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General Description
The LC6512A, 6513A are microcomputers that are dentical with FLT driver-contained microcomputers LC6502D, 6505D in instruction set but are further enhanced in performance, such as shorter cycle time, more stack levels, increased FLT drive capacity, and are partially changed in specifications for standby function. Since the LC6512A, 6513A are also pin-compatible with the LC6502D, 6505D, they can be used as similar replacements for the LC6502D, 6505D. The LC6512A, 6513A can replace the LC6502B/6502D, 6505B/6505D to enhance performances of equipment in which these microcomputers have been applied so far.

• Low power dissipation CMOS single-chip microcomputer.
• Instruction set with 79 instructions common to the LC6502C, 6502B, 6502D/LC6505C, 6505B, 6505D.
• 2-source, 2-level interrupt function (external interrupt/ internal timer interrupt)
• 8-level stack
• 4-bit prescaler-contained 8-bit programmable timer
• FLT driver-contained output ports and low-threshold input ports
   (1) Digits driving output ports: 10 pins
   (2) Segments driving output ports: 8 pins
   (3) Normal voltage input ports: 8 pins (4 pins: Lowthreshold input port)
   (4) Normal voltage input/output ports: 8-pins
   (1) LC6512A ROM: 2048bytes, RAM: 128 × 4bits
   (2) LC6513A ROM: 1024 bytes, RAM: 64 × 4bits
• Cycle time 1.33µs min.
   400kHz, 800kHz, 1MHz, 3MHz ceramic resonator OSC.
• Power-down by 2 standby modes
   (1) HALT mode: Power dissipation saving by program standby during normal operation
   (2) HOLD mode: Power supply backup during power failure
   (3) The standby function is the same as for the LC6514B and its using method is different from that of the LC6502D, 6505D, etc.
• Differences among LC6512D, 6513D,and LC6512A, 6513A The LC6512D, 6513D and LC6512A, 6513A are different in the OSC circuit only and are the same in the basic features. The differences are shown below.

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