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Freescale Semiconductor Freescale
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HC05J5AGRSH Datasheet PDF : HC05J5AGRSH pdf   
MC68HC705J5A image

The MC68HC05J5A is a member of the low-cost high-performance M68HC05 Family of 8-bit microcontroller units (MCUs). The M68HC05 Family is based on the customer-specified integrated circuit design strategy. All MCUs in the family use the popular M68HC05 central processing unit (CPU) and are available with a variety of subsystems, memory sizes and types, and package types.
The MC68HC05J5A is an enhanced version of the MC68HC05J5, with expanded RAM, ROM sizes, and an additional 16-bit timer with TCAP. This MCU is available in 20-pin PDIP, 20-pin SOIC, 16-pin PDIP, and 16-pin SOIC packages. The 16-pin version has four less I/O lines.

The features of the MC68HC05J5A include the following:
• Industry standard M68HC05 CPU core
• Fully static operation with no minimum clock speed
• Power-saving STOP and WAIT modes
• Memory-Mapped Input/Output (I/O) registers
• 2560 Bytes of user ROM with security feature
• 128 Bytes of user RAM
• On-Chip Oscillator:
   – Crystal/Resonator oscillator
   – External clock oscillator
• 15-Bit Multi-function Timer
• 16-Bit Programmable Timer with Input Capture
• 14 Bidirectional I/O pins (10 I/O pins on 16-pin package)
   – PA0-PA5, PB0, and PB3-PB5: with software programmable input pull down devices
   – PB1, PB2, PA6 and PA7: open-drained I/O pins with software programmable pull-up devices
   – PA6, PA7, and PB1: with slow output falling transition feature
   – PA7: with falling-edge interrupt capability
   – PA0-PA3: with maskable rising-edge only or rising-edge and high level interrupt capability
   – 20-pin package: PB1 and PB2, each with 25mA current sink capability
   – 16-pin package: PB1 with 50mA current sink capability
• Computer Operation Properly (COP) Watchdog
• Low Voltage Reset Circuit
• Illegal Address Reset
• 20-pin PDIP, 20-pin SOIC, 16-pin PDIP, and 16-pin SOIC packages


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