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ML145502 Datasheet PDF - LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc.

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
ML145502 PCM Codec–Filter Mono–Circuit LANSDALE
LANSDALE Semiconductor Inc. LANSDALE
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ML145502 Datasheet PDF : ML145502 pdf   
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Legacy Device: Motorola MC145502, MC145503, MC145505

The ML145502, ML145503, and ML145505 are all per channel PCM Codec–Filter mono–circuits. These devices perform the voice digitization and reconstruction as well as the band limiting and smoothing required for PCM systems. The ML145503 is a general purpose device that is offered in a 16–pin package. These are designed to operate in both synchronous and asynchronous applications and contain an on–chip precision reference voltage. The ML145505 is a synchronous device offered in a 16–pin DIP and wide body SOIC package intended for instrument use. The ML145502 is the full–featured device which presents all of the options of the chip. This device is packaged in a 22–pin DIP and a 28–pin chip carrier package

• 22 Pin and 28 Pin Packages
• Transmit Bandpass and Receive Low–Pass Filter On–Chip
• Pin Selectable Mu–Law/A–Law Companding with Corresponding Data Format
• On–Chip Precision Reference Voltage (3.15 V)
• Power Dissipation of 50 mW, Power–Down of 0.1 mW at ±5 V
• Automatic Prescaler Accepts 128 kHz, 1.536, 1.544, 2.048, and 2.56 MHz for Internal Sequencing
• Selectable Peak Overload Voltages (2.5, 3.15, 3.78 V)
• Access to the Inverting Input of the TxI Input Operational Amplifier
• Variable Data Clock Rates (64 kHz to 4.1 MHz)
• Complete Access to the Three Terminal Transmit Input Operational Amplifiers
• An External Precision Reference May Be Used

ML145503— Similar to the ML145502 Plus:
• 16–Pin Dip and SOIC 16 Packages
• Complete Access to the Three Terminal Transmit Input Operational Amplifiers

ML145505 — Somewhat Similar To ML145503 Except:
• Common 64 kHz to 4.1 MHz Transmit/Receive Data Clock


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