment is Simple

VIF Block
● VIF Amplifier
● APC Filter
● B/W NC
● PLL Detector
● Equalizer Amplifier
● Lock Detection
● APC Detector
● Buzz Canceller

SIF Block
● Limiter Amplifier
● FM Quadrature Detector

● Audio Mute (Pin2)
● IS−15 Switch (Pin13)
● AV Mute (Pin4)


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