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MTV021 is designed for monitor applications to display built-in characters or fonts onto monitor screens. The display operation occurs by transferring data and control information from the micro-controller to RAM through a serial data interface. It can execute full-screen display automatically, as well as specific functions such as character background color, bordering, shadowing, blinking, double height and width, font by font color control, frame positioning, frame size control by character height and row-to-row spacing, horizontal display resolution, full-screen erasing, fade-in/fade-out effect, windowing effect and shad owing on window.

• Horizontal SYNC input up to 130 KHz.
• On-chip PLL circuitry up to 96 MHz.
• Programmable horizontal resolutions up to 1524 dots per display row.
• Full-screen display consists of 15 (rows) by 30 (columns) characters.
• 12 x 18 dot matrices per character.
• Total of 272 characters and graphic fonts, including 256 standard and 16 multi-color mask ROM fonts.
• 8 color-selectable maximum per display character.
• 7 color-selectable maximum for character background.
• Double character height and/or width control.
• Programmable positioning for display screen center.
• Bordering, shadowing and blinking effect.
• Programmable character height (18 to 71 lines) control.
• Row to row spacing register to manipulate the constant display height.
• 4 programmable background windows with multi-level operation and shadowing on window effect.
• Software clears bit for full-screen erasing.
• Half tone and fast blanking output.
• Fade-in/fade-out effect.
• 8-channel/8-bit PWM D/A converter output.
• Compatible with SPI bus or I2C interface with slave address 7AH (slave address is mask option).
• 16-pin, 20-pin or 24-pin PDIP package.


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