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MC10124 Datasheet PDF - Motorola => Freescale

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MC10124 Quad TTL to MELC translator Motorola
Motorola => Freescale Motorola
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MC10124 Datasheet PDF : MC10124 pdf   
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The MC10124 is a quad translator for interfacing data and control signals between a saturated logic section and the MECL section of digital systems. The MC10124 has TTL compatible inputs, and MECL complementary open–emitter outputs that allow use as an inverting/ non–inverting translator or as a differential line driver. When the common strobe input is at the low logic level, it forces all true outputs to a MECL low logic state and all inverting outputs to a MECL high logic state.
Power supply requirements are ground, +5.0 Volts, and –5.2 Volts. Propagation delay of the MC10124 is typically 3.5 ns. The dc levels are standard or Schottky TTL in, MECL 10,000 out. An advantage of this device is that TTL level information can be transmitted differentially, via balanced twisted pair lines, to the MECL equipment, where the signal can be received by the MC10115 or MC10116 differential line receivers. The MC10124 is useful in computers, instrumentation, peripheral controllers, test equipment, and digital communications systems.

PD = 380 mW typ/pkg (No Load)
tpd = 3.5 ns typ (+ 1.5 Vdc in to 50% out)
tr, tf = 2.5 ns typ (20%–80%)

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