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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
MB3827PFV 6-ch DC/DC Converter IC With Synchronous Rectification for voltage step-up and step-down Fujitsu
Fujitsu Fujitsu
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MB3827PFV Datasheet PDF : MB3827PFV pdf   
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The MB3827 is a pulse width modulation (PWM) type 6-channel DC/DC converter IC with, synchronous rectification for voltage step-up and step-down. The MB3827 is ideal for low voltage, high efficiency, compact applications and for down conversion and up/down conversion (with two types of voltage step-up/step-down methods allowing input/output relations to be set independently).
In addition the MB3827 features a built-in self-supply power channel (channel 7) providing a wide range of supply voltages, and operates from two dry-cell batteries.
This product is ideal for high performance portable devices such as digital still cameras.

• Compatible with step-up/step-down switching methods (channel 1)
• Compatible with step-up/step-down Zeta methods (channels 2 to 6)
• Synchronous rectification (channels 1 and 2)
• Low start-up voltage : 1.8 V (channel 7 for self-power supply)
• Power supply voltage range : 4 V to 13 V (channels 1 to 6)
• Built-in high-precision reference voltage generator : 2.5 V±1%
• Oscillator frequency range : 100 kHz to 800 kHz
• Error amplifier output for soft start (channels 1 to 6)


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