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LM6152 Datasheet PDF - Texas Instruments

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LM6152 Dual and Quad 75 MHz GBW Rail-to-Rail I/O Operational Amplifiers Texas-Instruments
Texas Instruments Texas-Instruments
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LM6152 Datasheet PDF : LM6152 pdf   
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Using patented circuit topologies, the LM6152/LM6154 provides new levels of speed vs. power performance in applications where low voltage supplies or power limitations previously made compromise necessary. With only 1.4 mA/amplifier supply current, the 75 MHz gain bandwidth of this device supports new portable applications where higher power devices unacceptably drain battery life. The slew rate of the devices increases with increasing input differential voltage, thus allowing the device to handle capacitive loads while maintaining large signal amplitude.

• At VS = 5V, typical unless noted.
• Greater than Rail-to-rail Input CMVR −0.2 5V to 5.25 V
• Rail-to-rail Output Swing 0.01 V to 4.99 V
• Wide Gain-bandwidth 75 MHz @ 100 kHz
• Slew Rate
    – Small Signal 5 V/µs
    – Large Signal 45 V/µs
• Low Supply Current 1.4 mA/amplifier
• Wide Supply Range 2.7 V to 24 V
• Fast Settling Time of 1.1 µs for 2 V Step (to 0.01%)
• PSRR 91 dB
• CMRR 84 dB

• Portable High Speed Instrumentation
• Signal Conditioning Amplifier/ADC Buffers
• Barcode Scanners


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