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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
LA7853 CRT Display Synchronization Deflection Circuit SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic SANYO
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LA7853 Datasheet PDF : LA7853 pdf   
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The LA7853 is a sync deflection circuit IC dedicated to CRT display use. It can be connected to the LA7832, 7833, 7837, 7838 (for vertical output use) to form a sync deflection circuit that meets every requirement for CRT displayuse.
So far, ICs for color TV use have been applied to the sync deflection circuit for CRT display use and general-purpose ICs such as one-shot multivibrator, inverter and a lot of transistors have been used to form the peripherals such as sync input interface, horizontal phase shifter. The LA7853 contains these peripherals on chip and adopts a stable circuit for horizontal oscillation from 15kHz to 100kHz aiming at improving the characteristics requierd for CRT dispaly use.
The LA7853 has independent GND pins for the horizontal block and vertical block, thus facilitating pattern layout for applications where the LA7853 is used at high frequencies.

• The vertical pull-in range is approximately 20Hz, 2 times that of the LA7852, at fV=60Hz.
• The horizontal oscillation frequency can be adjusted stably from 15kHz to 100kHz.
• The horizontal display can be shifted right/left.
• The horizontal/vertical sync input can be used intact regardless of the difference in pulse polarity and pulse width.
• The AFC feedback sawtooth wave can be obtained by simply applying a flyback pulse to the IC as a trigger pulse.
• Any duty of the horizontal pulse can be set.
• Good vertical linearity because DC bias at vertical output stage is subject to sampling control within retrace time.
• Excellent interlace and vertical jitter characteristics on the high-definition display because of independent GND
pins for the horizontal block and vertical block.

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