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Macronix International MCNIX
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MX25L12855E Datasheet PDF : MX25L12855E pdf   
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The MX25L12855E is 134,217,728 bits serial Flash memory, which is configured as 16,777,216 x 8 internally. When it is in two or four I/O mode, the structure becomes 67,108,864 bits x 2 or 33,554,432 bits x 4. The MX25L12855E features a serial peripheral interface and software protocol allowing operation on a simple 3-wire bus. The three bus signals are a clock input (SCLK), a serial data input (SI), and a serial data output (SO). Serial access to the device is enabled by CS# input.
The MX25L12855E provides high performance read mode, which may latch address and data on both rising and
falling edge of clock. By using this high performance read mode, the data throughput may be doubling. Moreover, the performance may reach direct code execution, the RAM size of the system may be reduced and further saving system cost.

• Serial Peripheral Interface compatible -- Mode 0 and Mode 3
• 134,217,728 x 1 bit structure or 67,108,864 x 2 bits (two I/O mode) structure or 33,554,432 x 4 bits (four I/O mode) structure
• 4096 Equal Sectors with 4K bytes each
   - Any Sector can be erased individually
• 512 Equal Blocks with 32K bytes each
   - Any Block can be erased individually
• 256 Equal Blocks with 64K bytes each
   - Any Block can be erased individually
• Power Supply Operation
   - 2.7 to 3.6 volt for read, erase, and program operations
• Latch-up protected to 100mA from -1V to Vcc +1V

• High Performance VCC = 2.7~3.6V
   - Normal read
      - 50MHz
   - Fast read (Normal Serial Mode)
      - 1 I/O: 104MHz with 8 dummy cycles
      - 2 I/O: 70MHz with 4 dummy cycles
      - 4 I/O: 70MHz with 6 dummy cycles
   - Fast read (Double Transfer Rate Mode)
      - 1 I/O: 50MHz with 6 dummy cycles
      - 2 I/O: 50MHz with 6 dummy cycles
      - 4 I/O: 50MHz with 8 dummy cycles
   - Fast program time: 1.4ms(typ.) and 5ms(max.)/page (256-byte per page)
   - Byte program time: 9us (typical)
   - Continuously Program mode (automatically increase address under word program mode)
   - Fast erase time: 90ms (typ.)/sector (4K-byte per sector) ; 0.7s(typ.) /block (64K-byte per block); 80s(typ.) /chip
• Low Power Consumption
   - Low active read current: 45mA(max.) at 104MHz, 40mA(max.) at 66MHz and 30mA(max.) at 33MHz
   - Low active programming current: 25mA (max.)
   - Low active erase current: 25mA (max.)
   - Low standby current: 100uA (max.)
   - Deep power down current: 40uA (max.)
• Typical 100,000 erase/program cycles

• Input Data Format
   - 1-byte Command code
• Advanced Security Features
   - Flexible block or individual block protect selection
   - Individual block (or sector) permanent lock
     The BP0-BP3 status bits define the size of the area to be software protection against program and erase instructions
   - Additional 4K bits secured OTP for unique identifier
• Auto Erase and Auto Program Algorithms
   - Automatically erases and verifies data at selected sector
   - Automatically programs and verifies data at selected page by an internal algorithm that automatically times the program pulse width (Any page to be programed should have page in the erased state first.)
• Status Register Feature
• Electronic Identification
   - JEDEC 1-byte Manufacturer ID and 2-byte Device ID
   - RES command for 1-byte Device ID
   - Both REMS,REMS2, REMS4 and REMS4D commands for 1-byte Manufacturer ID and 1-byte Device ID
• Support Common Flash Interface (CFI) (TBD)

• SCLK Input
   - Serial clock input
   - Serial Data Input or Serial Data Input/Output for 2 x I/O mode and 4 x I/O mode
   - Serial Data Output or Serial Data Input/Output for 2 x I/O mode and 4 x I/O mode or Parallel Mode Data
• WP#/SIO2
   - Hardware write protection or serial data Input/Output for 4 x I/O mode
   - NC pin or serial data Input/Output for 4 x I/O mode
• PO0~PO6
   - For parallel mode data
   - 16-pin SOP (300mil)
   - 24-ball TFBGA (10x13 mm)
   - All Pb-free devices are RoHS Compliant


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