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Integrated Silicon Solution ISSI
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IS61LPD25636A Datasheet PDF : IS61LPD25636A pdf   
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The ISSIIS61LPD/VPD25636A and IS61LPD/VPD51218A are high-speed, low-power synchronous static RAMs designed to provide burstable, high-performance memory for communication and networking applications. The IS61LPD/ VPD25636A is organized as 262,144 words by 36 bits, and the IS61LPD/VPD51218A is organized as 524,288 words by 18 bits. Fabricated withISSIs advanced CMOS technology, the device integrates a 2-bit burst counter, high-speed SRAM core, and high-drive capability outputs into a single monolithic circuit. All synchronous inputs pass through registers controlled by a positive-edge-triggered single clock input.

• Internal self-timed write cycle
• Individual Byte Write Control and Global Write
• Clock controlled, registered address, data and control
• Burst sequence control using MODE input
• Three chip enable option for simple depth expansion and address pipelining
• Common data inputs and data outputs
• Auto Power-down during deselect
• Double cycle deselect
• Snooze MODE for reduced-power standby
• JTAG Boundary Scan for PBGA package
• Power Supply
    LPD: VDD 3.3V + 5%, VDDQ 3.3V/2.5V + 5%
    VPD: VDD 2.5V + 5%, VDDQ 2.5V + 5%
• JEDEC 100-Pin TQFP, 119-pin PBGA and 165-pin PBGA package


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