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Part NumberNT68275 Novatek
Novatek Microelectronics 
DescriptionIIC Bus Controlled On-Screen Display
NT68275 Datasheet PDF : NT68275 pdf   

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General Description
NT68275 is designed for displaying symbols and characters onto a CRT monitor. Its operation is controlled by a microcontroller with an IIC bus interface. By sending proper data and commands to NT68275, it can carry out the full screen display automatically with the time base generated by an on-chip PLL circuit. There are many functions provided by this chip to fully support user applications, such as: adjustment of the position of OSD windows, built-in 512* ROM & 16 multi-color fonts, variable character height with row-to-row spacing adjustment, 8 color selections & 7 background color controls for each character, double height/width controls for each row, 4 overlapping window available with color & size controls, size controls for each window shadowing, color selection for windows’ shadowing & character shadowing/ bordering, fade-in/out display effect, etc.
The “ * “ sign denotes that feature different from NT6827.

■ IIC Bus Interface with Slave Address $7A (Transmitter) & $7B (Receiver)
■ Horizontal Frequency Range: 30KHz ~ 150KHz*
■ Flexible Display Resolution Up to 1524 Dots/Row
■ Internal PLL Generates a Stable and Wide-Ranged System Clock (120 MHz)*
■ OSD Screen Consist Character Array of 15 Rows by 30 Columns
■ Programmable Vertical and Horizontal Position for OSD Displaying Center
■ Total of 528* ROM Fonts including 512* Standard & 16 Multi-color ROM Fonts.
■ 12 X 18 Dot Matrix Per Character
■ 8-Color Selection for Each Character
■ 7-Color Selection for Each Character Background
■ Character/Symbol Blinking, Shadowing & Bordering Display Effect
■ Double Character Height and Width for Each Row
■ Programmable Height of Character/Symbol Display
■ Row To Row Spacing Control to Avoid Expansion Distortion
■ Four Programmable Windows with Overlapping Capability and Shadowing Effect
■ Color Setting for Windows’ Background and Character Shadowing & Bordering
■ Fade-In/Out Effect of OSD Screen Display
■ Hsync & Vsync Input Polarity Selectable

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