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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
KS8695X Integrated Multi-Port High-Performance Gateway Solution Micrel
Micrel Micrel
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KS8695X Datasheet PDF : KS8695X pdf   
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General Description
The CENTAUR KS8695X, Multi-Port Gateway-on-a-Chip, delivers a new level of networking integration and
performance for accelerating broadband gateway development. Key components integrated in the KS8695X

• Integrated Layer 2 managed switch with five Fast Ethernet transceivers and patented mixed-signal low
power technology, five media access control (MAC) units, a high-speed non-blocking switch fabric, a
dedicated address look-up engine, an on-chip frame buffer memory, and LED controls. One port is partitioned
for WAN interface with the other four ports for LAN access.
• A 166MHz ARM™ (ARM992T) processor with memory management unit (MMU) and 8KB I-cache and 8KB D
• XceleRouter™ technology for the WAN and LAN interfaces.
• Shared programmable 8/16/32-bit data bus and 22-bit address bus with up to 64MB total memory space for SDRAM, ROM, Flash, SRAM, and all peripheral devices.
• Other peripheral support logic including GPIO, a watchdog timer, an interrupt controller, and a JTAG
debugging interface.

Complete hardware and software reference designs are available.
The KS8695X represents a new level of total solution optimized for broadband gateway system development
and renders speedy routing performance and connectivity interfaces for value-added networking expansions.

•The CENTAUR KS8695X featuring XceleRouter tech nology is a single-chip multi-port gateway-on-a-chip with
all the key components integrated for a high-perfor mance and low-cost broadband gateway.
• ARM922T High-Performance CPU Core
– ARM922T core at 166MHz
– 8KB I-cache and 8KB D-cache
– Memory management unit (MMU) for Linux and WinCE®
– 32-bit ARM and 16-bit thumb instruction sets for smaller memory footprints
• XceleRouter Technology
– TCP/UDP/IP packet header checksum generation to offload CPU tasks
–  IPv4 packet filtering on checksum errors
–  Automatic error packet discard
• Integrated Ethernet Transceivers and Switch Engine
– Five 10/100 transceivers and five MACs (1P for WAN interface, 4P for LAN switching)
– 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 100BASE-FX modes (FX on the WAN port)
–  On-chip SRAM as frame buffer memory
–  Wire-speed switching
–  VLAN ID and 802.1p tag/untag options
–  Extensive MIB counter management support
–  IGMP snooping for multicast packet filtering
–  Port-based VLAN
– QoS/CoS packet prioritization support: per port, 802.1p and DiffServ-based
–  802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol support
–  Dedicated 1K entry look-up engine
–  Automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover on all ports
–  Port mirroring/monitoring/sniffing
–  Broadcast storm protection with % control
– Full- and half-duplex flow control
• Memory and External I/O Interfaces
– 8/16/32-bit wide shared data path for SDRAM, ROM/SRAM/Flash and external I/O
–  Total memory space up to 64MB
– Intel®/AMD®
-type Flash support
• WAN and LAN DMA Engines and FIFO
– DMA engine with burst mode support for efficient WAN and LAN data transfers
–  FIFOs for back-to-back packet transfers
• Peripheral Support
–  8/16/32-bit external I/O interface supporting PCMCIA or generic CPU/DSP host I/F
–  Eight general-purpose input/output (GPIO)
–  Two 32-bit timer counters (one watchdog)
– Interrupt controller
– ARM922T JTAG debug interface
• Power Management
–  Reduced CPU and system clock speeds
•System Design
–  Up to 166MHz CPU and 125MHz bus speed
• Reference HW/SW Evaluation Kit
–  Hardware evaluation board (passes class B EMI)
– Board support package including firmware source codes, linux kernel, and software stacks
– Documentation for design and programming
• Commercial Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C
• Available in 208-Pin PQFP

•Multi-port broadband gateway
• Multi-port firewall and VPN appliances
• Combination wireless and wireline gateway
• Multi-port VoIP gateway
• Fiber-to-the-home managed CPE

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