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NT3966 Datasheet PDF - Novatek Microelectronics

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
NT3966 TFT LCD Source Driver Novatek
Novatek Microelectronics Novatek
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NT3966 Datasheet PDF : NT3966 pdf   
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General Description
The NT3966 is a data driver IC for a color TFT LCD panel, SXGA+(1400*1050) applications. For better performance, dot inversion and a wide range voltage output have been designed into this chip, and for reducing EMI, data inversion control has been incorporated. This chip supplies 10 sections of voltage-reference for Gamma correction.

Output : 420 output channels
6-bit resolution /64 gray scale
Dot inversion with polarity control
V1 ~ V10 for adjusting Gamma correction
Power for analog circuit : 6.5 ~ 10 V
Output dynamic range : 0.1 ~ AVDD-0.1V
Power consumption of analog circuit : 3mA
Power for interface circuit : 2.5~3.6V
Operating frequency : 65MHz
Output deviation : 10 ~ 20mV
Data inversion for reducing EMI
Cascade function with bi-direction shift control
CMOS silicon gate ( p-type substrate )
TCP package

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