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MRF134 Datasheet PDF - M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MRF134 The RF MOSFET Line: Broadband RF Power FET 5.0W, to 400MHz, 28V MA-COM
M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc. MA-COM
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MRF134 Datasheet PDF : MRF134 pdf   
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Designed for wideband large–signal amplifier and oscillator applications up to 400 MHz range.
N–Channel enhancement mode
• Guaranteed 28V, 150 MHz performance
    Output power = 5.0 watts
    Minimum gain = 11 dB
    Efficiency = 55% (Typical)
• Small– and large–signal characterization
• Typical performance at 400 MHz, 28V, 5.0W
    Output = 10.6 dB gain
• 100% tested for load mismatch at all phase angles with 30:1 VSWR
• Low noise figure: 2.0 dB (Typ.) at 200 mA, 150 MHz
• Excellent thermal stability, ideally suited for Class A operation

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